Replacing Struts on a Special with PHG

scott122262scott122262 Member Posts: 3
Has anyone changed there struts with an after market type? I have a 2000 300M Special with PHG and I have searched and searched and the only replacements I can find are from a Chrysler dealer.


  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Member Posts: 1,926
    The Special was only available from '02 through '04.
  • scott122262scott122262 Member Posts: 3
    Not true I just had the vin number ran at a dealer and it came with the PHG, rear spoiler and V rated tires. Although it has no badging saying special.
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    Just because it came with PHG doesn't make it a Special. Any 300M could be had with the PHG. And it's called UHG on the Special.

    The Special came with 18" Z-rated tires at introduction in '02. In '03 and '04 you could get the smaller 17" V-rated tires. Besides those items, the Special has larger antiroll bars, lower suspension, ground effects all around (front and rear fascia have the ground effects molded in), signal mirrors, projector beam xenon headlights, stainless steel braided brake lines (don't know if other Ms have that as well, though), stiffer brake calipers, quicker steering ratio, recalibrated Autostick shifting, 6850RPM redline, 150MPH speedo, faux carbon fiber interior trim, and different stitching on the seats, just to name a little bit. There is a lot of other stuff that came standard on the Special that was optional on other Ms.

    Now if you have all of that, you have an M that someone cloned into a Special. There were NO Specials prior to '02.
  • scott122262scott122262 Member Posts: 3
    Ok point taken, Back to my question. Has anyone with a 300M with the PHG changed there struts with an after market type?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Member Posts: 1,926
    Quite a few have. Go to and hit the Message Boards in the Performance and Mods forum. Do a search and you should get many hits for changing springs and struts. And check this page.
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    has anybody replaced the inner tie rod ends on a 99' 300m the only way i see is to go through the fender well but that's a pretty long reach any advice
  • cranm99cranm99 Member Posts: 1
    Actually, you need to go in from the top, between the engine and firewall. It is very do-able in the home driveway/garage. Pick up the 2 piece bushing kit (like a doughnut sliced in half). If this does not take away the slop in your steering, you may be in need of a new rack. I wound up paying for a new rack at ~150K miles.

    As one of the previous posts mentioned, the best source for help on these cars is

    and by a sister car site

    There are lots of How-to instructions and maintenance tips. The 300M club does have a small charge for access to certain areas, but you usually save at least that much on the first maintenance procedure you do yourself.
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    Just called the dealer and gave him my vin. He didnt even know what I was talking about as far as PHG goes. Told me it said my car has 4 wheel independent touring suspension. Does anyone know if that means it has PHG or not. I am trying to replace my struts and I need to know if I need the stiffer ones or not. Thanks :confuse:
  • anne33anne33 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 300m since new ( 165,000 miles ,,same battery can you imagine ) anyway i have a clunk on the right side front ,,,, and i have had everything replaced (monroe quick struts) not the econo matics ,but the sensa track ,wheel bearing , lower control arm , link pin thingies , and tie rod ends ,,,,, and still this insane clunk oh and not so sure about these struts ,seems to drive floaty now , but any thoughts on this clunk , i bought a new avalon and was gonna sell the M but i am attached to it and for 11 years the M has cost me not a dime , so i owe it to this car to be good to it in its golden years ,Anne33
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    when we turn to the right the car will make a loud ugly rachet noise does anyone have a suggestion
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