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Porsche 911 Turbo Maintenance

nathanenathane Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Porsche
I'm contemplating buying a 2001+ Porsche 911 Turbo but I need to get some idea of what the likely maintenance costs will be. How much are brake pads and rotors? How much will a new clutch set me back? Are there any things that typically go wrong with these cars? Should I really buy the extended warranty? Even 0-60 in under 4 seconds isn't worth a divorce! Thanks for any helpful insights.



  • bayareafx45bayareafx45 Member Posts: 19
    Looking to purchase a new Porsche Turbo. I can't help but wonder if the quality is of high standards? When spending $140,000.00 plus or minus, I would like to know that the Porsche is ranks up there with Lexus. CD did not give a lot of "red dot" for some of the Porsches which is a concern. I own a LX470 and have had wonderful service and quality control.

    Not looking for Lexus service from Porsche but would like to know if anyone who owns previous Turbo's have had any problems or not happy with the quality for the money spent?

    Should I wait and buy the new Lexus LFA sports car??? :confuse:
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    Porsche displaced Lexus as #1 in JD Powers IQS surveys over the past 2 years. That said, Lexus deserves credit for having generally great product quality and customer service. Unfortunately, the only Lexus we have considered recently, the GX470 in 2005, had significant drivetrain vibration issues that Lexus was painfully slow in addressing. Not sure if it's fixed even now.

    I have 14,400 miles on a 2005 911S Cabriolet and haven't had any issues. My sense is that the vehicle is much better built, both mechanically and in fit and finish, then our 2 Acuras (TL & MDX). A friend of mine turned in his 2001 Turbo off of lease to buy a 911S Coupe last year and has had 0 problems with either. I did have a slight issue when it came to replacing my rear tires at 12,500 miles. The OEM Pirelli's were out of stock nationwide. I called Porsche customer service to register a complaint. As I was about to buy Michelin's, the representative got back to me and "found" two Pirelli tires in Porsche's private stock and asked what dealership I wanted them shipped to. The price was less than the discounted Tire Rack price. Obviously, Porsche wants to keep/continue thier positive reputation.

    As far as buying a Porsche over a Lexus "sports car", I can't help but laugh a little at that one. Lexus may be near the pinnacle of customer service and quality, but they have never built anything more exciting to drive than a souped up Buick. Whether you compare their IS350 model to a BMW 335i, their GS model to a 5 series, or their SC430 to anything at or above a $30k Honda S2000, it is abundantly clear that Lexus is very weak in terms of handling, braking, steering and overall driving dynamics. Not to mention, they force feed their buyers automatic slushbox transmissions on everything except their bottom of the line IS250.

    So, if you are considering waiting for the LFA so-called "sports" car, you are putting a boatload more of faith than I would in Lexus' ability to compete with Ferrari / Porsche for the serious sports car buyer when they aren't even competing with a 3 or 5 series for the everyday enthusiast. Personally, I'd put my faith in Porsche's commitment to customer service - and give you 10 to 1 odds that the LFA will simply be an overwieght Mercedes/AMG SL alternative for those that are more concerned about ventilated, butt massaging seats, active cruise control and automatic parallel parking instead of real driving dynamics. I'd expect the LFA to have gobs of horsepower and torque, just like the SL65, but that will be done to pacify their number crunching poseur buyer, rather than excite a serious enthusiast who actually knows how to drive a 911 or 430 in something other than a straight line between stoplights. Just a guess, but I'm still giving 10 to 1 odds.
  • bayareafx45bayareafx45 Member Posts: 19
    Thank for the info. I totally agree with your assessment of Lexus "sports cars". I have a LX470 and the main complaint I have (and have voiced to Lexus) is lack of power. Mind you it isn't horrible but still when compared to a BMW X5 4.6, it is just not there.

    Outside of this, my LX is super on quality built and service. My friend also has a 996 Carrera and has had no problems. His opinion is equal to yours about Porsche being a true sports car in all sense.

    I am also impressed how Porsche took good care of you when you needed to replace your tires. That is great customer service. You've sealed it for me...between my friend and your posting I think Porsche is the way to go. Thanks
  • roadrunner12roadrunner12 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Turbo cab with 15,000 miles on it. A beautifully designed car, but you need to know there is a little secret with the current series turbo engine. It can be noisy. Not loud, more like a 1972 London diesel taxi noisy. Or strangely reminiscent of a 1930 Model 'A'.

    This is attributed to an intermediate shaft tension device from what I have been told. Not the turbos, and it is "perfectly normal". So, my advice is to listen very carefully to the noise of the potential purchase, after it has really warmed up, and judge for yourself. Some turbo's have it, some don't. Luck of the draw, with a hand-built engine. One craftsman per engine.

