can you fit 2 bicycles standing up in a 2007 Outlander?

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Is the cargo area in the 2007 Outlander big enough to fit 2 bicycles standing up side-by-side (with the front wheels off)? Something like this (photo of an Acura):

I am concerned that the rear seats that don't fold flat will take up too much floor space to make this feasible. Or can the rear seats be easily removed? Anyone have photos of their bicycles inside their Outlander? Thanks.


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    The rear 3rd row seats in the XLS folds flat, and the 2nd row tumbles forward. There should be enough room for two bikes then. See pics below.
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    When the 2nd row seats tumble forward, they take up a foot or more of floor space vs. a SUV where the seats fold flat into the floor. That floor space is important when you are trying to load longer items like bicycles (or 2x4s or carpets). What is the length of the floor from the tumbled seats to the back door? Thanks.
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    Don't have the length measurement, but overall usable cargo volume from the from back of the front seats is 72.6 cu. ft.
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    That floor space is important when you are trying to load longer items like bicycles (or 2x4s or carpets).

    That'd make the seats uncomfortable. I have no use for bikes and prefer comfy seats over that capability.
  • johnny98johnny98 Member Posts: 88
    Can anyone tell me the distance from the back of the folded seats to the rear door? Is there enough space to carry upright adult road bicycles (with the front wheel off)? Thanks.
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    I will be able to tell you sometime towards the end of the next week when I get my Outlander, if you could feet mountain bikes but not road bikes.
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    My skis are 153 cm long and they don't fit in straight. With fold-flat seats, that would not be an issue.
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    No you cannot fit a bicycle on the cargo area of an Outlander 2007. However the Outlander 2008 has addressed this problem by modifying the seating mechanism that make the First/second row fully-flat seating function. What I do not know is what edition/model: XLS, ES, or LS
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    This type of folded bike will go easily into the cargo area of a Outlander.
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