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Hyundai Genesis Sedan 2009+



  • roll875roll875 Posts: 4
    i looking at buying genesis coupe any problems driving it in smow this past winter
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Roll875...I do not own a Genesis Coupe as of yet. I do plan on getting one later on (wifey wants one). I was really just stating that it shouldn't be that bad a drive in snowy conditions with the right tires. I owned an '86 Supra back in the day and never had any issues driving it around the DC/MD/VA region when it snowed. The Genesis Coupe has better weight distribution & traction control to boot.

    However, would I drive it regularly in snow conditions...I doubt it. We'll keep an AWD vehicle that would be heavily driven during the winter months.
  • tjc78tjc78 South JerseyPosts: 9,309
    Like you say I believe its all in the tires. The Gen sedan is absolutely horrible in the snow on the stock Dunlops. I believe with better all-seasons or better yet snows in the harsher climates it would be fine. I have been fine in other RWD cars in snow, but the Gen proved challenging due to the stock rubber.

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  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    edited May 2010
    Funny that you mention's a blog that was posted about the Genesis Sedan in snow, however...notice they mentioned all-season tires...

    2009 Hyundai Genesis: A 790.2 Mile Run to the Snow Part 3

    Another article that was posted...

    Day-by-Day Review:
    2009 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

    Tires will always make a difference. Heck, the OEM Michelins that came on my Azera were TERRIBLE. I put the General Altimax HP's on and it's a nite & day difference in all conditions.
  • tjc78tjc78 South JerseyPosts: 9,309
    I remember reading that before. IMO the Dunlops are pretty bad in the snow, I drove it this winter through some pretty bad storms and would have appreciated more traction especially on anything with an incline. It must be said though, that I did make it and never slid off the road. I can't say that about the few SUVs I saw in the ditch, but that's another story.

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  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Chalk it up to your good sensibilities and driving skill if you managed on the crappy OEM tires. Funny thing about folks with SUV's and cars with AWD in the winter...false sense of security. AWD & 4WD make good, sensible drivers that much safer when it comes to winter driving. I've seen folks that think they can drive at regular speeds during the winter months after snow has hit the ground and sadly end up in ditches or worse.

    Imgaine how much better your next winter driving experience will be when you put some good all-seaons or winter tires on your Genesis! :shades:
  • jmonroejmonroe Pittsburgh areaPosts: 8,370
    edited May 2010
    Imgaine how much better your next winter driving experience will be when you put some good all-seaons or winter tires on your Genesis!

    I have an ’09 Genny V8 and I don’t have to imagine how much better next winter will be. The original Dunlops were replaced with dedicated rear rims that had Nokian Hakkapeliitta R's mounted on them. What little was left of the February dump of almost 30 inches that hit the Pittsburgh area this past winter showed me that next winter should be pretty good with real snow tires. Although we’ll probably have a normal winter next year with much less snow, at least I’m now prepared.

    The Genny is a very nice car and I still like mine but it isn’t good in the snow with the Dunlops. I also read those articles about how GREAT it is in the snow. Those articles were pure fiction and creative writing at its worst. It’s a damn good thing that the guys who wrote those articles aren’t the only ones that gave the Genesis a good rating that led people to buy that car. If that were the case they’d probably have been shot by now with a dull knife because that’s what they deserve for writing something like that.

    The Dunlops are HORRIBLE tires for winter traction and tread wear and that you can believe even though you read it on the internet.


    '15 Genesis V8 with Ultimate Package and '12 Legacy Limited 6 cyl

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Actually Jmonroe...if you really read the articles you would find they are not pure fiction as the writers mention that the vehicles are equipped with all-season tires. Also's not the car that's the issue, it's the tires. I think Hyundai should have done a better job of selecting a tire, but I think they were really pushing towards trying to show that it's a performance sedan and it really isn't. It's a luxury cruiser that just so happens to be able to get up and go. Would I go out and carve up a winding mountain road...doubt it. Put those Dunlops on a BMW in the summer and I bet you there would be no complaints. As an all-season cruising tire...they are not suited for that at all.

    Folks have given the Genesis a good rating because of the car that it is. What you get for the money, the fit and finish and that it's above and beyond anything anyone would have expected coming from Hyundai. However, if anyone paid attention to the Azera, they would have known that the Genesis was very possible. And with the Genesis feather in their cap, just wait till you see what they say about the Equus. ;)
  • jmonroejmonroe Pittsburgh areaPosts: 8,370
    Actually Jmonroe...if you really read the articles you would find they are not pure fiction as the writers mention that the vehicles are equipped with all-season tires. Also's not the car that's the issue, it's the tires.

