Chevy TrailBlazer Front Differential Oil

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At 36,500 miles while driving my TB in A4WD in the snow on the highway the RPM's reved up to the max, engine lost power and I heard a loud grinding/clanking sound. Switched the car back to 2HI and it rode ok. Ever since that day when put into 4WD the front tires lock and the car will not move. Dealer says that the front differential oil that normally has about 2 quarts in it was down to 1 teaspoon. He claims that there is no leak. However the oil was changed at 34,000 and at that time the front differential oil level was checked and it was ok. The dealer says that because of this oil being gone, the ball bearings have melted to the front axle and that is why the car cannot be put into 4WD. Does this make any sense to anybody? I could use any help you have. How does the oil just disappear? What would be a possible reason for that? I have read a lot about this "sun sheild" transmission problem on forums and was fairly certain that that would be the problem. I was not expecting this news. The worst part is that they refuse to pay anything for it because it is not a defect in the vehicle that the oil was out (I am questioning whether it may possibly be some problem with the vehicle). I asked if they was anything that I could have done to prevent the problem (I have always maintained regular maintence/service) and he said no. So I am stuck paying for a new front differential and possible axle. I am wondering if he could be giving me a run around here? Any ideas?


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    It doesn't make any sense. It was just checked 2500 miles ago and it was OK. There's no leak according to the dealer, so where did the oil go? I think I would have someone else look at it for another opinion. Also, if the bearings melted to the axle, how would having it in 4wd or 2wd make any difference? Isn't the axle still turning regardless? Maybe they meant the bearings in the differential?
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    same thing happened to mine at about the same amount of miles. chevy cust service wanted nothing to do with me. I just sent mine in to a mechanic who told me all the guts were busted up like you describe. Could this be a flaw in the chevy? He also told me if i didnt mind no 4wd he would take out the differential in the front, what do you think?
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    same exact problem i had, Cust service didnt listen cause i was out of warranty. If this is a common problem, why is there no recall?
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    Around 65,000 miles I started to feel a vibration every time i hit a bump. The vibration would last different amounts of times and eventually go away. I looked at it myself and thought the front transaxle was bad. It was very loose and alot of play in it. After replacing the axle I still had the same problem! I looked a little more at it and talked to a few mechanics, oh yeah customer service at Chevy said they dont know and cant help (figure that one out), and we have concluded it is a bushing or bearing in the front differential. The looseness and play is at least 1/2 inch or more in all directions where the axle snaps into the transmission. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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