Pontiac Grand Am Clunks and Noises

debtdebt Member Posts: 10
My 1999 Grand Am front end roars when driving down the road regardless of what speed. Does anyone else have this problem and what can I do to fix it?


  • steve139steve139 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem on my 200 Grand Am. 2 opinions were that it is the front wheel bearings. Midas wanted $700 for the repair; $475 for parts. I researched the parts and found for around $200, and seems to be an easy do-it-yourself fix.
  • steve139steve139 Member Posts: 2
    I need to replace the bearings on my 2000 Grand Am. Seems very straightforward. Any tips?
  • icemanoe3icemanoe3 Member Posts: 1
    Help... my car is ticking and i dont really understand the cause. it started a couple weeks ago so i changed the oil 10w-30. it quit ticking for about 100 miles then it started again.
    now here is what i dont understand. the car does not start ticking right away, it warms up first then it slowly fades in until its very loud. i know it is coming from the rear of the motor. so i removed the rear valve cover. i checked all the roller rockers to be sure that they were all tight. i did notice that there is a little play from side to side on a few of the rocker arms. from front to back there is zero play. push rods also feel tight. so could this tick be caused by the slight side to side play in the rocker arms or is that unlikely?
    other than this noise the motor runs perfectly fine. but this ticking seems to get overwhelmingly louder and louder as the car gets hot.
    the check engine light is on and diagnostic says it is the camshaft position sensor. (i suspect its a faulty sensor tho since the engine runs fine)
    anyways please reply back with some ideas. Thanks

    ohhh, the engine is a v6 3.4L Its actually a 3400 SFI. it comes in a few different GM cars
  • anielsenanielsen Member Posts: 1
    Hi - Yesterday, while sitting at a stop light, I dumped all the tranny fluid out of my car. Fortunately I was sitting still so I didn't burn out the tranny. Since getting it fixed, there's a weird high pitched whine or whistling noise. It sounds like it's coming from the alternator, or that area. When the line broke, it sprayed tranny fluid all over in the engine and I'm wondering if fluid got into the alternator and that's why I'm hearing the noise. The pitch changes on the noise as the RPM's go up. I don't think it's the tranny, however, as it does it at idle, the car does not need to be in gear. Do I wait a few days and see if it dries out or does someone have an idea as to what the noise might be? It didn't do this until the fluid sprayed all over. Thanks!
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Transmission fluid may have gotten sprayed on the serpentine belt or the pulleys. I think I would just wait and see if it goes away. Was the engine degreased after the fluid sprayed all over?
  • rgb4rgb4 Member Posts: 5
    I have a 93 grand-am, when I accelerate I get this loud clunking grounding sound coming from the r-front. At first I figured it was a bearing (hub assy), removed it and it rotates with no catching. I can create the same senerio by jacking up the r-side and using the gas and brake and get the same clunking noise. The CV joints seems to be ok. Did not remove the CV joint. Do they fit into a spline in the transmission, do they have a tendency to strip out? If it is the splines in the transmision, can they be replaced?
  • cruyfcruyf Member Posts: 2
    When slowing down and making a turn at an intersection or on-ramp, I am getting a grinding and mechanical whine sound coming from the right front end. The sound goes away as soon as the turn is finished. Any Thoughts?
  • rgb4rgb4 Member Posts: 5
    Sounds like a CV-joint.
  • sandreesandree Member Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem for about a month. I have had the wheel bearings changed and still have the problem.
    Ironically the problem seems to have started when I had the front driver side wheel sensor replaced. I am now being told it might be the carriage bearings. Has anyone mentioned that before?
  • tcraggtcragg Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Grand am with the same issue. I have replaced the bearing twice even the CV shaft. yet the constant noise won't stop! I was thinking on buying a louder boom box.. ! lol
    did re placing the carriage bolt work?
  • wallamellonwallamellon Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Grand AM SE, a couple weeks ago when I'd turn left, there would be a grinding-like noise coming from the left tire. For about a month or so now I've noticed that when I go over bumps/rail road tracks..the front of my car makes a noise like it's going to crack. Does anybody have ANY idea what this could be? I'd appreciate any and all help..thank you so much! =)
  • jenwmsjenwms Member Posts: 1
    my car drove fine this morning to work, when i started it to leave, it started jumping and shaking and alot of thick smoke came out of the exhaust, the check engine light and ebs lights lite up. I drove it a little ways, however it wouldnt go past 35 mph, but the rpm jumped way up to 5, it seemed almost like it wasent in gear, I just wanted to get it home, it stopped on me and wont go . it will start but when i put it in drive, it wont budge, could the catylic converter be stopped up? :sick:
  • twarriortwarrior Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 grand am that knocks & I have no idea about cars, so can anyone help me? Everything else in this car is fine.