    I thought I really did read the articles. Aren’t the writers talking about the “all-season tires” that came as standard equipment on the Genesis and how they did in the snow? Namely, the infamous Dunlops that I and all of the other owners have mentioned? If they were talking about how the Genesis behaved in the snow with other than the OEM Dunlop tires, I missed that in their review. Did I really miss that point?

    I agree that it’s not the car but rather the tires. As far as how that car performs on dry/wet roads and how quiet they are the Dunlops are just fine and I think that is what Hyundai was mainly concerned with (not snow and not tread wear). Had they paid a little more attention as to how the car behaved in the snow and tread wear they would probably have chosen another tire but I think price entered into their decision at that point.

    Not that I’m going to rush right out to buy one but I’d also like to see what the Equus offers.

    It just ain’t your ordinary Hyundai anymore. I think a lot of heads have turned to the other side when people say Hyundai today. :)


    '15 Genesis V8 with Ultimate Package and '12 Legacy Limited 6 cyl

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    My apologies Jmonroe...I didn't mean to come off telling that you didn't actually read the articles. Please forgive me. I was really just alluding to the fact that they had good things to say about driving in snow. I can only speculate that they didn't have the OEM Dunlops that everyone else seems to hate. Considering everyone that has had the Dunlops in snow/wet conditions and say they are terrible. I could only imagine that they had a different set of tires on to be able to give the resounding review that they did on snow drivability. Then again, maybe they drove as if driving Miss Daisy. :blush:

    I think you're right in how Hyundai went about picking a tire. I hope they do a better job with the Equus. After sitting in one at the dealership a lil while back, it'll be hard NOT to want to run out and get one when they drop. Of course...I'll have to take it for a test spin to see if it performs anything like it looks. We shall see.

    I also's not the same ol' Hyundai anymore!!! :shades:
  • jmonroejmonroe Pittsburgh areaPosts: 8,370
    Considering everyone that has had the Dunlops in snow/wet conditions and say they are terrible.

    Believe it or not I didn’t think they were bad at all in the rain. Only once while driving the PA Turnpike in the rain did the ESC light come on and I tried to make it happen. I was trying to see how the tires held the road not too long after I got it. I was all alone going around a bend so I moved to the middle of the road and stepped on it right at the worst part of the bend and while going about 75/80 MPH I felt a little slipping and the ESC flickered for an instant and that was all that happened. Never did I feel that the car was out of control. So, on wet roads, I thought the Dunlops were pretty good. Again, in this respect, Hyundai chose a good tire.

    Then again, maybe they drove as if driving Miss Daisy.

    I tried that and it still didn’t work. :mad:

    I hope they do a better job with the Equus. After sitting in one at the dealership a lil while back, it'll be hard NOT to want to run out and get one when they drop.

    I also hope they learned something about what tire to choose for their new flag ship beauty. You’re the first one that I’ve heard about that even had a chance to sit in one. I would have if I could have. :(


    '15 Genesis V8 with Ultimate Package and '12 Legacy Limited 6 cyl

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    That being the case, it would seem that snowy conditions would be a setback for the OEM Dunlops. Which, if you had trouble on them even while driving Miss would seem that maybe they did have a different type of tire on the Genesis they drove. Only way to find out is to ask the authors of those articles I guess.

    Buddy...let me tell you. My wife wasn't a fan of the Genesis. Her opinion was that it seemed bland. However...we had the opportunity to check out the Equus at a local dealer. When we walked in, it was like...WHOA! Open the door and it was like...WHOOOOOAAAAAA!!! Sitting in the driver's seat, I was like...SOOOOOOOLD!!! No...seriously! :D Pictures and video do it no justice, but if Hyundai backs the Equus like they have done with the Genesis...they'll have another major hit on their hands (as is the story with the 2011 Sonata). Wifey liked the Equus so much, she gave me the nod that I could make that my next car.
  • jmonroejmonroe Pittsburgh areaPosts: 8,370
    Wifey liked the Equus so much, she gave me the nod that I could make that my next car.

    But, will she give you her purse/check book? :shades:


    '15 Genesis V8 with Ultimate Package and '12 Legacy Limited 6 cyl

  • I am eagerly waiting there to be some Equus out on the market to get everyday driver reviews. But, I will say that the big cars are beautiful, they are impressive, but they are really not fun to drive around a city, unless they have the dynamics to make them feel "small".

