Last year the Aurora was produced?

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Where were they produced, Lansing, MI?

Do they come with an 8 cylinder only?

What is actual highway and city mpg?

Where is a good source to get a price on an Aurora without having a dealer calling me?


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    I have an '03 Aurora. Not sure where it was built. All the '03s were 4.0 (Northstar V8), 270 HP. I routinely get 25 to 28 mpg highway; 18 to 20 mpg city. To get approximate prices, you can use Edmunds used car calculator; it's very easy to follow the prompts.

    I've owned the car since February 28, 2003; car was "one day old" on dealer's lot when I purchased it. I just had the 36,000 mile service; had to replace the battery, as it was going bad. Mechanically the car has been outstanding; have had a couple of other issues--sunroof rattle repaired twice; blown BOSE rear deck speaker delivered defective from factory.

    I had the car detailed last week while it was at the dealer, and the car looks almost brand new. I enjoy driving the car. Good luck in your search.
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    Place of manufacture should be listed on the so-called 'calibration plate' or whatever the tag on the door frame is called.

    Lansing, Mich was Olds town for years. My guess is it was assembled there.

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    Aleros were last produced in Lansing along with Grand Ams.

    All Auroras were assembled at the Lake Orion plant in Michigan.

    From 1995-99 model years, Auroras came with 250hp 4.0l Aurora V8s only. For 2001-02, there were two trims available:
    Aurora 3.5 - 215hp 3.5l Shortstar V6
    Aurora 4.0 - 250hp 4.0l Aurora V8
    Since the 3.5l was only shared with the Intrigue, it ceased being available after 2002. 2003 was the last year for the Aurora, all of which were 4.0 V8s.

    EPA mileage for the V8s is about 17/25 if I recall correctly. Real-world mileage based on my experiences with my Aurora (a 1996) is between 16-20 in town and 20-24 over distances, which is pretty close to the EPA ratings.

    Good price? Depending on whether you want a Classic ('95-'99) or 2nd generation ('01-03). Prices range from $2,000-$18,000 depending on year and mileage and condition. A good Classic Aurora will run $5-9k while a good 2nd gen will be anywhere above that. Final 500 Editions - literally the last 500 Auroras produced painted in special Dark Cherry Metallic with commemorative badging, etc - will be a bit higher.

    I'd check eBay or online classifieds.
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