High Tail Lamp Replacement 2006 Sonata

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Can the high tail lamp be replaced without going back to the dealer? Replacement instructions are not in the owner's manual.


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    If you're referring to the 3rd brake light on top of the rear interior dash, then yes. Now the question is do you want to replace the current lamp (bulb blown) or do you want to replace the entire unit with an LED model? http://www.koreanautoimports.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=327&osCsid=5- b3cd8bb56013ab3ad7af5ec2fd1c2e0
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    Just the current lamp.

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    I'm sure you can replace it yourself. I personally don't know how to myself, but maybe you should cross post this question in the "hyundai sonata 2006+" forum and hopefully someone has an idea. I would guess you have to replace the lamp from the inside of the car, somehow remove the plastic housing and that should reveal the lamp socket, or possibly a bolt/screw(s) inside the trunk will allow you to remove the entire housing. Just a hypothesis.
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    From wikipedia:

    1.) unplug the connector in the trunk (white, directly under lamp).

    2.) remove the 2 gold-colored screws from inside the trunk. They can be seen from the trunk. 1 is thru the larger square opening where the wire connects to the 3rd brake light. The 2nd is on the right side thru a small (screwdriver width) hole covered by a piece of foam tape stuff.

    3.) after removing the 2 screws, go inside the cabin and the brake light housing pops right up.

    4.) disconnect the bulb from the housing while inside the cabin.

    5.) in the trunk remove the wire and bulb. (it's about 5 inches long. the wire from the connector to the bulb socket)

    6.) reverse steps to install.
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    Bless you my child! The Hyundai dealer wanted $400 bucks to replace. LOL! I may be a woman in a man's car world ... but I'm not stupid!

    A friend and I had gotten to the first step in your instructions, but then we moved on to something else when it got tought.

    Can't wait to try this .... in your face HYUNDAI!
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    I think you should find a new dealer. I just had mine replaced today and my dealer charged me $30, which I thought was high.
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    Someone suggests find a new dealer. What should I find...I paid $150 to replace the bulb...told rear seat needed to be removed, Dealer says design flaw,,,Hyuandai says they don'y tell the learder what to charge and they can only record my complaint. If they have enough they MAY do something about it. Very frustrating and soured an otherwise good buying expereince. Company is rapidly learming how to put off customers. Why don't we all flood California HQ w/complaints on this??
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    Hello all.... i also have a blown brake light on the driver side. Didnt have it replaced yet but walmart actually replaces brake and headlights and charges $4 for each bulb replacement (labor only..bulb extra) hope thsi helps. I am going to get mine done anyday.
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    Thanks for the info on Walmart. Report back to let us know if they really could do this for $4 labor.

    I was happy that I only paid $50 for the replacement, as the first dealer I visited wanted $85. Next time I'll do it myself if it's really as easy as reported above.
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    Actually i just realised that this discussion is for high tail light..i was talking about the brake lights (lower ones on both sides).
    I did got my brake lights replaced on both sides at walmart yesterday. and they really did it for 2.95 (total) ..actually they should have charged $2 for each side ($4 total for labor) but they weived it as they took 45 mins instead of the 15 min they promised. And i didnt even asked for a waiver. Trust me go to walmart and save yourself a bunch of money. Hopefully it should be similarly low cost affair for the high tail lamp replacement.
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