Nissan Sentra Extended Warranty Questions

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Just got myself a Sentra 2.0S. I'm very happy so far. It's the first new car I buy and I was presented with many options I'm not very familiar with. What do you guys think about getting an extended warranty. It would cost me an extra C$900 to add a 4th year to my warranty. Adding this would also give me the option to add a few more years (a 5th and 6th) later on at a very reasonable price. So, do you think a 4th year is worth C$900. Thank you.


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    Don't know if it's too late but warranty direct is a better coverage for less money and longer terms.
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    sounds expensive. I got the 5 year 75k mile warranty on my altima for $900, and that was the gold preffered plan.
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    Here are some prices I was quoted for a 08 sentra.
    "I only sell the gold preferred reason being I want my customers to not worry about what covered and what isn’t covered. I can sell the gold but there isn’t much of a difference in prices plus with the gold preferred package it features roadside assistance and rental benefits.
    72 mo. 100000 miles
    $50 deductible= 885
    $0 deductible= 1043
    84 mo. 100000 miles
    $50 deductible= $1049
    $0 deductible= $1288"

    I purchased online from Nissan of Keene. The Business Manager name is Tara Evans and her email is [email protected]
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    Is it gonna cost you $900 just for extra year??? I just purchased Sentra SL today and they offered me extended warranty to 7yr/70000 for $995, which I declined. I have one week if I change my mind but I not sure what I should do...any suggestion????
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    It sounds as if Nissan warranties change with the weather. I just bought an 05 with 17,000 mi. Two year warranty was $500. First offer from the dealer was $900. I guess it pays to be ready to walk. I have no idea how Nissan is about their service. I've been to the service desk once, and I dread the thought of going back. I just hate being treated rudely, especially after laying out thousands for a used car. I was a tech for Chrysler years ago, so I can handle the repairs, if need be. I'm sitting here stewing over being at the mercy of yet another dealer though.

    So anyway good luck to all, and let us know if those warranties are worth the bucks. I'll do the same.
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    I bought a 2008 Nissan Sentra in February and my youngest son told me never to get the extended warranty, but when that time came i forgot that! My other son told me that i can call and cancel it, is that possible? It added another 28.00 on to my car payment. That whole bit was confusing, as i bought this car by myself other than calls to and from my sons out of state. :)
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