Needing AWD and headroom

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With the 2007 Matrix having good headroom and legroom, but now lacking AWD, what other vehicles might give you

1. Good headroom
2. AWD/ABS/stability control
3. Averaging 20+ mpg (or at least close)
4. Decent legroom
5. Good headroom (oh, mentioned that one already!)

I've been stuck considering special orders of vehicles for no moonroof with most other options, which is a pain that I would like to avoid. Besides, I like having a moonroof, if I can fit in the vehicle.

Any vehicle out there meeting the above requirements? (Cost is not that much of a deterrent, "within reason".)


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    There's a small Suzuki car that comes with AWD and lots of safety features. Got good reviews in the Boston Globe recently, including a comment about how roomy it was for taller people. Dunno if a moonroof is available. Wish I could remember the name of the vehicle, but I remember that the cost was in the $16,000 range.
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    Toyota is beginning to place some great incentives on the Highlander. It's being replaced with a larger Highlander model in a few months. The current 4 CYL model may fit your requirements. All of the 2007 models have side air bags and row curtains. We have the 2WD V6 which did an excellent job through a very rough winter. If you can get away with the 2WD model, 22 city/28 highway, ABS, stability and traction control are standard.

    As for the Suzuki SX4... our local dealer has a $1,500 mark-up on them. I'd be interested to see the crash testing as there doesn't appear to be much protection in the SX4.
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