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I would like to ask all of you a couple of questions about extended warranties for the Honda Pilot. First of all, I live in California. I have been offered a Hondacare 8 year, 120,000 miles for $1430. Is that a decent price? Should I even get an extended warranty? Any ideas on how to get a better price? For those of you who have the hondacare warranty, how do you like it?


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    You may also be interested in Honda Extended Warranties: Pricing and Info.

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    Where did you get an offer for that price? I purchased a Honda Care for my Honda Pilot 8yrs/120k miles no ded for $1230 (with interest free financing).

    Your price is pretty close to the one I got from online. You might want to go online and get quotes, and bring to the place where they offer you that price; to see if they can match it.
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    IF YOU WERE OFFERED AN 8 YEAR, 120k "HONDA CARE" they are lying to you! They are offering an in house warranty only. Honda Care, unless within the pasat year, only offer up to 100K. I was the Finance Director at large Dealerships for Honda! be very careful!! If they offer you th 7 year 100K (that;s the highest they have) for $1230.00 and zero ded. jump on it!! good luck to you. JUST BE VERY CAREFUL. MAKE SURE IT SAYS HONDA CARE AT THE TOP OF YOUR FOR YOU SIGN, AND THE BOOKLET YOU RECEIVE IN THE MAIL, WITH A CARD! TAKE CARE!
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    First: Lay off the CAPs key !!!!

    Second: Verify facts before posting.

    Honda Care does provide a 8/120 warranty. I just got mine mailed from Honda care and it says clearly on the Warranty Booklet.

    For those who care, excepting for three states American Honda Financial Corporation is the underwriter of the warranty so it is a safe bet, unless Honda goes Enron. For Colorado, Hawaii and Missisipy the underwriter is Great American Assurance Corp based in Cincinnati, OH.

    Case settled !!
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    Just bought a Pilot and was shown a list at the Honda dealer that went up to 8/120.

    Also queried , from whom I bought my extended warranty for my Accord, and they said that the Honda site ( )was out of date and they would notify Honda. My Accord warranty did say 8/120 and did say HondaCare.
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    I noticed that the Honda Financial web-site is out of date as it doesn't mention the 8/120 warranty.
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    Right--Saccucci Honda ( ) said they'd talk to Honda Financial about that.
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    I have this honda pilot 2006 EXL with 4000+ miles. I noticed this period that while driving and pressing the gas to speed up I'm hearing a sound like humming or whistling in my engine, but when I released the gas pedal its gone and it will come back again when I press again the gas pedal. I have this VCM that shuts down the three valve when is not needed for gas consumption. I dont know if is normal or do I nedd to take it to a mechanic for check up. Please help...
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    I wonder is it what other ppl mention about "drive-by-wire"?

    You have a 2006 EXL with 4000 miles and I have a 2007 EXL 4WD which it already has 4000 miles clocked. :) It seems I have been driving a lot lately :(
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    I am not sure why would even attempt to think I was lied on the Honda Care. I got the welcome kit with everything. Most of the local dealerships in So Ca overcharge on the Honda Care. I purchased the 8/120 for $1230.
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    are these Honda care warranties available near the end of the factory warranty?

    I'm coming up on the 3 year date for my '05 Pilot and was considering it after having the tranny go out 6 days after my F150 factory warranty expired. With less than 29k miles I had to fork out $2,000 towards a $4,600 rebuilt tranny.

    I could of purchased a Ford Care warranty 1 day before the expiration of the factory warranty for a reasonable amount.
    In hindsight I wished I had.

    it has left me paranoid about covering my bases.
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    You can buy a warranty before the factory warranty expires. It's cheaper when you get it before you have certain amount of miles.
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    I bought a Pilot LX this afternoon. Salesman trying to sell 7 year extended warranty by telling me that it is free. He said after 7 years I got my money back. The quote price is $1400 and change. After I said that I am not interesting ,he said that I have to sign the decline form. I am now so worried about the form I signed. Have any one have this experience?
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    My dealer wanted to sell me Complete Care (by Zurich). The initial quote was for around $2400 for the 8 year/120k plan. However, after I mentioned online prices for Honda Care, he mentioned that we could get it for $1495 through a Costco membership.

    How do folks feel about Honda Care vs Complete Care. Pros/cons?

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    Tell him to take a hike and that you refuse to sign any forms.

    Cant believe what con-men these guys are. Call Honda customer service and ask them if every buyer is required to sign a waiver if they don't buy an extended warranty from the dealer.

