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Volkswagen Beetle Interior and Passenger Comfort Questions

trev_lucytrev_lucy Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Volkswagen
I am very confused because the outlets in the front of the car seem to have ran out of power. I really dont know why that happened and if anyone out there knows please help me! Thanx :)


  • sandfreesandfree Posts: 3
    After a long trip, all three auxilliary power outlets are no longer functioning. They went out one at a time. The fuses are not blown. What could the problem be and how do I repair it? :confuse:
  • We have that a lot on the Mercedes. The German cigar lighter socket is not friendly with other types of appliances. Either the fuse blows or the bi-metallic strips bend out and don't make good contact. What the hell kinda VW is a Bravada?
  • cworthincworthin Posts: 2
    Have experienced two back to back incidents of exploding glass on our 2000 TDI NB. 1st two weeks ago my wife driving on highway no one around, no bridges, hot day had just gotten in cranked AC/Fan on high, outside air vent closed; popping sound and sunroof exploded. Dealer said must have been external source. Now today while sitting inside house I heard a loud popping sound and went out to find that the rear window (full hatch size) had shattered. Clearly outward bulging direction, no hole or anything around to have caused from external source. 90+ degrees outside - full sunlight. Interior of car 160 degrees & outside temp on shattered glass read 140 degrees! (burned my fingers while moving broken pieces - measured temp with meat thermo).

    Someone metioned that they heard of a similar issue possible caused by a compound in the glass manufacturer's tinting? Has anyone else experienced this or have any info that could be helpful? My thoughts are that perhaps since the glass is a bit older and exposed to wide temp fluctuations (midwest below zero in winter & 90's-100's summer) that there could be some degredation which weekens the glass & when hot and pressure builds it lets go & shatters...?
  • rlthomasrlthomas Posts: 1
    I live in Charlotte, NC and in the evening (approx. 10 pm)after locking up car from returing home (all windows up) I realized I need to go back out about 5 minutes later and as I'm heading going out of the house I hear a "pop" sound (with no one else seemingly in the general area. And I discover that my back rear glass on my 1999 (old body)jetta is shattered. I did not notice any signs that it was caused by an outside source. The temperture was not very hot due to it being 10:00 pm and a very comfortable evening.
  • Our daughter has a 1999 New Beetle. Her A/C and Heat blower is not working. Any ideas. Also where is the blower or maybe compressor that works these two items located in the car? Thanks I am scared to death that her windows will fog up and she cannot clear them.
  • Hello, I am hoping someone out there might have a suggestion for a window fix that will last more than the one-week one that the vw dealership here keeps giving me.
    I have a 2001 New Beetle that was bought new and has just now started giving me a load of issues (only has 63000some miles)...
    To start from the beginning, last August as I was leaving work I put down my driver's side window only to hear a horrible crunching noise and not have the window go back up. I immediately took it to the dealership instead of going home that day and on the way decided to put down the passenger side window (which I very seldomly use) and had the same thing happen on that side. They ended up replacing the window regulator and said that was the only thing that broke and that it was just coincidence for it to happen to both windows at once. (It was still under warranty then)
    Fast forward a year (warranty is up) and I notice that both windows are starting to go back up very slowly (the driver's side, since I use it more often, going up much more slowly than the passenger). So I mention this when I take the vehicle in for routine service and they find "nothing" wrong with the windows. A month or so later the window goes down and struggles to go back up stopping half way and refusing to go any further. The car gets taken back to the dealership at which time they "lube the seals" and it goes up and down again (slowly).
    A few weeks later a friend borrows the car when I am out of town and the window goes down but wont go back up and he takes it in to be serviced at a different vw place and they also "lube the seals."
    Now while lubing the seals allows the window to go up and down it does not FIX the problem. And a month later I have to take the car back to have the window looked at again. At which time they AGAIN "lube the seals" and say that it's "fixed" even though it is still obviously going up very slowly. They then tell me that they think I need to pay 200$ (before labor) for new window seals.
    Rather angered I take the car home and with the assistance of my dad take the door apart to see if we can figure out where the window is struggling. There is nothing obviously catching on the window, and so we ripped out the current window seals to see if that would have an affect. Of course taking out the seals had no effect on the window function and it was still struggling to go up. So we put the seals back in and close things up (and of course in the process break the key to my trunk... oops).
    So fast forward again to today where I take the car in to have other maintenance preformed and have them look at the window again. I explain about taking the door apart and taking off the seals and it having no effect on window function. So you can imagine my anger when they informed me after preforming other maintenance that the only thing they think they could do for my window is "lube the seals" AGAIN. I explain that I will then see them in a week for them to "relube the seals" as it obviously isn't fixing the problem and it will break again that soon; and instead I have to turn around in the middle of the day (4 hours after leaving) to take it back when the window goes down and refuses to go back up.
    So the dealership is convinced the window seals are to blame and will not give me a guarantee that if I get them replaced and it doesn't solve the problem that they will refund me. And also they keep insisting that it is not a motor problem or a problem with the regulator since "lubing the seals" seems to "fix" it.
    So to wrap things up- when the seals are lubed it allows the window to go up and down for a short period of time (albeit still slowly), however removing the seals does not have an effect on the window function (it still goes up slowly and acts like it is dying towards the end). If it is not the window seals, what else could be the problem with my poor window? Could something have happened in the process of replacing the window regulator a year ago that would be causing this issue now?
    I am taking the car back in on Wednesday to take apart the door (for the millionth time) and show them what I am talking about since they don't seem to be able to see it and would like to have some other suggestions as to what could be going on with the window. Thanks for any help! I appreciate it!
  • I recently purchased a 99 Beetle with front damage. Can someone tell how to remove the passenger airbag? It looks like the dash needs to come our and there are a couple of screws behind the radio but I do not know how to get it out. I have also been told to stay away from aftermarket parts. Any thoughts on this? I can be reached at [email protected]
    Rick Wiley
    Rick's Auto
  • b33tl3boyb33tl3boy Posts: 3
    i have a 2001 beetle sport and my interior is falling apart does any one know where i can go to replace it??? please respond back
  • My daughters A/C blower is not working has anybody replaced repaired or worked on taking a blower out? One day it was working and the next it was not.
  • Were you able to get the blower working again? What was the problem?
    My daughter has a 1999 we bought new and it now has the same problem.
  • I read in another forum that VW has a "silent recall" on Beetles for interior parts replacement but have not confirmed with the dealer. I figure they will deny it as I do not give them any business except for the warranty work.
    What exactly is the problem with your vehicle's interior?
    We bought a new Beetle in 1999 and it smells like crayons and most of the interion plastic parts on the dash and door panels (beige and black) are deteriorated. They feel gummy and sticky and smear on anything that touches them. When this happens, It can only be cleaned up with acetone. The seats are leather and are OK.
    I have not found replacement parts on line. I suppose the dealer has parts but must be expensive as usual....
    Good luck.
  • My daughters blower stop working both in heating and cooling. I checked that fuses and did not find any of them blown. If anybody has any Ideas please let me know.

