Gas tank holds 20 gal?

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Have a question. We recently purch an '07 pilot and planning on taking it on a trip in a couple months. I wanted to see what type of gas mileage this vehicle avg and the distance we could go before refilling. On my last fill up, I let the vehicle gas light (near Empty) come on before filling up and I noticed that I was able to go approx 320 miles, which averaged 18 mpg city. What I'm wondering is that it took only 16.9 gallons to fill up. when I add this to the 1.8 gal the owners manual describes as the gallons left from the time the gas light engages, it does not come to 20 gal. 320 miles does not seem very far and I was wondering what others have experienced for long trips.


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    You may want to try Honda Pilot Real World MPG.

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    On our 2007 EX, after two tanks, I would have to say it does hold 20 gallons for sure. First tank filled up 3 miles after light came on, got 17.7 gallons in. Second tank, drove 27 miles after light came on and put in 18.9 gallons. The way i read the manual, i took it to mean light come on with about 1.8 gallons just to get to the E, then you have about 1 gallon while on E.
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    I just filled up my Honda Pilot EX-L 4WD with 22.5 gallons of gasoline. My empty light had just come on and I thought that I top it off. I had 320 miles on this tank at the time. Do you think that the fuel hose between the gas cap and the fuel tank holds 2 gallons of gasoline? The empty light had just come on, so there was still some fuel left in the tank in addition to the 22.5 gallons that I just put in? Maybe it holds more than 23 gallons?
    Has anyone else experienced this high capacity fuel tank?
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    I would not be buying gas from that station anymore. sounds like their pumps are out of whack and are charging you for more gallons then you are actually putting in the car (with the way gas prices are I wouldn't be surprised). Pennsylvania has strict regulations on gas stations and are constantly having pumps checked, because the pumps can go out of whack.

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    It does hold more than 22 gallons. (2WD) Usually when the neddle reaches empty I put in about 18-19 gallons based on when the gas handle automaticaly stops pumping. but I just keep going until it drips and sure enough! had I gone below the empty marker (which is very possible to get another 30 miles) I could have pumped more than 22.5 gallons. I do believe the pipe from the cap to the tank holds at least 1.5 gallons. Also, I logged 401 miles in such said tank. I was very happy. My next project is to fill up until it drips and then run it dry. I am averaging 19mpg all around driving.
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    I can verify that it is not the gasoline station having uncalibrated pumps, but instead the Pilot having more than a 22-gallon fuel capacity. I just came back from a round trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, filling up until it drips with each fuel stop. I was able to put in more than 23 gallons at times. I got around an average of between 22 and 23 MPG with highway driving. Before the needle went down to the full marker, I had alread driven more than 150 miles. I use the highest grade of gasoline that Shell has for my 2007 Pilot with 4WD and navigation.

    This was my first long distance trip in the Pilot and took the route through Deah Valley National Park to get to Baker. It was pitch black and I had the moon roof open to see the stars and the Milky Way as I drove. The fog lights come in handy on the deserted roads in Death Valley.
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