    Even with this interesting quirk, lets call it, I am lucky to have this once in a lifetime masterpiece. If the noise bothers you, drop back into a sweet Carrera S and you will not likely have any problems at all.
  • bayareafx45bayareafx45 Member Posts: 19
    Thanks, Roadrunner12 ! All the info. I can get before I buy is greatly appreciated.

    Not sure if I would like to hear that much noise....owned a Merc. 300D in the past and the clanking slightly drove me nuts. I don't need Lexus quiet but would like hearing a nice exhaust rumble from the Porsche.

    I'll keep what you said in mind before I buy and yes, you are lucky to have this once in a lifetime masterpiece! I hope I'm just as lucky soon !
  • porschetech911porschetech911 Member Posts: 9
    Just to add my "two cents" I would swear by these cars. I'm in training to be a mechanic for Porsche so my opinion is kind of worthless to you, but based on what I know and have seen, you are getting the best of the best. And yes I am hugely biased ;)

    The Turbo should last you a very long time as long as you take good care of it, and no matter how long or far you drive it, ALWAYS change the oil every 3000 miles or 3 months. Even if you haven't driven it in 3 months. Your car will appreciate it. Good luck with it, I hope you love it!
  • sandeep5sandeep5 Member Posts: 15
    I thought the recommended oil changes were 10-12k. Every 3k sounds like fairly expensive and inconvenient.
  • porschetech911porschetech911 Member Posts: 9
    I hope you change your oil more often than that. SOMETIMES you can go that long in a diesel like those provided by Volkswagen and Audi, but even in large American deisel trucks you should ALWAYS change your oil between 3 and 5 thousand miles. It only should cost around 30 to 40 dollars to do. So expense isn't an excuse to not have it done. And with an investment in a vehicle such as any modern Porsche, especially a 997 Turbo, I don't think you would want to chance ruining that kind of vehicle. A shame indeed.
  • bayareafx45bayareafx45 Member Posts: 19
    Thank for the info. porschetech911. One of my buddy's has just order his and it should be delivered sometime this coming August. I'm going to wait and see how he like it and what options to order and what not to order.

    As to oil changes...I change all my vehicles with synthetic oil every 5k. I find this to be a good balance and so far so good. And since a 997 turbo will cost me around 145k plus, an oil change cost is the least of my worries.

  • nightlysamnightlysam Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2008 911 Turbo and have a problem. When I really push it, particularly from low to high speeds quickly I get a 2 second lag before it accelerates. Of course when it finally does kick in I get all 480 horses at once, making it quite a challenge to handle. My previous car was an E55 and I loved it. It was never at a loss for power. I read in Car & Driver this lag was some sort of software issue. The dealer says it is the normal turbo lag but 911's are famous for not having turbo lag.

    Does anyone have a solution?
  • porschetech911porschetech911 Member Posts: 9
    Your very welcome bayarefx45. 5k miles with synthetic in perfectly fine because the oil does not break down like normal conventional oil. When people say that it means that as the oil molecules are smashed between metal peices they become flattened overtime. With synthetic oil it does not do that, and therefor provides better protection longer.

    The reason your vehicle lags actually has to do with several factors. I agree that Porsche over the years has done a great job with turbo lag, and you are correct about the software. The amount of lag is determined by how much force the turbos' create. The software accounts for this as the vehicle accelerates, but as Porsche developes new technology, those turbos' grow larger in size and the software can do only so much to correct it.

    So they do have a bit of lag and thats perfectly normal. If you like, TechArt and some other companies may offer to re- map or re- program you electonic control unit (ECU) so that it performs better. It will upgrade your top speed, shift points, turbo response, engine respone, improve gas mileage, and so on depending on what your looking for.
  • porschetech911porschetech911 Member Posts: 9
    I'd like to add that I am in awe of you fine folks who can afford to buy these vehicles. It has been a dream of mine to own a 911 since I was three years old, and alas I will probably never be able to. I am truely envious of each and everyone of you. I look forward to servicing your cars and I hope you'll stop in and say hi sometime when you take your car into the shop :) thank you for giving me a small hint of these amazing cars!
  • bayareafx45bayareafx45 Member Posts: 19
    I, as you, have dreamed of owning a 911 since I was a kid. Maybe, not as young as three years old ! That is impressive ! As to never be able to own one of these beautiful automobiles....the rule is......Never say Never !

    You seem to be a smart and intelligent man and you really know these 911's. This will pay off one of these days and maybe I will be in awe of you at the Porsche Club meets ! :shades:

    Keep posting and thanks for you tech. knowledge info. !
  • porschetech911porschetech911 Member Posts: 9
    Thank you! I'll be sure to never say never again! Haha, I'll be around anytime to answer any questions you all may have, feel free to e-mail me anytime! And again, thank you so much for the kind words!