    Also her radio for some reason shows code 2 and does not work.
  • My daughter's 1999 had the same problem and it was a bad switch. Getting to it was not easy as the radio bracket and many dash parts had to be removed.
    The problem may also be the blower motor itself or the "fresh air blower series resistance" . Also, make sure fuse #25 is good and check for power at this same fuse with the ignition "on". You need a wiring diagram. If you don't have one I may be able to send you a copy. Let me know..
    Good luck!
  • If you can email me a copy of the wiring diagram that would be helpful. Can you jump around the switch or should I go to a junk yard and try to get one?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403
    What you want to do is click the Forums Preferences link near the top right of the page and set your email address to "public". That way registered forums users, and ONLY registered forums users can click on your username and find your email address. Please do not put your email addy in a post. Thanks!
  • I think I did it right my email settings
  • Yes you can pull the connector from the back of the switch an temporarily place a jumper wire between the black/blue wire and any of the other 4 wires, depending on what speed you want the fan to run.
    Unfortunately I cannot e-mail the diagram as I have no means of scanning the page. I can fax it to you if you have a toll free fax number (sorry I have no long distance service on the fax machine). Let me know..CP
  • I have two problems with my volkswagon and have no idea what to do...My 83 year old mother gave me her 2001 bug with only 18,000 miles, last July. She had it in Florida up until last year. I drove it back to New York. The problem is that the leatherette on both door panels is falling completely off (just hanging there) and the yellowish, spongy, glue type stuff is flaking all over the place....But, also now that I've started using the heater, foam like spongy material is also blowing all over the car (dashboard, seats, and me) Quite truthfully, Im also concerned about what I might be breathing in. Some of the particles that blow out of the vents are teeny tiny but there are also some the size of quarters. Can anyone hypothesize as to what is wrong and what I can do about it? I called VW and they said basically "To bad, nothing we'll do because your warranty is up!" The car was hardly used-Oh and now I even notice that the fabric on the ceiling of the car (where the inside handgrips are, above the door) is starting to come down tooo!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403
    My first guess is that the Florida heat/humidity broke down the adhesive. Gluing things back in place will be a little tricky but doable. The biggest thing would be making sure to clean out all the old adhesive. You might check with a body shop for some advice on how to proceed, right types of adhesives, etc.

