Can 2 upright bicycles fit inside a Mazda CX-9?

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I'm in the market for a new SUV and the CX-9 has been getting good reviews. Is anyone carrying 2 full-sized adult bicycles inside without piling the bikes on top of each other? How do they fit?

I'd like to use a rack like this: - 35.htm
It holds the bikes upright with the front wheel off. This rack requires a cargo area about 3 feet tall and 5 feet long. Is the Mazda's cargo area (with all the seats folded down) big enough for this? Thanks.


  • cjazoomcjazoom Member Posts: 9
    Well, I had a small measuring tape and I did my best to measure it. It is 77" long and 36" tall at the tallest point. Near the back hatch door it is about 1" shorter then it goes up a bit and then the roof goes down a bit near the sunroof. Hope this helps.
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    Tried it out with my wife's bike. hers fit OK but I would have to remove my seatpost. I bought a hitch rack">
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    Thanks for the reports. Looks like a Toyota RAV4 or Mitsubishi Outlander, with their low floor designs, will have more usable cargo space than the CX-9 (at least for tall items like bicycles).
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