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Infiniti M45 Sport Steering Issue

arif00arif00 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in INFINITI
I've got a 2006 (purchased Sep 05), M45 Sport with 16,500 miles. Original tires (although I've order new ones) and a major steering pressure issue.

I've had the issue for over a year. The car seems to feel loose and sloppy on some days, tight and responsive on other days. When it's tight, it's a hell of a great ride. When it's loose, it's all over the road and very difficult to control. Some days I will exit at high-speed off-ramp and the steering gets "too tight" to where it is actually difficult to turn in, other times it's so loose that I have to back off to prevent over-steering the car into a spin.

Although very noticeable to me, the dealer "cannot duplicate" the symptoms. I've documented the sensitivity every day for 4 months now and have been battling the dealership on a cause of this.

Has anyone experienced this variance in steering pressure? Any suggestions?

Also, on occasion, I get a very aggressive vibration in the steering column at about 74-80MPH. Not road vibration, clearly it's steering vibration. Tires have been balanced several times and alignment was performed too.

They've already had to re-align the car, they replace the rack and pinion (though they never told me why) and they've found a bent wheel sensor which they need to replace.

I've got a long list of issues with this vehicle, most of which were resolved, but this one lingers.


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    buster6buster6 Member Posts: 134
    Get used to the dealer telling you that they cannot duplicate the problem. From what I have been told, the used parts are sent back to infiniti to make sure that the replaced parts are actually defective. I have had some issues with my M45 that have not been repaired for over a year with multiple complaints to my dealer (this is why I just ordered a new BMW 750). On your steering issue check your front tire pressure, to see if they are the same on each side. (I did have the same issue when my front tires were worn and it went away when they were replaced.)
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    badboymiabadboymia Member Posts: 6
    This sounds like a Lemon Law issue, you are entitled to a new car if this presist, research it!!
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    knowspinzoneknowspinzone Member Posts: 91
    (this is why I just ordered a new BMW 750).

    I don't doubt the problems you've had. Individual cars from any manufacturer can be a nightmare. However, the reliability of the M is higher than average and owner satisfaction is much higher than average according to Consumer Reports. For the BMW 7 Series reliability is much worse than average and owner satisfaction is just average.

    I hope you're not jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire! :)
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    blov8rblov8r Member Posts: 567
    Just keep in mind that the Lemon Laws were struck down by some states' supreme courts for leased vehicles. Bart :shades:
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    arlingtonva1arlingtonva1 Member Posts: 15
    I've had the same vibration issue with my steering column. It happens between 75 and 80 mph as well. I have a 2006 M45 sport with 20,000 miles. I've had to align the car twice and balance it a few times, which came out of my pocket. I guess I'll have to start yelling at the dealer to look at the steering rack and pinion and check the wheel sensors.
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    capoanycapoany Member Posts: 32
    I had the steering rack replaced on my 06 M35 Sport, and there is a world of difference. Solid on line feel, far less input needed on typical roads. I know it's not intuitive that this would make a diff, but it clearly does. Anyone with this year/ model who experiences the jerky steering and groove tracking reported here should get it done.
    Also replaced the Bridgestones with Michelin Pilot Sport All Seasons- the only A/S tire made in the oddball 245/40/19" size...highly recommended, tremendous improvement in ride and noise.
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    shanster01shanster01 Member Posts: 4
    I have the exact same problems as described by "arlingtonva1". Mine is a 2006 M45, Sport. At this point it has 43k miles on it (I commute a allot) and I have noticed this issue for quite some time.

    All tires have been replaced, and I have had multiple alignments etc. And much like other people here - the dealer "can not" duplicate my issue.

    Mine seems to be jerky at high and low speeds given the road condition, groovage etc.

    Did your dealer replace the steering rack free of charge? Or did you have to come out of pocket - I really don't want to spend a ton of money to fix something that I feel should not be a problem in this level of a car - but at this point, I am willing to just to be able to actually enjoy driving it again.
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    ghstudioghstudio Member Posts: 972
    The dealer should replace the rack free. Have you been with him when he goes out to try to find the problem. I suggest that you ask the service manager to drive the car (not a mechanic) and then you go with him/her and take them somewhere where they will experience the problem. Tell them that it may take an hour or so...and he should block out the time. It is almost impossible for the service manager not to know about this problem at this point. In fact, you don't want a service writer...you want the service manager in the car with you.

    This is a real safety problem...and infiniti is trying to resist a full recall. If you can't reproduce the problem with him, ask him to schedule a ride with the infiniti (corporate) service rep the next time they are in town....that may be enough to trigger the free fix.