    They should be able to give you some idea of what you're facing.
  • Bought this car, no problems thus far-and it is really a great car to drive. However, the gas gauge isn't reading correctly. When the tank is full-the gauge reads 1/4 full. The thing is that when it reaches empty-it shuts the pump down "as if" i have no gas (though there is in reality more than half a tank)

    any ideas? It might be the float-I don't know...
  • drosenedrosene Posts: 7
    I know I will be flamed for this but am I the only one that cannot remember a car (foreign or US) without an accessory position for the Ignition switch?

    While the original Beetle was faulted for an ignition switch that controlled only the engine and none of the accessories the new Beetle goes to the other extreme by making it impossible to even listen to the radio while parked. Unless of course you want the engine running!

    I rented a New Beetle while my Mazda 3 is in the body shop in part because my daughter who is about to start driving would like to have one. We both quickly concluded that this is not the car for her. I have to honestly say that I was shocked at the incredibly poor handling and ride of this car. It reminds me of driving a late sixties - early seventies vintage American car, pretty good acceleration in a straight line but watch out when it comes to making a turn or heaven forbid an emergency maneuver!

    It may be cute to look at but if you want a Volkswagen to drive, for yourself or your child, look at a Jetta or Rabbit.
  • drosenedrosene Posts: 7
    Ok, as you owners already knew (I Hope!) there is a way to play the radio with the engine off. If you turn the radio off after switching off the ignition and then turn it back on again the radio will turn on. This works even after the key is removed from the ignition switch. The same seems true for the electric windows. Apparently there is a timer that limits how long after switching off the ignition, accessories can be used although I don't know if the radio will eventually shut itself off if left on accidentally. I didn't find any information on this in the owners manual. Personally, I prefer to know that everything is off when I remove the key.

    I stand by my remarks regarding ride and handling.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Actually, in the beetle and all the other vws with a stock radio, the radio doesn't need a key to play. Just get in the car and depending on your model's stereo, press to turn it on and boom, you have sound. No key needed.

    Now for th rest of the electronics, iirc, the rest of things just lose power after a door is opened.
  • I purchased a 2000 glx beetle with the 1.8 turbo and the electronic power control light has come on and how do i fix this problem..
  • Ma'am: I have had issues with all four windows. This is an endemic problem with the Beetle, well recognized, if little acknowledged, by the dealers. Initial warranty and extended warranty have covered the window problems, however the visits to the dealer inducted me into the service regime, where they initiated several problems costing me THOUSANDS.
  • hi just wondering if anyone would know what this problem is i have got a 2004 beetle cab when i bought it the drivers door glass was smashed i replaced the door glas but the problem i have now is when i shut drivers door the window is not dropping a little as should im just not sure when relacing window you have to replace any sensors thanks
  • The convertibles' windows should drop a little bit when you open the door and then when you shut the door the window will go back up. I had this as an intermittent problem with my 08 Beetle convertible (drivers door). Mine was traced to a faulty switch that sensed the door was open. The dealer replaced the sensor and all has been fine since. As mine was under warranty, there was no charge.

    Bel Air Car Guy
  • hi i have a 2004 beetle cabriolet and my friend has all parts off a 2008 i was just wondering would the front and rear bumpers and lights fit on my 2004 cheers
  • thank you
  • krojaskrojas Posts: 11
    Can anyone tell me where the air condtioning relay for my 05 Volkswagon Beetle?
  • crayola crayons or rose art crayons?
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