Love the Outlander? Let it be known ...

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Let it be known you want and like the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander. Cast your vote for the new Outlander in "Consumers Most Wanted".

The Outlander is listed under "SUVs for under 25k$".

And while you're at it, please don't forget to vote the Outlander as the Most Significant vehicle of the year, well, if you believe so. I do, and I did vote for the Outlander.


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    Cast your vote ...

    And feel free to come back here and discuss it. :)

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    Dont think that the car buying public will be swayed one way or the other. For all the love bmw3series and accord get, camry still trumps them all on the sales front.
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    It doesn't really mean we will sway the buying public. It's just sort of getting your voice heard. If we, the Outies fan, won't vote for this CUV, who else would? Mitsu will never overtake Honda or Toyota in sales here in the US for long long time. It's just the "better" sales figure would be enough for them. Modest company with modest projected sales.
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