Bed protection under removeable liner

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I have bought a 2004 Silverado and got a removeable liner which will fit the bed. I am told that the slight movement of the removeable liners will scratch the paint off the bed and will cause it to rust. Does it make sense to put a bed mat under the liner to protect the bed from movement? Will the 3/8" height of the mat cause a problem with fitting the liner? Is there a better way? Or is this a non-problem?


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    My opinion...sell it for whatever you can get and spring for the spray-in LineX for $400.
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    Thanks for your suggestion. Is it because of the rusting problem or are the lay in liners not tough enough? or what?
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    I've had both. It all depends on what you're going to use your truck for. Those drop in liners are pretty much indestructible. I've had one in a '91 Nissan and though there are areas where the paint has worn off, there is no rust after 16 years. Had a spray in done on my '00 Silverado and with that never drop a pallet in the back. It will tear up the liner especially if that fork lift driver isn't the greatest.

    I have a drop in on my '05 Titan now and it works just fine though I haven't removed it yet to check for any scratches.

    Guess it all comes down to what you will use your truck for and I wouldn't worry about it rusting.
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    Thanks for the good guidance. Since I already have the drop-in, will just use it. I gather that you think the bed mat is unnecessary?
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    I remember someone saying once that you can't beat a spray in under the drop in. Sounds a bit excessive to me.....

    and yes IMO, I think the mat would be a waste of money.
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    OD.........A lot of the spray in vs. a drop in is just
    scare tactics of one side rooting for the other.

    IMO sprays ins only off SOME scratch protection.
    If your gonna really use your bed for heavy hauling only
    a dropin will do. A spray in offers no protection from
    dents and such wear.

    In my case the drop in was so beat in 3 years at trade
    time the dealer just removed the liner and washed out
    the bare bed before they put it on the front line and
    sold it !!!!!!!!!!
    I noticed very few rub/wear on the paint and NO rust!
    I live in snow, salt, and ice land and snow plow and carry
    around and use/carry several different deicer products
    and notice NO bed rust..........
    Maybe on the frame, engine compartment, exaust manifolds
    etc....But not the bed !!!!!
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    Many thanks all!
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