GMC Jimmy Why so many problems?

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I have a 2000 jimmy purchased with 32,000 miles 4 years ago. The manifold intake was replaced at 36,000, the recliner seat handle broke off early on. It now has 53,000 miles ( I drive 5000 a yr. as a retiree). At 52,000 the ABS brakes failed and the module and master cylinder were replaced for $479. This did not solve the problem so the ABS system was disconnected. At 53,500 I heard noises underneath and Belle Tire replaced the wheel bearings to repair the ABS's, ball joints. shocks, calipers, rotor, and alignment to the tune of $1,900. What is going on??? He said it's because I have a GMC, or is it because I am a woman???? How can all of these things go wrong at once???


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    They didn't probably - they through a bunch of parts to try and fix something they did not fully understand or just plain took you. First the ABS unit can fail but usually its a sensor in the front wheel hub (salty areas have a GM bulletin on these- clean mounting on sensor and fixed - same with a new hub which comes with a new sensor) - this is a one piece hub that has the wheel bearing in it and can't be repaired only replaced.

    If 4wd the lower ball jointrs are a known problem area but 2wd no way. Shocks are Bilstins and my 4 Blazers have over 130k and all originals. If brakes done then yes calipers are good (rears a must but fronts optional but most shops do all as ensures no returns).

    So, look thru the posts and you will see many other things upcoming as the beast ages - These are not low maintenance vehicles. If you have not had that coolant changed do so now and have the thermostat replaced and get a new Stant cap - that should save a few worries. At some point get the trans filter/fluid done (simple drop pan at $100 and don't pay for a full flush of the trans only extra $$ for them). If 4wd do the transfer case too and if the 4 button Autotrac case requires blue syn fluid so a dealer might be good on this. If fact a dealer may have saved you $$ as they have the experience with these and the local shops mostly (not all of course) go with the max work and common things. Last that ABS should be easliy fixed by a dealer - anything else is just bull. Good luck.
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    Thank you soooo much for the info. I do have a 4W drive and will take your advice for the maintenance. The ABS brakes were fixed by Belle Tire for $650, itemnized in the total of $1900. This is my next worry, what can go wrong under the hood now that the underneath is fixed??? I went in for new tires and came out without them because of the repair bill for underneath. I asked a guy in a parking lot who was driving a 2001 Jimmy about his car and he said he had 130,000 miles and had no problems other than regular maint. Another guy had a 2002 and got rid of it at 60,000 because of repairs!
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    I bought a 2001 Jimmy a little over 2 years ago, second hand. I have never had any problems with my Jimmy. It had roughly 48,000 miles on it and in these two years Ive put about 26,000 miles on it. I absolutely love this car, it has been absolutely wonderful for me. It sounds to me like the person who had this car before you didnt take care of it like any vehicle should be cared for. The only problems I have is mainly just the fact that its a 2 door and I found out I was pregnant a few days after I bought it and the fact that it doesnt have the LATCH feature for child safety seats and according to many websites it cant be retrofitted with LATCH bars in the seat. I am actually in the process of doing some cosmetic changes to the truck just for personal fulfillment. I hope you get everything taken care of that way you can enjoy this SUV as much as I do.
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    I have owned this car since 2000. WHAT A LEMON.
    I don't have time to add up what I've spent on this piece of junk. I have replaced so much especially wheel bearings, ball joints numerous times as well as the brakes, front & back. The emergency brake has never worked. It would take me hours to let you know all that has been replaced. It's unreal how much money I've spent, I should be driving a BMW by now. WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER GMC VEHICLE. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT
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