    If I lived near you, I would personally kick the salesmen in the [non-permissible content removed] !!
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    Where did you buy it for $ 1230 - Was it online. Are you refering that there was a better offer to someone else :confuse: :confuse:
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    did any take extended warranty from fidelity warranty services? it says you can go to any service center (need not be Honda certified), if required. They offer warranty for same price as HC.

    is it a reliable company or does it create hassle when needed. please let me know. thank you
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    I don't know why you wouldn't just get the Honda Care. Dealers will be much easier to deal with, I know becuase I've had a 3rd parth warranty before and they don't care for it.

    The only reason I'd do a 3rd party is if your credit union had a very reputable company they had been using for years and they offered a money back policy if you didn't use the warranty. That would be worth it because you most likely won't need the warranty after the initial 36k miles anyway.
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    The website states it is a comprehensive warranty, but does anyone have experience with it? I'm thinking of buying one mainly for resale value in 4 or 5 years. Can you use it for non covered things during your factory 60k mile powertrain warranty, or does it not kick in until that's over? I'm just wondering if it leaves any gaps between b2b 36k and pt 60k.

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    I do agree on going with the dealer for one reason. Most of the third party warranty does not work on weekends and that is the day you are at the shop. Now you need the technician to follow up with the warranty company to explain the issue and get an approval on the part & Labor. Though I am new to Honda Care, Toyota care worked perfect for me especialy when the A/c broke down, Door locks started malfunctioning as well as the cassette player broke. All these happened towards the end of the 7 year 100k miles warranty.
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    We don't drive as much as most, so it is possible that with "Normal" driving, the problems would have occurred during the 36 month factory warranty.

    On my '03 Pilot, there have been several minor but costly items that broke after the 36 months, even though the car had less than 27K miles on the clock. Total cost I would have had to pay has just about equaled the price of the 7/75K "Honda Care" extended warranty (EW). Plus I still have nearly 3 years of EW left.

    My wifes '03 CR-V just recently destroyed the AC compressor at about 31K miles and 50 months. Honda recommended replacing the entire AC system due to contaminates floating around. Even the hoses! Total price= $3000+/-!

    "Honda Care" paid the entire cost and supplied a (free) rental car for the day.

    There are just too many things on modern cars that can go bad. I wouldn't even consider buying a new car without the EW.

    FWIW: My son had an EW from a 3rd party insurance company (bought through the dealer) on his Chevy Suburban. His transmission went out while he was coming here, to Ga., from Indiana. He managed to limp to our house and we got it to a dealer the next day. It took 10 days for the dealer and the "after market" EW company to agree on the replacement of the tranny.

    I believe the manufacturer's EWs are the best way to go.

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    Are you aware that when you buy a Honda Care policy with your new Honda that the extended warranty begins then? I traded my 2005 Honda Pilot in after 2 years, 25000 miles, and I only got a $1000.00 back from the $1600.00 that I paid for the warranty. Shame on Honda !!! I never used the warranty, car was still under manufacturer's warranty. If I had known that the policy was going to be prorated from the time of purchase I would have waited until the manufacturer's warranty was nearly expired, then I would have have bought a policy. P.S. I traded the Honda Pilot off because of very poor gas mileage - it was not at all at what was advertised. So - BEWARE OF HONDA - and don't buy a Honda Care policy that won't be refunded !!
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    I never used the warranty ...

    Well, you may not have used the warranty but you did have coverage during that two year period (which you certainly wouldn't expect to be free) and the fact that you didn't file a claim does not negate the fact that you had coverage.

    If I had known that the policy was going to be prorated from the time of purchase ...

    Unfortunately, the refund contract clearly states that you will get a full refund only if no claims are paid AND if "the service contract runs the full months term." Your contract did not run the full term.

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    I expected the factory warranty to come first - extended warranty means just that - extended- after the factory warranty expires. My Honda Extended Warranty was purchased from Honda - not another company. Our finance officer NEVER told us that the extended warranty took effect on the date of purchase - instead of after the factory warranty expired.
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    Our finance officer NEVER told us ...

    Though it may be desirable, the finance officer is not going take the time to walk you through every detail of the contract. And that makes for a very good reason to carefully read any contract before signing it.

    FWIW, I would have had qualms about signing that one myself with all the exclusions and exceptions - but that's just me.

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    On of the reasons you have forums like the edmunds forum is that you can ask questions and get opinions before you make a decision.
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    Hello all,
    I bought my Pilot VP 4WD about a week ago from Planet Honda, Matteson, IL. Since I didn't do enough of researching (pls. don't look at me like that), I bought the extended warranty from them (6yr, 100K mile, Platinum coverage) for a whopping $1689.00 :cry: . I now see that I could have got an equal coverage online for a way better price. Now, what are my options here? (do I have any??)

