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Ford Ranger Towing Questions

whaler63whaler63 Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Ford
I currently own a 2003 Ford Ranger, 4x4, king(crew?)cab...rear seats in the back...what is the maximum I can tow with this vehicle? If I'm reading the manual correctly, it's approximately 4700#'s (or was it 5700?) I think I can tow something that heavy behind my, I have another it possible to combine the towing values? One thing I'd like to do is pick up one of those light, pop up, folding truck campers, (about 1200#s) and pull my boat behind it...about I'd still be under my capacity by about 1500#s...would this setup work with this truck...I'd like to take the boat with me camping and didn't want to upgrade my truck...wife says it's not in the budget...go figure!

Thanks again for your help...



  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    I am not familiar with the option packages/standard equipment on the 2003s. I have an '01 with the 4 litre OHC engine and towing package. If yours is equipped the same way, you should have no problem doing what you describe. By all means, keep the wife happy and put that Ranger to work. It will handle it!
  • buster15buster15 Posts: 38
  • buster15buster15 Posts: 38
    Hey all:

    Went to use my utility trailer this a.m. No power on the yellow wire (left signal).
    I disconnected the harness at the plug (two feet) from trailer plug and no power there either.
    All lights (l/r signals, running and 4 ways) work on the truck.
    No inline fuses?
    Any suggestions?
  • buster15buster15 Posts: 38
    Do I understand you:
    Truck towing a tent trailer towing a boat? If this is correct I hope you are joking and not serious.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    I thought he meant a camper attached to the bed of the truck and then pulling a boat behind the truck. If he is talking about pulling two separate things, I certainly retract my advice to do it!
  • whaler63whaler63 Posts: 2
    Being from NJ...I wouldn't be able to get out of my neighborhood with two trailers in tow! Just to make myself clear...I'm talking about a slide in, popup truck camper, the kind that sits between the wheel well of the truck...the ones I've seen are about 1200#'s...then, attach my boat to the trailer hitch and off I go...

    I'm still looking...from what I've gathered, there are not a lot of them used on the market...the price for a new one is about $7-8K...not too bad, but then I'll need a place to store it! :blush:
  • Did anybody know what kind of transmission oil cooler I should install for my 2007 ranger 4 cyl.2.3liters A/T ? I use to pull 10-15 times a year a bout which weight 2200-2500 pounds?
    Best Regards
  • I'm sure glad I live in the western half of the country as we can pull two trailers out here if we have the right license and the GVW of the towing rig is sufficent. Bullit7
  • I just bought a 1995 ford ranger that has a 5 speed manual and a 3 leter v-6 in it, unforchantly it did not have the owners manula in it any more. I would aperacte it if some one could tell me how much this thing can pull down the road.
  • I am planning a cross-country move and will be towing my 1993 manual-transmission Ford Ranger behind the moving truck. Do i need to disconnect the driveshaft ?? If so, is this something the average person can do themselves?? I am fairly competent with basic auto repairs but don't want to venture into the unknown..

    Thanks in advance for your replies :)
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