How to Sell Your Acura MDX Yourself

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I am currently selling my 2003 Acura MDX w/Navi, 51000 miles for $25,960. Warrantee good until 2010/100,000 plus Acura Care package.The vehicle is in excellent condition and is fully loaded. I have posted it for sale on Autotraders and was seeking advise on which other resources to advertise. If anyone has any ideas of other Acura groups please advise, perhaps acura mdx enthusiasts would be the best people sell to.
Any help is much appreciated.


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    Check this out: How to sell your car.

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    where are you located, what state?
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    Is it an 2007 w/tech..... I just saw one say they brought one in New York for 33500 that is my Price.. Help please...
  • andonskyandonsky Member Posts: 2 ads worked well. Autotraders and Flyers also got some attention.
    I managed to sell a few days ago.
    I am located in Madison Wisconsin.
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