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Frozen Disc Rotors

xdtr22xdtr22 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Ford
Has anyone changed their brakes and had trouble getting the rotors off?

I am doing my front ones and can get them off for nothing.

3' prybar and a 10 pound sledge and won't budge!! Any tricks anyone else has used??!!


  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    You may get some tips in the Stop here! Let's talk about brakes discussion while waiting for responses in here. Usually a 3 pound sledge is plenty though!
  • jeepguy4jeepguy4 Posts: 1
    Common problem. I'm assuming your doing a 4X4. Just did my 00 4X4 rotors, after hours of beating it with a small and big sledge, air chisel on the back of the rotor and spraying with PB blaster it never budged. Rust was built up between the rotor center where it goes over the hub so bad it looked like a weld bead. I had to cut it. If you have a saws all get some 6" 24 TPI blades (I was on the third blade when I got it off). Make two cuts in the rotor in the vent channel about three inches apart, keep checking the depth of your cut from the back to make sure you don't cut your hub. Stop cut when you see it is just short of hitting the hub. Break the notch off and it will give you access to breaking the seal. I lucked out and had about a 1/4" of the rotor extending from the hub, hit with my air chisel and popped off. If you don't have air you should be able to hit from behind with a small sledge and chisel. Load your hub up anti seize if you plan on ever getting them off easy in the future. Good luck. Surprisingly it cut pretty easy with a couple blade changes.
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