Should I buy a used Buick Terraza?

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I have an opportunity to buy a 2006 Terraza CXL w/3.9 for a liitle under Edmunds trade-in value. It has 15,000 miles, as my in-laws drove it from Montana to Texas and back, with a stop once in Oregon. He is meticulous about care and maintenance.

I like minivans, and have owned Dodge, Chrysler and Toyota (Sienna) models in the past. (Sadly had to sell the Toy to buy a house). I've never owned a Buick, though, and am nervous about some of the things I've read about the Terraza here. I'm not rich, so a purchase like this is a big deal. How do you think these will hold up over time? Will they depreciate more rapidly than other makes?

I'd really like to hear any and all advice... :)


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    I own an '06 Terraza with 8k miles. We really like the 3.9 over the 3.5. This is not a flex fuel engine as is the '07 3.9. It gets 21-22 mpg hwy on the interstate and 25-26 on a 55 mph highway. This is a VERY nice vehicle to travel in, especially with kids. We have two. The DVD player comes in handy on long trips. Wireless headphones are very nice.

    We have had one unscheduled visit to the dealer to get the computer updated. The temp gauge went to zero and the computer told the cooling fans to go on because it didn't know what the engine temp was. An hour at the dealer we were on our way. The service department did a great job of getting us in and out fast. The update worked well and the van is fine.

    We enjoy it and have not other problems. Every other comment I have is positive.
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    You should go for the terraza. Buick vehicles are very good and the terraza, although it wouldn't be my first choice of minivan, is a good choice. The 3.9 liter is much better than the 3.5. The Quiet Tuning process really helps with the noise and the power sliding doors are a very helpful feature. You don't need to worry to much about depreciation because it has the longest warranty of all minivans. If you make small upkeeps, it should last you a long time.
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    Vince, I own an 06' Terraza with 42K that I purchased used with about 20K. It was a GM program car and my wife and I have put over 20K miles on it over the last 18 months. I purchased it used for 17K and have had no problems with it. It's a great van at a fantastic price and I'll be honest I didn't want to get hosed on an import that has fewer options than this one. The DVD entertainment system was an instant home run with the kids. I couldn't find any other used minivan with the options that this one had for the money. I did consider others, but they were in the 22-25K range, more than what I wanted to pay. Buicks are very reliable and this was important to me when I purchased. Like most cars, Buick takes a beating on the resale value, this is a key advantage for some who is price conscious but wants a reliable and quality vehicle. You'll see anywhere from 18-19 MPG in the city, and 21-22mpg on the highway at moderate speeds(65-70). I'd advise you to move forward if the price is right!
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    The 3.9 is a fantastic engine really but that is not the problem with these is everything else! The brake rotors warp and require replacement every 30K miles, the stability system does not work properly, the fuel pumps are unreliable, the GM OEM tires from Goodyear are useless on a high torque van like this, many still have problems with the headlights going dim and bright constantly.....just too many issues on this van. We will definitely NOT renew this when it goes off lease.
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    I had an '05 and turned it in for an Enclave, only because the lease was just about due. It had 35,400 miles on it. Any repair that it had was coverd under warranty. The "flickering" lights was resolved the first time I brought it in for service (the alternator was replaced). The muffler was found to be defective after about 12,000 miles and it was replaced at no cost. (GM sent me a letter for a free oil change and new filter for being inconvienced). As i have stated on this site before, just be sure you get an extended warranty...FROM GM ONLY! Please, don't buy one of these so-called warranty coverages that you get in the mail, or someone is hawking to you. Go to your GM (preferably Buick) dealer and get one there.
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