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i have a 2007 pontiac g6 and on my engine it reads ecotech. My car was 19,000 and its a sedan but my problem do i have the engine with 200 or 162 horsepower?????its a 4 door if that helps


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    That's the 2.4 L ecotec that's in my wife's 2LT HHR. I love it...Pontiac's website lists it as 169 HP, Chevy says about 172-175 depends on 06 or 07. With a 4 speed automatic..we ave about 25-26 mpg. The 2.4L is the base engine in the Solstice & The Saturn SKY....
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    thanks now.. do you think i should fix it up or wait and buy a gt in about 2-3 years i dont want to start fixing it when i could buy a gt and have the same power what do you think
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    Just picked up a new G6 with the same engine and so far am loving it. Did anyone else notice that about 2" to the left of the yellow handle for the oil dipstick there is a silver metal tube attached to the same black bracket as the dipstick? Does anyone else have it? Anyone know what it is? It just looks out of place there.
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    I'm the kind of guy who buys a car and keeps it for 10 to 12 years. I don't need a lot of pickup but I commute 30 miles to work and I do drive 80 mph to keep up with traffic.
    Gas mileage is not crucial if the difference between the two engines is less than 5 MPG. Which engine is more reliable? Should I go for the 6 cylinder engine or save a few bucks and go for the 4 cylinder?

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    I just went through the same process. I replaced a 2000 Alero 6 cyl with the G6. The Alero had 170hp which was plenty for my needs and it was a nice smooth 6 which held up fairly well over the last 7 years and provided excellent gas mileage. I would expect the same from the 6 in the G6. However, with the price of gas constantly going up I want the best gas milege possible. After researching the 4 cylinder I decided to go with it. The EcoTech 4 is a good reliable 4 cylinder. It is claimed to be the largest produced 4 cylinder in the world. GM uses it in many makes and models. So far I only have 400 miles on it but am very pleased with my choice. It is probably the smoothest idling car I have ever owned. As far as acceleration goes it has plenty of power for my needs. I would not call the 4 buzzy, but you can tell it's a 4 not a 6 on hard acceleration. For comparision, I bought my son a Pontiac Vibe which has the Toyota 4 cylinder in it and I would consider it slightly more buzzy and a bit underpowered but still a great car. My other car is a Lexus V6 which does have smoother acceleration than the G6 but the G6 idles smoother.
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    i have been with the G6 for a couple of months and like the smooth driving at 80 and even at 100 but i have been hearing the v6 is even better in performance though the listings all say i get 23 mpg im only getting 18.2 which comes out on my computer Q. Does driving at very high speeds eventually damage my car and mess up my engine(100mph-higher)??? :confuse: Id go with the v6 personally :shades:
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    i was hauling some serious butt the other day and i get scared that my engine might just mess up i was at 108 and was going smoothly should i just chill from now on
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    I have the same question,but for the most part I think it will wear out certain engine parts (rod bearings,injectors,etc.) definitely quicker at high speeds particularly w/ the 4 cyl. If you notice at 85mph your tachometer is at 3-3.5 and your engine is roaring! It doesnt have but 4 gears so if you havent reached 85 gradually you're stressing the engine. You should barely hear the engine when coasting and allow it to roar for only seconds at a time for passing opponents on the road.It can handle it now because of the newness but make sure you KEEP UP THE MAINTENANCE if you want to continue.......I've been to 125mph in the 4cyl, I know its wrong but wooohooo!!!!!
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    I have the 2007 Pontiac G6 v6 with 3.5L, and it sure does fly... and how fast do they go cause mine cuts off and just cruises at 105 mph and do you know what is there 0-60 time either?? :confuse:
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    I have 3.5 and my milage is at 22 mpg. I can put my finger in the exhause pipe and it is covered with black soot. I have been to the dealer and have been told that everything checks out OK. In all my years black soot in the exhause is a sign of a rich mixture of fuel. Has anyone out there have an idea what steps i need to take to correct this problem..
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    Almost any decent auto shop has an exhaust gas analyzer nowadays.

    If you think the dealer is incorrect, find an independent shop with a decent reputation and have then do a quick analysys. That should answer your question...
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    the water pressure seems to buildup and causes the radiator to crack and leak rplced the radiator three times in the past 3 weeks
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    Ive had the same issue with my 2007 Pontiac G6 have replaced the radiator 3 times, now on my fourth. what causes this?
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    The pressure is not to exceed the pressure cap setting, malfunctioning pressure cap.
    Should not exceed 15 psi, cap setting.
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    I have a 2006 G6 GTP which I bought at 12500 miles. I really enjoyed this car with the great gas mileage and fun sporty look although the engine just died at 31000 miles. I have regularly maintenanced the vehicle with top of the line synthetic oil and premium gasoline. I just did the transmission flush as 30000 miles. Is this common to have this happen at such a low milage? Has anyone else had this happen? I hope it is covered under my warranty and if not than GM has made me a loyal Ford buyer from now on.
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    Your past the 3-36, if you bought a used certified car your covered 5 yr 100,000.
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    It looks like a mounting point for an engine cover used on an other-than-Pontiac vehicle.
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    Yea, I have the extended warranty although they are telling me that it is not a promise that this is covered. Although the warranty is bumper to bumper and the problem is an engine. I will be on the phone with GM for a while if this dealership tries to BS me :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Where did you get a extended bumper to bumper warranty. My major Guard has limitations.
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