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Toyota Tacoma Bed Size/Liner/Cover Questions

mewmmwmewmmw Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Toyota
Any advice on purchasing a short bed vs. a long bed on a dual cab prerunner? I've been told it's nice to have the extra space but the vehicle is harder to park, corner, etc. Also wondering how easily a long bed can fit in the garage. We're looking to haul around bicycles, kayaks, camping gear etc.


  • ltmarltmar Posts: 45
    I have the short bed as I couldn't get the long bed with the manual transmission. There are a lot of times that I could use the additional foot in the bed but I bet there are a lot of garages that wouldn't hold the long bed. To compensate for the lack of room, I made a platform to double deck the bed area. I have a camper shell. There are cutouts in the bedliner where 2x lumber is placed to support the deck. I can put water skis, lawn chairs, bicycle wheels, etc. under the deck.
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    The long bed has a longer wheelbase. The ride is usually better when the wheelbase is longer.

  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    Tacoma has the tightest turning radius of any truck so cornering is as good as it gets. Getting out of a parking stall at Walmart when a Suburban is parked behind you can be tough. Measure your garage to see if it will fit. If you're going to haul anything, get the long bed. If your garage is 20+ feet it will fit. The only thing the short box hauls is [non-permissible content removed]! IMO the short box does look better, but I went with the long for the times I need to haul a couch or dirtbike or a face cord of wood.
  • mewmmwmewmmw Posts: 4
    Any thoughts about buying the short bed and getting a bed extender? The short bed seemed a little more manueverable. We drove both to see if the ride was different and think the long bed may be a little smoother.
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    The tail gate is pretty light so if you go the short box and extender, be careful about too much weight on the gate. The extender is $282.For $218 more get the long bed, Its only 13 inches longer. Generally you'll be moving forward instead of manuevering so the smooth ride will be more important. Both are great.
  • skweezalskweezal Posts: 4
    I will be purchasing soon. I am wondering about the it a sprayon or a drop-in. Is it durable??
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    It's the box, not a bedliner.
  • skweezalskweezal Posts: 4
    Sorry....I must be confused (help!!) The website talks about an *inner bed thats made from impact resistant sheet-molded composite*. To me, that sounds like a bedliner....can you explain???

  • ltmarltmar Posts: 45
    Where a typical truck bed is double-wall steel, the inner wall of the Tacoma is composite rather than steel. It is hard and slick like a plastic bedliner. I think it probably meets the needs of most owners. It is easy to clean and it won't rust but it does scratch easily.
  • skweezalskweezal Posts: 4
    Thanks so much for the clarification!!

  • cv6vb10cv6vb10 Posts: 2

    Does anyone know if their is a way to patch a medium/large scratch in the bed of my 2007 Tacoma?

    The damage was done when an incompetent employee of a hardware store loaded a wooden pallet into the bed of my truck. Since the new tacomas don't have a bedliner, I'm wondering if this type of damage is repairable.


  • linkfeeneylinkfeeney Posts: 58
    hey guys
    Nissan has a spray bed liner and toyota has the composite bed liner?
    What's the difference? I like Nissan Spray liner.. cause they are tough. just dont know what composite do?
  • ltmarltmar Posts: 45
    The Toyota composite bed is not a liner. The inner walls and floor of the bed are made from a plastic with fiber reinforcement. It won't rust and is easy to clean. But, it does scratch easily. Front tie downs are not included; a Toyota kit allows their installation by drilling through the bed and backing the rings with washers. They are strong enough for most uses but you can't put huge amounts of pressure on them or the bed would crack. I am satisfied with my truck but I wouldn't call the composite bed a huge plus.
  • Does a bed extender require drillining into the composite bed liner? Thanks.
  • gatorguy2gatorguy2 Posts: 1
    Hey Guys. I have a composite bed in my truck now and it is ok but it scratches REALLY easy. I had a "GatorHyde Spray In Bed Liner" in my last truck and it was much better. The main benefit of it was the stuff didn't slide around as much. They installed it for $395.00 and it looked great! I have had other spray in bed liners in other trucks, but this one was the best. Go to to find an applicator near you.
  • lunker2lunker2 Posts: 2
    Has anyone found or had experience with a overhead rack for the 2007 Tacoma? The composite bed mounting seems to be a problem.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    I've been using the Thule XSporter with 2005+ Tacoma kit for two years, and I'm very happy with it.
  • wooddorkerwooddorker Posts: 300
    I put a Toyota rubber bed mat in for $75. The mat can also be tossed over lightweight items, like foam board, insulation, etc... to keep it in place.

    Scratches in a truck bed are honorable. ;)
  • elcid77elcid77 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know of a roll-up cover that does NOT require the removal of the rail/tie down system in the bed of my 07?
  • marcusxmarcusx Posts: 22
    The Access Limited Edition (LE) is what you are looking for. It's a popular choice and the reviews are good as well. Post back here if it's not what you were looking for...or if you found a better one.
  • I am looking for a camper shell for my '07 Tacoma. Currently looking at the Leer 100R. Any suggestions?
  • I just bought the 08 Tacoma last week. I want to install a bed cover on it but the service dept. at the dealership told me the Truxedo brand they carry would interfere with the tie-down system and prevent its use. I know I've seen bed covers on the 08 Tacoma. what are you folks using?? thanks.
  • don57don57 Posts: 19
    I have the Extang Revolution on my 08. The bed cover mounting hardware uses the utili-tracks mounted on the sides of the bed. The tie downs do have to be removed. Perhaps there is a higher profile cover that would not require the tie downs to be removed.
  • Does the track for the tie-downs have to be removed or just the tie-downs?? if the track doesn't have to be removed, I'm alright with that. thanks for the response.
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