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    What do you mean it knocks? Is it a noisy engine or body noise?
    If it's engine when does it occur?
  • kristi448kristi448 Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2002 Grand Am and my boyfriend and his father replaced my water pump this past weekend, it was actually changed twice. After the first water pump was put in, my car made a screaming noise and the only thing they could figure out what was causing the loud noise was that the pump had to have a defect so they took it back and got another on from O'Reilly's Auto parts. Once they had the second pump in, the car still made a loud (not as loud as the first pump) annoying humming sound. The pump works as it is supposed to but they can't figure out what is causing the noise still. They called around and talked to a few shops and auto part stores and they keep getting told that the serpentine belt is not positioned correctly, but my car does not run of the serpentine belt, it is ran off the timing. The only suggestions they were given was to buy a water pump conditioner, which we did and there is no change in the noise. Any suggestions? :mad:
  • debtdebt Member Posts: 10
    Don't know what to tell you. I recently took my car to have the rotors turned and front and back pads put on for the umpteenth time. They found that my serpentine belt was worn and replaced it. Maybe it is different on your car as the serpentine belt is what keeps everything functioning like it should. If it goes, your car dies and you're stranded. Ask another question? Is your upholstery around the windows coming loose? It is almost like they cut it off too short. I've had to replace the electric window motors on both of the back windows. Wierd, when I hardly use them. :(
  • kristi448kristi448 Member Posts: 4
    My upholstery around the windows are fine. However, I am having repeated problems with the driver side window. first problem was window would not roll up, the clips that the window sits on broke. Had to purchase new ones from dealer and the stupid things cost $30, $30 for 4 pieces of plastic. Then the alignment screwed up, could not get the window to roll up properly, this was fixed too. Now I have the problem of the window rolling down. The motor runs and I can tell it goes down but the window itself does not stay in the clips, I have to put the window between my hands and push the window down, it rolls up fine though.
    I just hate my car, I wish it would blow up.
  • 2000grandam2000grandam Member Posts: 4
    hi i have a 2000 pantiac grand am se and when i make a turn even when reversing from drive way my front drivers wheel makes a loud bang. While driving and making turns on the road it isnt as loud as when reversing slowly.. Can anyone help please?
  • 2000grandam2000grandam Member Posts: 4
    hi i have a 2000 pantiac grand am se.. My blinker sound is on even when the blinker is off.. some time its slow clicking sound and somtimes its fast.. its normally happens after i turn off my blinker?????
  • 2000grandam2000grandam Member Posts: 4
    hi i have a 2000 pantiac grand am se.. Does anyone know where the horn is located?
  • elpuma0720elpuma0720 Member Posts: 10
    friend, I got a solution for you. The noice is from a left balance unit that is at the bottom that connects the strut. Spray wd40 on it and the noice will go away. You may have t do this every year or when the noice reoccurs. Good luck
  • tdm3tdm3 Member Posts: 4
    oh my God??!! Mine does that too. I have a 99 grand am and sometimes it is sooo annoying b/c the blinking sound goes on and does not stop. Then other times it makes no noise at all for a long time. Have you found out what the problem may be?
  • elpuma0720elpuma0720 Member Posts: 10
    if you are referring to the rocking chair noice when you turn left or syply hit a bump, it is the lower balance-Left that is making that noice. The balance is not something that you can fix, becuase it is a compressed metal piece. Pockets of air and dirt and corrossion gets in the midle and that causes the noice. Again, sprey W40 on the balance and under it. It will go away.
  • elpuma0720elpuma0720 Member Posts: 10
    you might have a ligh bulb that is acting up. Check the signal lights and see if they are acting up. The best thing to do is to pull the bulb and see if the filament is loosed. Try this, or it could ne the switch itself.
  • elpuma0720elpuma0720 Member Posts: 10
    yes, it is the lower balance unit which is located at the bottom of the strut. Spray w40 on the balance and around it. The noice will cease but you may have to do this every 6 to 12 months.
