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Aftermarket Bluetooth for SRX with Nav Opt

gbanfieldgbanfield Member Posts: 1
Just ordered (4/4/07) V8 SRX 2007 with Premium Luxury package (BTW-Dealer told my 4/4 was last day to order 2007's). Would like to add bluetooth as that was not a factory option. Any good ideas as to who can do that and make it look like factory installed.


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    dms9dms9 Member Posts: 137
    Did you figure out how to use the bluetooth? More importantly, are you happy with the SRX? Has it been reliable?
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    psoucypsoucy Member Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a 2008 SRX with a navigation system. I was wondering if anyone has installed a "Parrot" bluetooth system in their vehicle. From my internet search search the Parrot system looks pretty good.
    Has anyone used it? If so how is it?
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    ldyeabldyeab Member Posts: 1
    Anyone know if ou can install after market in 2009 srx that will look like factory installe.d?
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