  • uwe1uwe1 Member Posts: 1
    Hello, I wanted to know if anybody has a good recommendation
  • porschetech911porschetech911 Member Posts: 9
    Valvoline or Mobil 1. Best way to find out whats good is look at the race teams of your manufactures car. They sponsor what they use. Use the recomended weight from your manual. Valvoline is my favorite, its U.S. mechanics favorite as said on the box! :)
  • 07997turbo07997turbo Member Posts: 31
    I have an 07 997 turbo and I dont have that lag... Did they upgrade the VTG turbines in 08' to the larger volume units as they did in the RS version that pushes 540 BHP? I agree that remapping the chip might take care of some of the problem but it should really be up to porsche to do a recall/software update as they did with my car if that is in fact the issue.
  • 07997turbo07997turbo Member Posts: 31

    Not the RS version... the GT version.
  • porschetech911porschetech911 Member Posts: 9
    As far as I'm aware, they only modified the engine slightly in the new 997 models. I don't believe they changed anything with the turbo's which could be why you see some lag, but like most drivers, it depends on your habits when you shift and accelerate that will give you lag. Air quality, altitude, temperature, all these things and more make a big difference when you are squeezing that much power out of a small six cylinder engine.
  • occarfanoccarfan Member Posts: 23
    Hello porschetech911. You're just the guy I'm looking for. I need advice. I own '02 Carrera with 17,000 miles. I only use the car once per week (<2000 per year). I have only changed the oil once 2 yrs ago. Of course the dealer recommend I change oil, transmission fluids, brake fluids, etc. every year regardless of miles.
    My goal is to drive this car once a week until I can't drive anymore and maintain it in perfect condition. That being said, do I need all this done? What do you recommend since I plan to keep my car 30 more years? Any advice would be appreciated.
    I too love cars and have dreamed of owning a Porsche since age 10. Dreams do come true. Just keep working hard and never let go of your goals and dreams
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    That being said, do I need all this done? What do you recommend since I plan to keep my car 30 more years? Any advice would be appreciated. I too love cars and have dreamed of owning a Porsche since age 10. Dreams do come true. Just keep working hard and never let go of your goals and dreams

    I would suggest even a toyota car needs at least oil change and I would suggest every six month max.

    ! of my uncle bought a land cruiser some time ago for some personal reason he did not drive his car for like 6 months.

    The dealer told him to change the oil FIRST without even starting the car.

    So by his experience I say 6month max.

    Is it a problem to change the oil for you?

    ANOTHER 30 years!!!!! are you serious :surprise: :surprise: :surprise:

    Did you buy the car as new or old.
    btw what car is your daily drive?

  • occarfanoccarfan Member Posts: 23
    It's not a problem to change oil. But it seems like a waste of money to change synthetic oil after only 1000 miles. I don't leave the car for 6 months without driving. I drive it once per week. Even then the battery lasted 5 years. I keep my cars immaculate. Driving this car once per week feel like I drive a new car every week.
    I will have this car 30 years. I estimate it will have only 70K miles by then and a collectible which I never intend to sell anyways.

    I'm still very interested to see what porschetech911 recommends. Or anyone else's advice. Oil change I understand, but brake and transmission fluid? How often do most people change that? I know I don't change it once per year on any of my previous cars and they have never had problems.

    I bought the Carrera new before I got married. I knew it would be hard to buy such an expensive toy after marriage. Which I'm glad I did b/c my wife hates small sports cars. She's only been in the Porsche a few time. Plus she will never drive it b/c she can't drive manual.

    I also have 02 Mercedes S430 and 07 Mecedes GL450. I consider these both my wife's car as I don't really like large cars and she does. So I drive what she doesn't. I'm just saving money for my next car. Either 2011 Mercedes E63 AMG or BMW M5. Very anxious to see what they will look like. So she'll have her 2 cars and I'll have my 2. Guess the oldest car has to be parked outside then (hers).
  • vwguild1vwguild1 Member Posts: 98
    One is always better off following the Mfgs. Maintenance schedule...
  • chaozzchaozz Member Posts: 6
    I used to be a mechanic for 20+ years .. I would say change the oil every year.
    as with the brake fluid, Your brake fluid attracts moisture from sitting which
    can rot the brake lines.
    I don't know what fluid the Porsche takes as I don't have one "Yet" few more months
    but if its something like 90W every few years is fine just make sure to check the level.
  • occarfanoccarfan Member Posts: 23
    Thanks for the advice chaozz. Porsche recommends changing brake fluid every 2yrs and oil at least every 2 yrs (if driven <9000 miles per year).
    I decided to change oil every yr and brake fluid every 2yrs, as recommended.
    The brake fluid they used was Castrol. I don't know if it was 90W.
    Glad to have you join the Porsche Club. It's my favorite car.
    Thanks again for the advice.
  • chaozzchaozz Member Posts: 6
    there is different types of brake fluid make sure to see what the books says

    Dot 3
    Dot 4
    Dot 5
    and synthetic

    Plan to get a 2003+ Turbo Convertible
    or same car C4s no turbo.
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