2007 Yukon or 2008 Yukon Hybrid?

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I need to buy a 2007 Yukon soon, and I am not sure if it is worth the wait till Fall to buy the 2008 Yukon hybrid. Your input would be appreciated, specially from those who have technical information on GMCs hybrid Yukon.


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    Good things come to those who WAIT.

    Do the Planet a favor and WAIT. :D :shades:

    Here is some good info on the Yukon hybrid:

    Yukon Hybrid at GMC website

    At Edmunds Inside Line
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    If it lives up to the promise of 29 MPG on the highway it should send Lexus back to the drawing board. The Yukon is a much more capable SUV than the RX series. Hauls more people and stuff and can tow twice the weight.
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    Thanks for the links. From the Edmunds article: 'The Yukon Hybrid can operate exclusively under electric power at low speeds for extended periods of time.'

    If this is really true, does it mean that one can drive the vehicle after running out of gas? Any confirmation of this would really enforce my decision to wait.
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    Given that the 2007 Tahoe/Yukon real-world mileage seems to be well below its EPA rating, I'd wait until real-world numbers are available for the hybrid. It would not surprise the hybrid's real-world mileage also disappoints.
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    The 2008 model will reflect the new EPA tests which are FAR more accurate for ALL cars than the old test.

    My bet is that the hybrid gets within 2-3 MPG of the EPA rating.
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    The new EPA is closer on my GMC Hybrid PU. After 8900 miles it is averaging close to 16 MPG. Mostly short trips. 2008 EPA rating is 17 combined.
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