    1. Can I cancel it without any major issues? Have anyone done this before?
    2. If they offer to re-negotiate/match price, is Saccucci Honda's price is the best one in terms of price and coverage?
    3. The warranty I got from them doesn't read Honda Care. The paperwork has something like 'The Mechanic' printed on top, and I don't see Honda Care anywhere.
    Because of that, would there be a problem for me to get the price match.

    I'd really appreciate any comments/suggestions/directions. Thanks all.
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    Ofcourse you should be able to ret5urn the warranty with in 30 days. don't waste your time call the dealer and return it. 8 years 120K miles were sold at $1200 online.
    Good luck :confuse:
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    Thanks.. I am going to the dealer tomorrow.
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    Your Honda Care warranty package clearly says Honda Care on it and comes with the window stickers for the 1-800-. Dealers always try to sell third party warranties as it is more profitable for them. Make sure you contact Honda care and confirm with your policy/vin number that you have the correct warranty.
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    Hi Andy, we are in the same boat. Bought a new Civic on Saturday and got the hard sell on the EW. I was sitting there shaking my head NO (just because I don't trust finance guys) and my husband said yes to the 6 yr/100 k mile warranty. He signed it, I wouldn't. We get home and see it is NOT Hondacare, and in fact the sales guy switched the deductible on us because he lowered the price to $1400. But there is a cancellation policy, he is going back today to cancel it. We hope they will rewrite the purchase order to reflect that and not say we have to wait for a check from this unknown company. I doubt it will include the $194.50 "dealer transfer service charge" they included at the last second without mentioning it.

    Then all we have to do is wait to see if we get the 2.5% financing from Honda. They haven't submitted yet and I have this paranoid feeling that they won't, and will then just say we didn't qualify and they get to finance us at 10% or some such. We will go to our credit union then, but they don't know that.

    Can you tell that I am soured on this dealer already? Nice car, but what a bunch of liars. It started with the salesman quoting me the Costco price that was $200 more than another dealer had already told me. We went to this dealer because they had the color my daughter wanted.
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    Honda Warranty is available online. I bought it for a pilot for 8 years 120k for $1200 6 months ago. It is a RI based Dealer

    Dealers warranties are local warranties as well as it will be very difficult to get the customer service on saturdays when you take the car to the dealer

    Good luck on returning it

    What is dealer transfer servive? never heard of it. Though I bought and participated in a total a dozen car purchases
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    I am in the process of pruchasing a new Pilot and was told by my insurance company (Geico) that in the insurance rate I was quoted, I am covered for 7 years/100,000 miles coverage for a new car. Has anyone heard of this before?

  • harikayaratharikayarat Member Posts: 5
    Good lord is everyone trying to push teh cost to the other party?
    By the way check if this is a state specific thing?
    I have a pilot and covered for 8 years and 120 K from Honda Care but no one asked about it yet and I bought it few months later than the purchase of the vehicle.

    may be most of you are aware already, I learned recently that if you don't take care of the monitoring systems warning, in case of an accident or insurance claim they can blame you for that. For example low tire pressure and you get in to an accident they can claim that low pressure contributed to loss of control and you are responsible for it. So these systems can work against you in certain circumstances, watch out!
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    I am interested in purchasing a honda care extended warranty. The dealer showed me a paper that Honda does not accept any third party warranties. They said it can only be done from a Honda dealer. Does anyone have any information as if that statement is true or not?

    Has anyone got a honda care warranty through Bernardi?
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    The Bernardi site says if you live in California you can noy buy it on line. I know it used to be true for Florida but CA id news to me. Anyone has any info on this?
  • mercaramercara Member Posts: 291
    Depending which state you live. Dealers in certain states have successfully lobbied their lawmakers to pass laws from buying warranties from out of state. Not sure which state you live. But for the most part, you can buy from Honda care from any authorized Honda dealer in any state and it should be valid. Check the specifics of your state. I bought the 10Year/120K zero deductible online from a Honda dealer. If you search this thread, I have put cost and name of the dealer. Dont' remember it now.
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    I wasn't a believer in the extended warranty (ours was to 100,000) until we replaced a transmission at 102,000. Because of the lawsuit from several years ago, our Pilot's warranty was extended 5% to 105,000. Honda replaced the transmission and it saved us $2800! In this case the warranty was well worth it.
  • kipkkipk Member Posts: 1,576
    >"our Pilot's warranty was extended 5% to 105,000. Honda replaced the transmission and it saved us $2800! In this case the warranty was well worth it."

