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Honda Ridgeline Accessories and Modifications

timothystimothys Member Posts: 1
Has anyone had an A.R.E. or Leer cap installed on their Honda Ridgeline? If so, what can you tell me about your experience (both good and bad)?


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    drc8404drc8404 Member Posts: 4
    Check out the honda ridgeline owners group on the web. They seem to have good information on all things Ridgeline. Jusst google the group and check out the various fourms as described below. Hope this is helpful as the they have a disussion on the Leer cap.

    Honda Ridgeline Owners Club Forums > Accessories, Care and Mods > Accessories
    LEER truck cap warning
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    pilchnutpilchnut Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Ridge and have had some really bad paint chips on the front fenders and hood. The stones have chipped the paint right down to bare metal and there is no primer in sight. The dealer said it is not a problem but I have never had this happen on any other vehicles I have owned. Has anyone had any paint problems yet??
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    bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    How do stone chips relate to 'problems with the paint'?

    Is the paint falling off your car anywhere? If not, who cares what is under the top coat of paint.
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    wquinnwquinn Member Posts: 1
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    barrybruderbarrybruder Member Posts: 1
    I would be grateful if anyone could tell me just how wet I can expect belongings I place in the back of my Ridgeline to get. Thank you so much. I figured to just get Honda's cover since they are an engineering company who seem quite particular about functionality of their vehicles and their technical and mechanical details. Any feeback on this will be very much appreciated. Barry Bruder
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    philj1philj1 Member Posts: 3
    I just picked up my Ridgeline about two weeks ago,just love it.
    I'm looking at buying a " :Literider" roll-up cover. I like the idea I can keep it rolled up just under them back window until I need to cover the bed.
    Has anyone used this cover.?their site is www.trailseal.com
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    RidgeRider12RidgeRider12 Member Posts: 2
    Yes I have an 06 white Ridgeline with noticeable rock chips. I was told the same thing by the dealer... I went to a body paint shop and used a q-tip to :sick: dab on no-rust primer.
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    RidgeRider12RidgeRider12 Member Posts: 2
    My Tonneau cover has leaked since the first rain I had it. It was wett enough to need to replace my massage table that was in the bed!
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    truckman249truckman249 Member Posts: 3
    Hey everyone I got this awesome tonneau cover By Pace Edwards. It rolls up in to a canister in the front of the bed taking up only a little bit of room. It keeps all my stuff secure and dry!!! I bought it from Truck Accessory Place
    The website also offers tail gate locks so you can keep your valuables safe
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    msudzmsudz Member Posts: 3
    I am looking at a 2006 Ridgeline that does not have a navigation system. Has anyone had any experience adding one (preferably one from Honda) . I'm trying to avoid buying one of the portable units.
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    bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    I would hope you would re-think this.

    A very nice Garmin can be bought for $200, even less.

    You want to find a stock (probably used) nav unit and rip into the dash and electronics to upgrade to this unit.

    The Garmin will not have the heartaches probably generated with the upgrade.
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    skimousnskimousn Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone installed a cool air intake system? If so what type? Just the filter or did you install the full system. Was it worth the expense? Did you notice any improvement in mileage as well as horsepower. :shades:
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    cameramattcameramatt Member Posts: 32
    Ridgelineownersclub.com is offering a Weathertech Floor Mat Group Buy with a 25% Discount. Check out this forum for details.

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    woolybackwoolyback Member Posts: 45
    Hi, just bought a 2010 Ridgeline RSL and would like to know anyone's experiences with installing a tonneau covers on the later models.
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    sparklandsparkland Member Posts: 120
    Installation is the same as any other models. Many people are going with the Bakflip
    G2 if you like the convenience of the fold-up cover. It gives you a lot of useable space in the bed when it is open fully. Installation only takes about an hour and is very easy.

    Of course you can get the Retrax, but it takes up quite a bit of room in the already limited space in the bed.

    Good luck in your search.

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    woolybackwoolyback Member Posts: 45
    Thanks Brad, After doing a lot of research on various models I settled on the Roll n Lock which I should be getting this week.
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    sfitz4sfitz4 Member Posts: 1
    FYI the first skid plate is now available. It is not on their website yet but www.raceskids.com makes them. Just email them for photos and a price. Or you can see pics at the Ridgeline Owners Club http://www.ridgelineownersclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33738&highlight=skid+- plate

    I'm getting one soon for around $200
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    DRiceDRice Member Posts: 3
    edited August 2010
    I'm picking up a 2008 Ridgeline next week or the next and I'm going to purchase a bunch of accessories.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on where to purchase accessories?

    I see this topic is sponsored by H and A and I've successfully purchased from them years ago when I purchased my 2003 Pilot new (89,000 miles and not a single problem), so I suspect they watch this forum.

    Just looking for another place or two to compare a little. Also, I'm on the east coast so shipping costs and delivery times are something to consider.

    If any dealerships are monitoring this forum, feel free to chime in...
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    natalie02lenatalie02le Member Posts: 19
    i've got a perfect set of factory 17" Chrome-Look Aluminum Alloy Wheels. used less than a year before i sold my 2008 ridgeline (with original RTX wheels). these wheels look great, high polished aluminum (not chrome - will not pit or stain like chrome). i purchased from H and A (they still have them at $337 each). these wheels dress up any Ridgeline.
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    rcummelinrcummelin Member Posts: 184
    I have gotten the best online deals from HandA. Their prices are not always the lowest, but their shipping charges are MUCH lower than other online Honda parts sellers.

    Also check eBay as several Honda dealers sell parts there.
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    omaitaomaita Member Posts: 16
    Hi Sparkland, I just get a 2011 Ridgeline and I'm looking for a bed cover too, How is working your Roll n Lock on your Ridgeline?????
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    woolybackwoolyback Member Posts: 45
    I like it fine, I installed it myself but it would be easier with two people at certain steps of the installation.
    The rails do limit the lid on the trunk space from opening all of the way but it hasn't been a problem for me yet. I have managed to get everything in there that I've wanted to.
    The only drawback I've had so far is that if you are loading 4 x 8 sheets of plywood you have to slide them in flat and leave your tailgate down.
    If you want them to rest on the closed tailgate at an angle then you will have to cock one side of the boards to clear the rails.
    I had a problem with the lid for the spring mechanism coming open but they sent me a modification for it that makes the catch more secure.
    I don't think you will be disappointed with it.
    Good luck.
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