Hyundai Sonata Check Engine Light

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was up every one i am new to the site i have a 2004 santa fe GLS 4CYL fwd it is a great car i go to use it today on the chec engine light comes on i ut my code reader on and i get a code of P0446 i look in the book that the code reade comes with and it says it is evporative emission control system ent control circuit malfunction can some one please tell me what the hell this is thank you


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    Are you observing any symptoms other than the light coming on?

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    The evaporative system prevents hydrocarbon (HC) vapor escaping from the fuel tank into the atmosphere where they would form photochemical smog. Gasoline vapor is collected in the charcoal canister. The Canister Close Valve (CCV) closes off the air inlet to the canister for leak detection of the evaporative emission system. The CCV also prevents fuel vapors from escaping from the canister. When the engine purges HC vapor from canister, the clean air comes into the canister through canister air-filter and CCV.
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    so what do i look for as far as sensors help!!!! thanks for all your help
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    I went to the Hyundai Webtech site. I can not find that code. However, I did find these two.

    DTC P0445

    EVAP Emission Control System Purge Control Valve Circuit Shorted


    DTC P0447

    EVAP Emission Control System Vent Circuit Open

    Both give detailed instructions on how to test and correct. Visit the Hyundai webtech site for more info.

    If you do not have an account just create one. If you have any questions navigating it just ask or visit for more detail on Hyundai Webtech's Online sevice manuals.
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    thanks alot i will check the car out tommorw the only things is that the pics dont work for me do they work for you let me know thank you
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    I ran into that issue early on. It has something to do with Java and Microsfts Virtual Machine software. All I did was upgrade my explorer to 7 and added Sun Java. Worked fine after that. If you continue to have issues let me know and I will take screen shots for you and send them via e-mail.
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    if you can do that that whould be great i still cant get it i upgraded and it still wont bring the pic up i c you live in SI so do i thank you for all the help thank a million \
    email [email protected]
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    I sent both - Screen prints and the text only versions. I also included two other charts that " DO " list your code 446. Review them all. I hope it helps. Let me know how you make out.

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    Sorry to keep the rest of you in the dark. Code 446 seems to be missing from the list on the Hyundai Webtech site. Codes just before and after ( In this case 444/445/447 ) detail diagnostics on the electrical part of the system. The site allows you to e-mail the document to someone but when it arrives the pictures are missing. Real strange. I created screen prints and placed them in a word doc and sent them to short79572. I also included two charts that do in fact list the code and seem to point to a Canister Close Valve Malfunction or Stuck in valve closed position (CCV)
    Faulty CCV.
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    i cant thank you enough thank you for helping out
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    No problem. I got an e-mail from you saying you still cant see them. Is this old? Can you open the word documents I sent you? Please advise...
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    You are correct, DTC P0446 Canister Close Valve Malfunction
    If you have a scanner, you can trigger the valve to see if it is actually working.
    Check for vacuum leaks and clear the trouble codes, roadtest and recheck.
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    I have had a couple of wierd happenings this past week. Out of nowhere one morning my cruise control stopped working on the way to work. That afternoon when I started my car to go home, the check engine light stayed on. These two conditions remained for 2 days, then like reverse clockwork, the cruise control started working, and that afternoon the check engine light went off. This begs the question, could the two be related. Should I be concerned and have it checked out?
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    i just had the same problem happen today did you find anything out, i tried to ask a hyundai service department and they have not had the problem
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    My Santa Fe is a 2005 4 wheel drive my husband says it may be the mass air flow sensor.
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    My check engine light came on today as I was driving never had any problems with my Fe and even then it seemed to drive just fine. I promptly pulled over checked all fluids shrugged and decided that I would deal with it later. Got home and let it sit for a minute went out took off the gas cap replaced it making sure I heard several clicks opened the door turned the key to acc but did not turn the engine one pumped the gas 3 good times and started it, light was still there turned it back off back to acc but didn't start it gave the gas 3 more good pumps started it and problem solved. Hope some of you will try this since a diagnostic test is expensive and reading codes are sometimes free and vauge.
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    that code relates to evap system - have you ever pumped as into your car and pumped beyond the point where the pump clicked off to let you know the tank was full - to get a little extra gas?
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    what make andmodel several of our newer cars have recall on the brake swithch will can cause cruise to stop working cel to come on and intermitent problems getting shifter out of park
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    The code on my 2005 is coming up P2150 what is this?
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    My check engine light was coming on and going off...when the code was came back as transmission control module. It was almost time for transmission service, so I had the fluid changed. The mechanic said there were metal shavings in the bottom of the pan. The light remained off for a little over a month and I even drove the car for a 1,000 mile road trip. Last night, the light came back on...again the code was transmission control module. Any advice would be appreciated. It is a 2006 model...and out of warranty. I have to travel with my job and it is becoming a huge concern.
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    sorry - looks like you'll be having to open up that tranny to replace that module - and once it's open - might as well recondition...
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