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RX300 LCD Screen Failure Help!

slexusslexus Member Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Lexus
I had a new battery put in my 2000 rx300 by Advance Auto and now my LCD screen does not work. Can anyone tell me why and what could have caused this. They tell me I have to prove that the battery change caused this. Please, Please, someone help. Thank you


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    jiaminjiamin Member Posts: 556
    I am not sure that if the LCD brightness is adjusted to lowest, will you still be able to see some? I'd think the lowest brightness is not completely dark (black).
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    slexusslexus Member Posts: 3
    The screen is completely black. The fuses were checked twice and I tried to brighten the screen but it is still black. Everything works, radio, heat, a/c, cd player. It just won't display. Thank you
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    candytbarcandytbar Member Posts: 1
    We purchased a pre-owned 2003 Lexus RX300 (3) years ago and we are getting a "disc not found" GPS error on the LCD screen. We recently purchased a new battery and also wondered if this may effect the GPS? We had also had 3 separate previous occurrences of the GPS losing track of our position, which eventually reset itself. Any idea on a fix other than take it to the dealer? Your help would be very much appreciated!

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