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Porsche Sound Systems

Porsche owners please help. My 997 CD player almost never recognizes the CD name or individual song titles of newly manufactured CDs. But it does once in a blue moon. What is your experience? I think Porsche has a bad supplier. But let me know please what you think.


  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    The good news is that, after nearly 2 years and 16,300 miles, I have been happy enough with the car itself to not care much that the sound system sucks.

    But now, halfway through my warranty period, I'm thinking it can't be intended to be this bad. I have a 2005 Cab with the $1,200 +/- Bose premium sound system. It has almost no bass. In order to even hear the rear speakers, I have to adjust the fader from "0" (balanced front to rear) to "7" or "8" in favor of the rear. No amount of adjustments: bass, treble, surround or not, make the resulting music sound significantly better. I can turn the volume almost to the maximum and it will distort before giving me enough volume to clearly hear the music on the highway with the top down. In my former Honda S2000, it had an almost humorous two speaker system that, I kid you not, when I spent $200 for a set of rear speakers, sounded WAY better than this upgraded Bose/Porsche system.

    This really is pitiful. It would be for a standard system. But for Porsche to have the balls to charge $1,200 for the Bose upgrade, it's borderline criminal.

    So, does anyone else have any perspective/comments on how their Bose (or standard) system sounds? Mind you, I didn't buy and don't drive the 911 for the purpose of feeling like I'm sitting in a Lexus concert hall. But if I've actually got a flawed system, I better do something about it before the warranty expires in the next two years.

    P.S. Assuming my system is not flawed, and it really is this bad, NO ONE SHOULD WASTE THEIR MONEY ON BOSE. Get the $920 Sport Chrono, or the $2,400 Sport Exhaust, or the leather covered rear center console in contrasting baseball stitching. But don't waste your money on the Bose.
  • I agree the system is pathetic. That is one of the reasons I might not buy this car. I took a Carrera 4S for a test drive and loved the way it drives. But am p*ssed off at how they nickel and dime you for things that should come standard on a $90K car. Like the stereo you mentioned. For $90K you don't even get a stereo that is premium? And then you pay an extra grand and it still sucks? Not to mention they don't even have satellite radio for all this money. I would also think leather seats might come standard for $90K. And then there are those useless items like the Porsche logo stitched into the headrests for an extra $600 bucks - like why would I pay for that?

    But here's what pains me. When I bought the BMW 540 6speed, the first thing I did was go to an aftermarket installer and put in a McIntosh Amp and upgrade all the speakers and add a subwoofer. All for $3K... Now it absolutley blows away any system sold by any manufacturer. So if I buy this Porsche, I will have a horrible sound system which I'll have to put a few grand into to make it right. So for all the money and hassle, I am a little hesitant to buy the 4S.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Again, just to put my complaint in perspective, it's taken me 2 years and 16,000 miles to care enough to want to figure out if my particular audio system is possibly defective.

    I'm not making excuses for Porsche - we'd all like to have our cake and eat it too - but be assured I have never had the slightest regret in buying a 911S just because my Tangerine Dream CD's don't sound as good as I'd like. My Acura TL's stereo, nav system, bluetooth interface, etc. are all superior to Porsche. And yet I've logged less than 4,000 miles on it since getting the 911.

    As far as the mile long option list and prices, I suggest you find or configure the car you want and just look at the bottom line. If you can get a better sports car for a better price from another manufacturer, go for it. But, once again, I've never had a moments regret over getting the C2S, $450 aluminum sillplates (standard in my TL) notwithstanding.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,327
    I say skip the 4S and just buy a plain old C2S and then you can upgrade the audio system with the money you'll save.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • I agree the sound system should be better for a car costs that much but I don't think we buy a Porsche for the sound system. As for the Porsche crest on the headrests or armrest, it is something you don't have to pick but what other car company would let you customize your car the way Porsche would? and btw the standard seats are leather.
  • My 996 c4s has the bose optional sound system. Mine sounds great (when I turn it on) I do find its really not that loud but its very clear. I really think the issue is that the car is a) very loud and b) has very little sound dampening to keep it as light as possible. That is probably why its not as loud as it should be for the money. My bose system in my audi s4 is unbelievable. i think its the same system.
    Having said that. I think its plenty for when you just want to listen to the radio (which admittedly I rarely turn on). As for the options...porsche does it on purpose. They do it because they know that when you buy a 911 you want all the bells and whistles and you certaintly dont want to be the guy who buys a base 911!!!! Im on my 3rd Porsche and each time I think what a rip off - but when I hear "do you want the sport exhaust, chrome exhaust tips, aluminum shifter knob and emerg brake, and porsche crested seats etc etc for 15000? all I know is I think about it for 10 seconds and say ....your damn right I do.....thats what makes us 911 guys. I dont think that will ever change. (by the way, I asked the dealer if anyone ever orders a base 911 and he laughed. He said, once I sold one and the guy is still trying to sell it cause no one wants it.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    ""do you want the sport exhaust, chrome exhaust tips, aluminum shifter knob and emerg brake, and porsche crested seats etc etc for 15000? all I know is I think about it for 10 seconds and say ....your damn right I do.....thats what makes us 911 guys."

    You can keep your chrome, leather, and custom embroidery. "911 guys" only need a locking rear diff and PSS9's. :)
  • Have the Bose Premium sound system w/ 6 changer CD . I guess Porsche heard the complaints .... my 2008 C4S sound system is the best ! Great bass and highs . Holds 7 CD's but no IPod connection . That came later on the 2009's. Porsche is usually a year or two behind on stereo systems for their vehicles for some reason. Maybe, they just want us to hear the wonderful growl of the exhaust instead ?

    Never less, they did great on the 2008's ! :shades:
  • Perhaps someone can help with this one. 2004 911 cab. Every so often the radio simply does not work. Everything lights up but no sound, volume control does not work, cannot change stations, etc. Usually (not always) after a few minutes all is normal. Twice the word "Porsche" in the face plate kept blinking on and off and it made a sound as id it were trying to change a CD. On/off radio control does not work during these episodes. One time I turned the car off and after a bit the sound stopped. Other time after about 10 minutes of driving the radio just came back on and all was fine.

    Dealer is about 35 miles from me and I've tried taking the car back several times. Get halfway there and the radio simply starts working again.

    Car is under extended warranty until the end of February so I'd like to get it resolved on Porsche's dime and not my own.

    Cannot tell if it the radio proper or the amplifier. Ideas anyone? Thanks
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