06 jeep grand cherokee limited - touring package

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Has anyone been able to find good pictures or seen a grand cherokee with the touring package? I can't find good pictures or a dealer in NY who has installed the package. it costs approx 675 + installation.- Your feedback is appreciate


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    What exactly does the Touring Package include?
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    "The Touring Package is all your Jeep Grand Cherokee needs to show the world its ability to be civilized without compromising its adventurous nature. It includes the Body Kit, with aggressive monochromatic styling, Front Air Dam and Side Sills (three pieces) available in body colors; Rear Spoiler and Premium Carpet Floor Mats.All prices shown are suggested retail prices only. Dealers are independent and are free to set their own selling prices. Suggested retail prices shown do not include installation parts and labor".
    This is a very subtle look.. I am considering the front air dam and the side stills. I have seen pictures but nothing really close up.. Any suggestions??
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    here is one of the only pictures i could find. They really don't aggressively market this stuff. The few jeep dealers i spoke to haven't installed it. I still think it gives it a different look..
    http://www.mopar.com/MoparController?action=redirect&brand=jeep&appname=accpacka- ge&pkgid=400195&year=2006&vehicle=grand_cherokee|WKTH74
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    I just ordered it.. Looks a lot better than running boards..
    I think it enhances the appearance without trying too hard..
    I believe it became available Dec 2006.
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