    Honda is pretty good about extending warranties on items that just should not have happened. :)
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    so don't buy it "on line"
    buy through the mail. Use Fed Ex if you have to.

    The language of 'no internet sales permitted to CA' sounds to me like it doesn't blanket other means such as mail or walking up in person if you had to.

    of course my advice is to NOT buy the EW in the first place.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    That is an interesting approach, if it works. I bought EW for both my Pilot and Accord on line, the last one right before it was banned. I was very disappointed to see that they added CA to the list, but for future reference, if anyone knows how to get around it I would be interested in learning.

    P.S. I, too, didn't believe in buying insurance under "EW" label, but with all the new electronics and technology including VCM, navigation, etc. I thought I would sleep better knowing I have them covered for a long time for about $1000.
  • 67camaro167camaro1 Member Posts: 2
    I have done alot of research and have recvd reports from Consumer Reports ,have read their magazines on 2008 and 2009, Car guide magazine and have gone on web sites such as for the past three weeks. They all say that if you select a car that has a high reliability rating such as a Honda Civic/Accord and a Toyota Camry there is no need to purchase an extended warranty. On avg the consumer loses $ 300 by purchasing an EW. On an EW, they also said to look out for, that when you purchase an EW, you start paying from day one but cannot use the EW ( will not go in effect) until the original factory warranty expires which for the 2008 and 2009 models is 3 yrs/36,000 miles same as Toyota. I received an Internet pricing quote for an Accord LXP for $ 19825 w/o destination. The car has 5 miles on it. Will be purchasing on Saturday. When I received the report from CR they do not list mfg and dealer invoices prices for certain items like wheel locks or etc. But when I received a report for the Toyota, CR listed each option with a mfg/dealer invoice on it such as VSC. When I was looking at a Toyota Camry LE thay told me VSC (not included) would be $ 650. I said no, the invoice is $ 520. Then they know that I did my homework. CR also says that if you want an EW, buy it separetly later on from other sources which I have been reading as or Let me know what you think.
  • paulincapaulinca Member Posts: 9
    I just bought a 2008 Honda CRV and was pressured into buying the Honda Care 84 months/100,000 miles EW plan for $1995.00. After repeatedly saying "No", the finance manager kept lowering the price until he finally got to $1500. I still said "No" and he said that was the best he could do. My wife was there and felt I was making a mistake, so she told me to offer him $1400, which I did. He accepted. He also sold us the 60 months/60,000 miles "Value Care Plan" for $325.00 that gives us free oil changes and tire rotations every 5,000 miles until we reach the end of the term. After seeing that the same 84/100,000 Honda Care plan is for sale at Bernardi and MyHonda Warranty for $785.00, I feel like I got suckered. I cannot find any pricing on the VCP, so I don't know how I did there. Should I get a refund (I'm 2 weeks into the 30 day refund right now) and buy it from one of those other places? If I do, will this dealer give me a hard time when I bring my car in for service? And should I keep the VCP, or did I get suckered there, too? Any advice will be appreciated.
  • blaurenceblaurence Member Posts: 4
    I was just offered the same warranty for a 2009 Honda Civic for $695, and we didn't even talk about a discount because I said I wasn't interested. So I would request a refund if I were you.
  • scottgbwiscottgbwi Member Posts: 85
    Dealer said the online extended warranty places aren't allowed anymore. I don't believe them. Does Honda prohibit people from buying warranties on line?
  • mercaramercara Member Posts: 291
    How do they know that your bought it online?

    Besides it is Honda Financial services who gives the warranty and not your dealer so you can always call HOnda Financial and confirm your coverage.
  • parvizparviz Member Posts: 484
    You may want to check into it but I believe they refund period on the EW from honda is 2 months, not one. I would get a refund and buy it online, one caveat is that if you live in CA or FL the online places won't sell you one! The other plan is also of no value to me. That is just a way for the dealer to get you into the service department and mid-way through you'll probably be told that you need new tires!. Most tire shops offer free rotation anyhow and I am not sure if your plan includes balance but you can get that at Costco or Sam's for a total of $15 or so (all wheels), just figure how many times you'll need to do that during the term of the plan and you'll see you are probably better off without it. Sorry for a late reply it may be too late to ask for a refund on the plan but I am almost positive that the EW refund period is 2 months.
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    You guys should also call your congressmen and ask them why they sold out to the car dealership lobby and made a law that prevents buying an extended Honda care warranty from out of state !
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