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Extended Warranty deals

bidwinbidwin Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Ford
I just bought a 2007 Freestyle SEL and I'm looking for the best deals on extended warranty and maintenance plans. I'm interested in Ford's and Fidelity Warranty Services plans. I've used Fidelity twice and have had good service from them. I've never used a Ford plan. Would appreciate best deals you've found on either or both of these. (Dealer's costs sucked.)


  • bobnu75bobnu75 Posts: 21
    Go to This is a site that has been mentioned previously here for discounts on Ford warrantys. Register with your e-mail and they will send you an acknowledgement with a discount on the purchase. You can then buy from them or use the quote (with the discount) to bargain with your dealer.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may also be interested in Extended Warranties.

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  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    Given how often change happens these days, i would never buy an extended warranty that was not provided by the manufacturer. We bought a six year premium warranty from the site mentioned above. Yes, i know Ford has its problems, but they are more likely to be around in a few years than some 3rd party. We paid $800.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    I'm looking for the best deals on extended warranty and maintenance plans. I'm interested in Ford's and Fidelity Warranty Services plans.

    What time and mileage bans are you looking at? Is the car New?

    You should be able to get a 6yr 75K Premium Care Ford Service Contract for around $755, and 3/36 Maintenance plan, normal interval for around $545.
  • I work with alot of different extended warranties, the only one I'd recommend is the Ford ESP. All the others find a way to NOT cover a component when there is a failure. The Ford warranty will usually give the ok over the phone without a visit from an inspector. I've seen alot of warranty companies disappear in short order. Also if the Ford in question is an '06 or '07 the power train is covered for 5 years or 60k miles. As a side note the Freestyle has been very trouble free except for the rear brake issue. Even that concern has been spotty at best, I'd say 75 to 80% of the ones I see have no issue at all with the brakes. I still can't find a pattern for the troublesome ones. I initially thought that too easy and long braking as opposed to shorter harder stops were the problem but I can't confirm that.
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    Also if the Ford in question is an '06 or '07 the power train is covered for 5 years or 60k miles.

    I belive if it is a 2006 model the in-service date has to be July of 06 or later. I am not positive on that date I would have to check but not all 2006 models fall under the 5y/60K deal.
  • bidwinbidwin Posts: 4
    The car is new, Joel. Bought it on Sunday, April Fools Day (hope there's nothing ominous with that!!), and has about 100 miles on it now. I drive about 1000 miles a month, so I'm looking for either 6/75K miles or 7/100K miles, and I'm considering a 6-year maintenance plan. Ford's extending the warranty to 5years/60,000 miles makes the extended warranties' prices seem inflated. I keep my cars a loooonng time, and hope to do the same with this one.
    Thanks for your reply,
  • bidwinbidwin Posts: 4
    I don't know what the "rear brake issue" is, but my Freestyle's brakes shudder when applied at high speeds or when applied hard. They seem normal at low speeds. Are these symptoms you've heard of, Fordwrench? The car's going back to the dealer this week. I'd appreciate any info you can give me about your experiences with this issue.
    Thanks for your reply,
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    that sounds like warped rotor's and different from the premature pad/rotor wear issue that people have been complaining about.
  • I purchased an Escape Hybrid today. They want $1295 to extend the warranty to 6/60,000. I told them I'd get back to them tomorrow. Can you recommend a place where I can get the same warranty at a discount?
  • Hey, this worked great. Yesterday the dealer offered me a 6/60,000 for $1,295. I found a quote of $920 for the same Ford ESP on I was then able to use that to bargain my dealer down to $795. What a markup they have on these things. Your advice saved me $500.
  • The shuddering may be caused by the rear brakes also. There was a problem with the pads in the rear leaving a high spot on the rotor if the car sat awhile,like in inventory at the dealer waiting to be sold. Ford describes it as "pad transfer" and the interim fix was to actually apply the parking brake while the car sat for a period of time. The real fix was to update the rear pads, but thoughs are the pads that are wearing out so fast...or it can be warped or out of round rotors in front, but that is very rare on the Freestyle.
  • bidwinbidwin Posts: 4
    Best price I've found for an extended warranty for my Freestyle is at They beat EVERY other source I've checked, including
  • akgakg Posts: 85
    I am trying to help a friend get a fair deal on his brand new Lexus SUV Hybrid. It's fully loaded. He wants a 7yr/100 mile zero deductible extended warranty. Thanks!!
  • jehlanjehlan Posts: 1
    i bought an 06 freestyle but was told the warrantty is 3 year 36k, but you say it is 5/60k, is this true? thanks
  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe sometime in the '07 model year Ford extended their warranty to try and help sales. This unfortunately would not apply to your '06 or my '05 Freestyle. :(

    - Chad
  • passat_2002passat_2002 Posts: 468
    If memory serves.. I believe that Ford went to a 5 yr/60k powertrain warranty on all '07 Freestyles in August 2006. It was made retroactive to all '07s that had already been sold.. and was also applied to all unsold '06 models still on lots at that time.
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