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Have 2004 XC90 with 30K miles. Noticed the driver side leather seat starting to crack. Bought it brand new and have taken good care of it. Took it back to the dealership because I thought it was not normal wear and tear and wanted warranty to cover it. Service manager told me that it was not unusual at all and that it happens regularly and the vast majority of other volvos that are 3 years old will have cracking leather seats. He claims it IS normal wear and tear. Has anyone else had this problem?


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    Glad to hear someone else encountered this. We have an S80, just ordered an XC90 Sport, and after a coupel of years the driver seat cracked, etc. It looks terrible and even the console leather is now flaking off but now we have had the car since 2001 so I doubt the dealer will do anything but they told us the same thing when we confronted them after a couple or three years when we first noticed it.
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    FYI--dealer told me that cracking was due to the high quality of the leather--its more delicate...I know others with BMWs and Mercedes whose leather hasn't cracked after 5 years and I doubt they use low quality leather. Dealer relented and will replace the leather on the driver's side as a "one-time courtesy". Now I wonder if I should get it replaced and then trade it in considering the leather may very well crack again in 2.5 years.
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    My 3rd row headrest was torn upon delivery of my new XC90. The salesman pointed it out to me and they will replace it under warranty.
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    Noticed 1 small tear in the seam of the driver side chair, two days later 3 small tears. My XC90 is a 2006 so I took it back to the dealer who stated I must have made punctured them with my belt???????? After I explained that could not have happened, he stated that the seats were only covered up to 12k. After an intense debate, the service tech, while never admitting to material defect agreed to replace the seat cover but continued to maintain that he believed it was my fault.
  • gugalgugal Member Posts: 6 service manager also wouldn't admit to material defect but insisted it was essentially my fault--normal wear and tear due to how often I get in and out of the driver's seat. That's very strange because I don't drive it very often--it's a 2004 with barely 30,000 miles on it. I expected more from Volvo.
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    I have an 2002 S60 and the leather does not have much wear on it. There are different seats on the XC90. I am not sure if it is real leather on the XC90. It might be artificial but I am not sure.
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    2006 XC90 16K miles - Noticed while cleaning the car that the drivers seat is cracking all over the place and I see white below the leather. This is a commuter car - its been babied. Not sure if I should approach the dealer i bought from or call volvous.
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    Definitely approach the dealer. I got mine to replace the driver seat with 30K miles on a 2004. They still refused to admit defect and actually noted it as a "one time courtesy" on the service sheet. However, its only been a few months since they replaced it and now I'm noticing the cracking on white spots showing through the worn leather on the passenger seat as well as the armrest. Who can they blame for that? I rarely have anyone in the passenger seat as I drive it mainly to work which is 5 miles away. I am furious. They are not replacing those because of the one time courtesy caveat. Their advice was to buy leather conditioner and/or seat covers to prevent this from happening again. Seat covers??? Why don't I just save a couple grand and get cloth seats and cover those up! I will not buy Volvo again.
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    I have a 2004 XC90 (not a T6). The driver side 3rd row seat refuses to fold down. The seat cushion slides in easily but the seat back refuses to budge. I don't have this problem on the passenger side third row though.

    Anyone have this problem. Is there a stuck latch that I can access to fix this?
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    I also have a 2004 XC90 with the same issue... did you get your issue solved?
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    Did you ever get an answer to this? I've got a 2004 XC90 (not a T6) and have a similar problem. The headrest on the third row driver's side seat won't fold in when the seat is folding down. I've tried to find a latch to release it, but have had no luck. Please let me know if you've discovered anything. Thanks.
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    I had the same problem, and I was able to get it down. There is a latch that gets tripped when the seat cushion slides in, and then the back folds down easily...but for some reason, a piece has broken off or worn down too much such that the latch is not contacted anymore. The problem won't necessarily go away without service at the dealership, but the temporary solution to get the seat back to go down is to open the trunk compartment (where the jack is) and lift that whole cover off (by removing the strap connectors). Then you have to reach under where the sides of the seat cushion travel along the track, and notice the little latch mechanism. Pull it towards you with your finger, while pushing the seat back down with the other hand, and you will be successful. It's very easy, just did it last night actually. Once you look around down there you'll see the latch mechanism that you need to pull, and it will all make sense.
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    I just purchased a 05 xc90 v8 It came with the valet key, tv dvd in the headrests and nav system.... But I need the dvd remote in order 2 use it so if anybody knows where i can find one for a good price the cheapest i have found is $100.00... I also need the nav cd or dvd .. I need help finding that also with the remote for the nav...And if i can get any tips on how 2 maintain this vehicle.. And reviews from current owners
    Any links for these items Please post them..
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    For maintenance questions you may want to try Volvo XC 90 Maintenance and Repair.

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    I have an 04 XC 90 and I just used the third row for the second time. My driver side third row headrest will not go down either. The seat folds but not the headrest, preventing me from being able to move my second row seat back. Where you able to find a solution? Thank you!
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    My 3rd row driver side seat has similar problem.
    Seat folds but headrest does not thus limiting folding capability.
    Has anyone found a solution ???
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    I do have a 2004 xc 90 volvo and the 3th row seat wan`t folder , i would like to know how dos it work . Thaks
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    After folding fwd the 2nd row driver seat for access to rear seats, the seat has become stuck. I cannot fold it back or move it on it track in any way. I suspect something has become stuck in the track.

    Anyone know of how to remove the seat so I can clean the track ?
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    do you know what part you need, because i know i can do the repair myself i just dont know the part
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