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Grand Vitara (07 4x4): only light off-roading?

ultranetultranet Member Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Suzuki
A co-worker said that it could only do light off-roading, not like a jeep.
I tend to think that's not a true statement.

Yes, jeep wrangler has 11% more HP, but many of them don't have full-time 4x4. Plus, GV has limited-slip differential (apparently it only matters in AWD mode), which none of the wranglers have, other than saharas, which cost about $5.5K more.

I think GV is good for real off-roading. The only thing i noticed on mine is some pipes and bars on the bottom, which kind of reduce the amount of real clearance available for off-road, but i think it's still capable of hard-core off-roading.

What arguments pro and con do you have on this subject?

P.S. I don't need to mention that Jeep Liberty, for instance, doesn't have full-time 4x4 at all, AFAIK. And the models that do have 4x4 cost a lot more than GV does. So for me GV would still be the best choice, but i kinda wonder about its off-roading comparisons against some other models.



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