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Hey all. This is my first post, so I will try and be down to the point. I am looking at a 1996 AWD GMC Jimmy 4Dr. with 190,000 miles. I took it for a test drive and it drove very well actually. The private seller is asking 2,400. He has put the past 80,000 miles on it in the past 4 years and has recipts for stuff such as heater core, alternator, some suspension work(little), fuel pump, water pump, and other routine maintence. I am worried mainly about the transmission and this all time four wheel drive. I am fairly new to these SUV's so I was looking for your general insight. When I checked the trans fluid, it was a little dark, but didnt smell burnt. It shifted pretty well too...better than I would have imangined. It has a little rust, and the AC doesnt work. The compressor doesnt spin when you turn the AC on, so im sure that will have to be replaced. I know its hard to say, but I was looking for any general feelings on a GMC Jimmy with 190,000 miles. I need something for at least a year and a half, but I'd like to keep this for as long as I can, and I know I will have to put some work into it...just dont want to get caught in a huge money pit. Thanks!



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    It may well last as long as you need but 190,000 miles in 11.5 years averages out to 16,500 miles per year which is a little on the high side. Typically, people put on 12-14,000 miles per year. At least, you could use that as a negotiating point.

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    Sorry but my instinct would be money pit. The AWDs eat that front diff and transfer case by now. Jimmys/Blazers are not good high mileage buys. The trans, front and rear diff, and transfer case should be serviced every 50k or look out. Then ball joints, hubs, CV axles, AC (800), lower intake gasket, injection, and search all the posts to see the 4wd problems.
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    my 95 has about 138000 on it. My advice to you is if you don't have lots of income to put into this truck or you are not automotively inclined, don't buy it. Like others have said, the problem areas are the trans, and rear dif. I just had to put a newer trans in my truck and now the rear diff ran dry, requiring new bearings and seals. In short, if you have 3 grand laying around to rebuild the drive line have at it.
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    This is my first time to this kind of thing I'll try not to be too boring. I have a 1996 4 door jimmy that has been lowered 2 inches. it has a vibration/shake felt through out vehicle. I have tried everything, new wheels, new tires new transmission mount, pitched lowering blocks. the vibration is felt after 65mph and it comes and goes. I was told by a mechanic that I have a bad motor mount and that is my problem. The vehicle has 180,000 miles and am thinking about purchasing a new vehicle in December. Can anyone advise me on this matter and would it be worth the four hundred dollars to have the mount replaced. I am currently driving this vehicle 80 miles each way to work everyday, vibration getting to me. :(
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