Volvo XC90 versus Lexus GX 470

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After months of researching and driving SUVs with third rows, we have narrowed down our choices to a pre-owned Lexus GX and a new Volvo XC90. All my friends with the GX love it. I also met people who like their XC90s.
The GX is very reliable with top ratings in that area. It has amazing re-sale value.
The Volvo however, has a better interior design. The third rows fold down and there is a cargo cover. Also, it's on a car platform and has a built-in booster, an attractive option because we have two kids in car seats and we plan to carpool so we need lots of room. TheVolvo, however, received terrible reliability reports.

The Lexus, on the other hand has a much nicer ride but I am concerned about it being on a truck platform and not have airbags in the third row.

Can anyone please weigh in for me? We plan to buy this week and need some advice. The '07 Volvo XC90 we are considering is roughly $37,000. Does this sound about right? It has no nav, no DVD but it is Sirius ready.



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    I just traded in my GX470 that I bought Certified two years ago for an 07' XC90. The Lexus ate a lot of gas. I loved it. I just thought the Volvo gave me more bang for the buck. I am a safety freak and my research lead me to the Volvo rather than the Lexus. I liked the visablity of the XC90 compared to the Lexus. Is the XC90 you are considering All Wheel Drive or FWD? Does it have the Premium Package?. It seems that there are good lease deals out there if you read the posts. Even buying it seems that Volvo will work with you. With Lexus it was a "take it or leave it" when it came to buying another one. My Cap. Price was $36,750 for an AWD, installed DVD by dealer, NO NAV, w/Premium Package and Climate Package....just a thought, you can go to Sweden and pick-up your car and save approx 8% off the MSRP and they throw in 2 tickets and a night in a hotel!...good luck
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    Ask yourself: "What would bug me more?"

    -- Taking the Volvo to the dealership 5 times a year
    -- Taking the rear seats in and out of the Lexus everytime you want to carry luggage or other larger items

    I think that in general you've already spotted the strengths/weaknesses of each brand. Which you should buy depends on what factors appeal to/bother you most.

    For my wife, who always wanted a Volvo, taking the XC90 in constantly for warranty repairs and recall fixes hasn't diminished her love for the vehicle. If it were my vehicle, I'd WANT to sell/trade it
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    Owned a Volvo (Sedan) for 6 years now. Will be trading it or selling it for a GX470. I love Volvo, but cannot deal with what Ford has done to them. My Volvo has been great and would have loved to purchase an XC90 (even talked my friend into buying one in 2004), however, I keep my cars for some time and will not risk the horrible repair/recall issues it has on it. GX470 isn't perfect, but I know it will last.
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    Just was wondering...which vehicle did you go with? I have the same issues/concerns...
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    We own an '04 xc90, 3rd row, nav, dealer installed dvd, 2.5t engine. We have loved it. We are now at 80k miles. It's in the shop once every other month, minimum 1k service. If we take it to independent shop, a bit less, but we've found that we invariably have issues that independent shops have had trouble spotting.

    Looking at trading in for a new GX470. We have a large dog and two kids- with the seats out we are fine. Huge pain in the backside, but I will prefer having stress-free post-warranty ownership. The purchase price is several k more on the Lexus, but over 5-7 year ownership I'm 100% certain it will be less costly to own.

    That being said, the Volvo worked for us in every regard except the last 20k reliability issues.
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    I drove the XC90 many times and I don't really like the feel of the car or the ride. Also, backing up in the XC90 is difficult in my opinion. I just bought the GX470 last week, and I love it. Everything about the GX470 is great, the ride is very smooth and very comfortable. The interior is beautiful and if you're looking for a nice luxury SUV, then go checkout the Lexus GX470.
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    I have both lexus and volvo with me. I love lexus more than any other car.
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    On April 13, 2010, Consumer Reports told readers not to buy the 2010 GX 460. It seems the vertical stability control could cause an accident. It was the first such recommendation for a car since 2001. Seems that lexus is still not quite up to volvo safety levels.
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