    This is a serious problem...they will repair for free...and they know about the problem.
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    shanster01shanster01 Member Posts: 4
    Great suggestion - I will give that a try. As well as Infiniti is doing in the mid-luxury car market I am really surprised they would not have a better commitment to this - I agree it is a real safety issue. I've gotten used to the issue (sad though that may be) and I'm a pretty safe/experienced driver, and it's enough to frighten me still - I can't imagine what would happen if someone got into an accident because of this issue. That makes me a little disappointed in the corporate responsibility and infinity's lack of commitment to quality. It's enough to ensure my next car is not an Infinity if they refuse to fix it.

    Thanks for the suggestion - I will try that and let everyone know how it goes.
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    shanster01shanster01 Member Posts: 4
    Just wanted everyone to know - I took the advice. I think part of the issue before was I had a hard time explaining the issue (which allowed them to get around admitting the problem). This time I went in and said that I had a problem with the steering rack.

    As soon as I mentioned the part by name they just said "ok" and they would take care of it - and they actually did. it only took about 5 hours and i was able to pick the car up that day - with the new steering rack installed.

    They rep actually admitted to me that they had started ordering steering racks and keeping them in stock in advance as he had started to hear more and more about this issue from owners - so sounds like some kind of imminent disclosure by infiniti about the problem is coming?

    Anyway - car drives like a champ again and I feel great! Be sure to get this done under your warranty before it runs out!
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    jian2003jian2003 Member Posts: 4
    hi, shanster01,

    How can you convince the dealer to replace the steering rack? I bought a 2006 M35 sport recently and have the same problem.

    The dealer refused to fix it and told me the steering rack is good. The car is still in warranty.

    Is there any way to contact infiniti directly to solve this issue?

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    ghstudioghstudio Member Posts: 972
    Make sure the problem is clearly documented on your dealer work order...and make sure he records his comments as well on that work order. Then ask when the Infiniti Regional representative will next visit the dealer...and get his schedule (they know when he will be there)....schedule an appointment with him. Call infiniti to confirm that you want to meet with the reginal rep as well. Then meet with the Infiniti rep and the service manager...explain the problem...make the infiniti rep drive the car....not the service manager.

    In the meantime, you can file a complaint with the NHTSA on a steering problem that you feel is unsafe (which it is).
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    kelvin0057kelvin0057 Member Posts: 2
    I recently purchased an 06 M45 and had the same problem with my steering. I replaced my tires with Bridgestone Turanzas and so far I haven't had the problem anymore. The Turanzas only come in a size that is one up from OEM size so the dealer will advise against it. Tires also gave me a softer and quieter ride with decent handling. Only drawback is they are extremely expensive.
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    shanster01shanster01 Member Posts: 4
    Just out of curiosity, how much were your Bridgestones? Where they the larger size M45 tires? (19" I think)

    The replaced steering rack seemed to fix most of my issues, but I still have some minor grabbing and turning at various speeds on all roads. It's down to acceptable levels and I figured because my tires are almost at their limit, I would get new tires and perhaps upgrade to another brand.

    Did you just ask your dealer to order and install them for you?
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    davidspadedavidspade Member Posts: 1
    I've just had my second visit to the dealer with this steering issue. The repair order says "drives well on newly paved roads Suspension is perfect but tracks poorly due to poor road conditions in this area, low profile tires are more apt to follow poor road conditions such as : road crown uneven pavement / road or tire gully etc". Infiniti should have buyers sign a disclosure on all sport models advising of the steering problems since Infiniti is only fixing the base M 35 / 45 models by replacing tires only if the client complains enough.This is my 3rd Infiniti and I surprised at the poor response from this company. May be my last.
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    busterscbustersc Member Posts: 3
    My second Infiniti will be my last!

    Traded my 2006 G for the 2008 M35 sport, what a huge disappointment.
    My G never saw the service dept. other then for an oil change/tire rotation..drove and handled like a CHAMP.

    My "M" 3rd day was back for a wheel alignment after a rutted road jerked the steering wheel out of my hands.

    Had service manager drive with me and he never felt the jerk.. sure!

    Had sales manager drive with me and he did.

    Their explanation to me ( a 63yr old lady) was this is how it handles cause of the sport tires and rims.

    End of subject ..they did nothing.

    Can you tell me how to reach this NHTSA you wrote about.
    Thank You
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    busterscbustersc Member Posts: 3
    Happy to say that after dealing with this junker (M35) for nearly 2 years..I am now a proud owner of a 2010 Lincoln MKS ..What a Beauty of a car, handles extremely Wonderful!!!!!

    BBB and SC Lemon Law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    nomoreinfinnomoreinfin Member Posts: 1
    South Carolina's Lemon law made them take back my M this december!!!!
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