Infiniti G35 Rear Camera Questions

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Does the screen in the dash automatically display
the rear picture when the car is in reverse? Is it in color? Is it 7 Eleven security camera resolution or is it better/worse? Crazy question here..... can the camera be adjusted for different view angle or zoomed? I have a G on order and never even tested one yet(military deployed) I'm going on strictly review info. Thanks.


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    Hey g35g... first off, thanks for what you're doing. People sacrificing themselves for our country deserve a thanks.

    I see that you ordered your G without even a test-drive. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Especially with the Tech package. Mine should be ready for pickup next week :blush:

    As for the backup camera, the reverse display comes on automatically when you put the car in reverse. The resolution is actually really good and very clear. There are lines which show distance, and side lines which curve as you turn the wheel, showing you where the car is going to go... much nicer than the camera in my Acura.
    The angle cannot be changed, but I believe there is a brightness setting.
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    Thanks scottm123. It's not so bad over here considering I'm surrounded by a whole lot of great guys and girls like yourself and our neighbors. I have a pretty good mental picture of the camera display now. Thanks again. Is it in color or black and white?
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    Camera is in color....
    Looks pretty good.
    You can see 12 feet back, and there is a good angle to the rear bumper, so you can get within an inch of what you're backing up to.

    I had found a flash page on Infiniti's site which showed the camera in action.
    It's no longer there though. :(

    I did find a link which shows an Infiniti backup camera in their SUV and the G is very similar.
    CNET - Backup Cameras

    MotorTrend called the Infiniti G35/M35 backup camera the best currently available. :D
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    Here's a blurb from the 2007 G35 Manual...
    You can download the entire manual from HERE.

    When the selector lever is shifted into the R (Reverse)position, the monitor display shows view to the rear of the vehicle.
    The system is designed as an aid to the driver in detecting large stationary objects to help avoid damaging the vehicle. The system will not detect small objects below the bumper and may not detect objects close to the bumper or on the ground.

    Guiding lines which indicate the vehicle width and distances to objects with reference to the bumper line qA are displayed on the monitor.
    They are indicated as reference distances to objects. Displayed lines indicate distances 1.5 feet (red) q1 , 3 feet (yellow) q2 , 7 feet (green) q3 and 10 feet (green) q4
    [0.5 m (red), 1 m (yellow), 2 m (green) and 3 m (green)] from the lower part of the bumper line qA .
    When the steering wheel is turned with the selector lever in the R (Reverse) position, the predicted course line qB is displayed on the monitor.

    To adjust the Display ON/OFF, Brightness, Tint, Color, Contrast and Black Level of the RearView Monitor, push the SETTING button with the RearView Monitor on, select the item key and adjust the level using the INFINITI controller.
    Do not adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Tint and Color of the RearView Monitor while the vehicle is moving. Make sure
    the parking brake is firmly applied and the engine is not running.
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    Amazing amount of information! Thank you for taking the time to link the manual and post the details! I'll be viewing it over and over through the next few weeks. :)
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    I have a Blue Slate on Graphite G35x on order w/ Prem/Nav/Tech/Wood packages - Also has Splash Guards, Cargo Net, Wheel Locks and Hood/Bumper/Fender/Mirrors XPel 3M protective film.

    It's been on order for weeks and was supposed to be here last Friday... but I'm still waiting until at least next Tuesday now.

    I've been doing the same thing.... just reading everything there is to read and checking out the brochure, over and over again.
    I have the manual practically memorized now. (LOL)
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    LOL...I think I have it memorized already. On the second thought I had to have missed something...I'm going back to it to check! I don't know how you can resist a little recon on the dealerership!!!! Maybe taking the long way to the supermarket just to see if maybe he hasn't missed anything on his lot. I'd definitley have a little dirt from his chain link fence on my nose. And the self control not to pick her up before the 3m install. God bless you. I just don't know how you can do it. :D
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    I found out my car is on the lot and ready for delivery.
    They asked if I would like to take it without the 3M, but I reluctantly declined.
    I have an 06 MDX which is already showing some paint chips on the hood. I can't let that happen to the G.

    I also thought about a recon mission, or just swinging by to sit in it and talk dirty to it for awhile... but the dealer is 70 miles away, so I'll just sit and wait till Tuesday night.
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