  • tdm3tdm3 Member Posts: 4
    Sorry but I am not referring to a rocking chair sound. Thanks for the advice, but it is the actual signal sound. When you turn on your left or rt signal it continues to make the sound even after you have released the lever. There is definetely a problem, b/c when you release the lever the ticking noise should stop but sometimes it doesn't. My signal lights are working fine. You can hear it from the dash and can tell that it is not coming from the engine.
  • elpuma0720elpuma0720 Member Posts: 10
    I understand. This sounds to me like you have a bad signal Switch. If you are mechanically versed, you can change it on your own, but it if not, have a qualified dealer do it. Let me know how things develop.
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    It's the flasher assembly, which is actually the hazard switch up next to the ETS switch. It's about $14.00 on line. It isn't difficult to change, you have to pop off the bezel around the radio, heater A/C controls, etc to get to it.
  • tdm3tdm3 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks. I've been wondering how I could get that fixed w/out spending an arm and a leg. My husband should be able to do that. Thanks again.
  • pogomonsterpogomonster Member Posts: 4
  • elpuma0720elpuma0720 Member Posts: 10
    This sounds like a serious problem. Take it to a dealer for a diagnostic test, then go from there.
  • 99gt199gt1 Member Posts: 1
    I have also had that problem and have done what you have suggested. It still continues to click even after replacing it.
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Do you mean constantly or intermittently?
  • elpuma0720elpuma0720 Member Posts: 10
    replace the flasher and see how that works. It cuold be also a bad Switch
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Try this - put a little pressure up and down on the multifunction turn signal switch. Not enough to activate the signal, just a little pressure. You may find that the switch has become very sensitive and will activate the flasher, but the lights won't flash. If this is the case then the switch may need to be replaced. On my 04 I have found that temperature is a factor. After it's been sitting in the sun for awhile and the interior has heated up it will do it and the switch is very sensitive in the right signal direction. After the A/C has cooled the interior down it goes away. Other people I have talked to that have it happening constantly have had to replace the flasher assembly (the hazard switch).
  • 32hs15520132hs155201 Member Posts: 1
    I am under the assumption that I have identified the proper forum for my scenario. I own a 1997 pontiac grand AM coupe V6 and overall, The car has done pretty well for me. Its not until recently when I had turned on my vehicle and while i was making an attempt to reverse I had discovered that my gear wouldn't shift from park to any other function. At first i was under the assumption that I wasn't applying enough pressure to my brakes but when I had applied as much force to the brakes as I possibly could to cause the gear to shift, it wouldn't budge at all. The engine starts (though it has a repetitious clanking sound) and all the internal function works but the car refuse to shift gears. I also Observed on the dash board the "service engine light". I dont know If anyone who's reading this had encountered these issues but If anyone has experienced these things and has resolved them please enlighten me on what may be causing these issues and how do i go about fixing them. ill greatly appreciate it. any feedback from any commentator would be helpful. thanks for your time & god bless. :confuse:
  • teettteeteetttee Member Posts: 1
    I have a clunking/knocking noise (sounds like something big is loose underneath and every time I go over a bump, it hits and clunks/knocks. I have replaced the strut mounts, struts and plates $1100. Otherwise, the car looks like brand new. I am ready to lose my mind and cannot afford to keep putting money in only to drive out and hear the same sound again. Any ideas you're sure of ??

  • elpuma0720elpuma0720 Member Posts: 10
    It is really hard to tell from what you have stated. Can you tell me more about the noice? is it a grinding noice> clickling noice when you turn? Are the wheels tighted? wheel bearings replaced? tell me more
  • 03se103se1 Member Posts: 2
    try this,,,there are 2 bolts which hold the brake calipers on,,,trace that to two that hold the brake caliper brackets on,,,had a similar issue,,,if it move the slightest bit tighten those bolts,,,may need a bit of force though,,,had to use a deadblow hammer and a 14 mm wrench
  • 03se103se1 Member Posts: 2
    never use wd40 on rubber components,,,NEVER,,it will degrade them,,,use instead a silicon spay
  • actionjackmanactionjackman Member Posts: 2
    usually means either the fuse is going bad or the bulb filament is loose but the wiring may be maintaining contact with bulb assembly
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