Chevrolet Cavalier Speedometer Questions

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I've got a 04 Cavalier 2dr 5sp manual that has a speedometer that bounces slightly when driving down the road but seems to register the speed pretty correctly. Today when I first took off it would only register between 10-15 mph but after shutting the car off and restarting it went back to its bouncing thing but seemed to register pretty close to the correct speed. Is a there a plastic gear that might be going bad and can be replaced? The vehicle has about 41000 miles on it and runs out very good otherwise.


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    Know this is late response, but if you still have speedo bouncy needle problem, I would start with having someone oil the speedo cable with cable oiler that forces oil throughout the cable. I had friend who worked on motorcyles and those cables are notorious for getting dry and causing the speedo needle to shake. This might be a cheap fix.

    If oiling it doesn't fix it, then replace the speedo cable with a new one.

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    Sorry no cable, all electronic now.
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    I have a 2002 cavelier that has a major speedometer issue. It will stay at 60mph or above. Anyone have an idea what could be causing this? We have changed out the transmission sensor and this did not fix the issue.
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    I would say you need a new or rebuilt cluster.
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    I have a 04 2.2L 5-Speed Cavalier. I was wondering what is the cause of the Fuel,Temp, and Rpm needles get stuck or don't work.The car is under warranty. I would like to know before I i take it up there and they say something else is wrong with my car. Thank you.
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    need a new cluster. go to your dealer. i am assuming you have extended warranty being you have an 04 so you may have a small deductible.

    also could be..fuel level sensor, thermostat, speed sensors and a couple of other things, but being it;s all of them acting up i would say it's something to do with the cluster itself. but, i have not seen where one has been brought into my shop with all gauges acting up. usually the speedo is inop.

    the only way to truly know is if you bring it into the dealer. it's under warranty so why not bring it in?
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    my speedo is sticking above 60 then as i speed up it also does and they only way to reset it is to bump the starter and it will eventually reset i do not believe it needs a new cluster because there are no other problems with the cluster so i am setting out to find either a bad vaccum or defective cable because it acts like a vaccum pls post any finding you all have and i will do the same thanks in advance David
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    I had a my car battery die I replaced it when I drove it the speedometor gauge, fuel gauge,and tach wouldn't move, the mileometer was blank some the the instrument panel was illuminated the words on the instrument panel such as abs,oil pan would show service engine was lit up but that was all.
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    I had a 94 Cavalier sticking above 55 after it ran an hour or so, under warranty a new cluster was installed. The cluster is all electric.
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    2004 Cavalier Fuel and RPM problem, sometimes these gauges have the correct reading. Sometimes I start this car and fuel and RPM gauges are crazy, all the way over (extreme right). How can I fix this problem???
    Any help appreciated!!!
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    I had this same problem with my 2003 Cavalier. I removed the negative battery terminal because I had to mess with the horn switch behind the air bag and then when I went to re-connect it, all my gauges stopped working and a bunch of lights came one. I took it to the dealer and they said I needed a new instrument cluster. It was too expensive so I did not get it fixed yet. Any ideas how this happens and how to fix it without replacing the instrument cluster?
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    Try this, pull the cluster fuse for a few seconds.
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    What do you mean by pulling the cluster fuse? Can you tell me how to do it? Thanks.
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    I just tried it, didn't work.
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    Thanks for the reply I will try removing the fuse!
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  • chevytruckin77chevytruckin77 Member Posts: 3
    Got a 91 cavalier 2.2L auto trans. when you take off the speedo pegs right out and the odometer is spinning like your flying down the road, the guy i bought it from said the speedo worked fine till he put a new trans. in it? could it be the speed sensor?
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