    The BMW 7 series apparently "feels small" per C/D and that would be a huge decision maker for me as to the Equus. Sold a Phaeton because of high maintenance time, but now I drive the Genesis, and comparatively the Genesis does feel small. I like taking it out on the town, and don't dread reversing it in every parking lot as I did the big Phaeton. But the Equus looks as big as any car.

    How will it drive?
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Well...I won't be jumping on one when they first roll out. I may even catch one off lease or something. I told her how much Hyundai was looking to fetch for them and she didn't even flinch, she said if that's the one I really wanted...then so it shall be!
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Well...we can only wait and see. I'm not too worried about it because I don't think the Equus would be my daily driver as I do commute into DC every single day.

    In the show room, the Equus did look bigger than the Genesis, but in all honesty...not significantly bigger. Where you could really see the difference was on the interior. I'm 6'2" and setting the driver's seat in the Genesis for my comfort would yield maybe 2-3" between the back of the front seat and my knees when I climbed in the back seat. However, in the Equus...the distance between the front seat back and my knees was more like 6".

    Hopefully by the end of the year or beginning of next year...we'll be able to find out just how it drives.
  • This months C/D compares the 3.8 L Genesis to a Ford Taurus, Lexus ES350, and some 4th I can't remember, may have been the Chrysler 300.. To cut to the chase, the Genesis came in first, and it was all about cars costing just under 40K. Now, they didn't consider a Genesis a premium quality car, just the best of a notch below. They described the engine as a little rough, and that all these cars lacked "fun" factor.

    One of the negatives of the Genesis was the unknown resale value. I am afraid that might be right.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    Maybe if Hyundai charged more for the Genesis,it would be thought of as it should be.A premium quality car.I have a Korean made mid size car and actually have had two.A Sonata and an Optima.In quality,dependability and handling they were to me as good as any mid size sedan on the market,yet they lack the snob value of other mid size cars....because they are cheaper to buy.You don't always get what you pay for.Sometimes you get more.That is the case in my Hyunkias.
  • tjc78tjc78 South JerseyPosts: 9,309
    They described the engine as a little rough,

    That has been a complaint of mine as well. Other posters have disagreed with me, but, I am not surprised a car mag noticed it as well.

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  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    edited June 2010
    Do you realize how difficult it would have been for Hyundai to pull of charging more? People scoffed at the idea that the Genesis would sell in the mid to upper $30k's. that they've established themselves with the Genesis, they are moving on to the Equus.

    As much as you would think what you get with a Hyundai should cost you more, I'm glad it doesn't. It sort of sets a benchmark of it's own in saying that you don't have to pay through the nose to have luxury and performance that everyday people can access.

    Actually...the only thing folks need to do to understand how Hyundai created luxury at the pricepoint they have...go get in one and take it for a spin. Most folks that denounce the possibility that the Genesis could ever be anything close to luxury...usually haven't even walked up to one in person, let alone sat in it. There used to be a lot of folks that talked about how the car handled that never even drove one, they were simply parroting what they heard or read somewhere else. I have always told yourself a favor and take one for a test spin. :shades:
  • Most folks that denounce the possibility that the Genesis could ever be anything close to luxury...usually haven't even walked up to one in person, let alone sat in it.

    I have found this to be the case with the people I have given rides in my car. The response has been overwhelming approval, even shock.

    Well said. :)
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    I can imagine, I test drove the 3.8 model when they first started showing up in showrooms. Haven't had the pleasure of driving the due time. I know what the car offers on the inside and how everything comes together when sitting in the driver's seat. Hyundai really did do a good job with the Genesis. I wasn't surprised though, considering I have an Azera...that was the front row seat to see just what they can do.

    Seeing you state overwhelming responses of approval and even shock is not surprising (at least to me). I think folks see that flying "H" on the back or the grille so their expectation is low and then when they climb inside they are blown away because their mind is still stuck on old Hyundai. LOL Personally, I've always felt that leaving the flying "H" on the newer models would truly improve the Hyundai image and brand perception. So far...seems to be working.
  • alonzo2alonzo2 Posts: 46
    Anyone who says the Genesis lacks a so called "fun factor" hasn't spent much time behind the wheel. As for resale value why would you want to resale this car. I plan to drive the wheels off this car because it is so fun to drive. I keep cars I like a long time. The last one I liked this much was a 1925 Model T Ford and it's still sitting in my garage raring to go. It has extremely low resale value because like the Genesis it will never be resold.
  • Some of us get bored with a car after 150,000 Miles.

    No loyalty at all. ;)
  • jmonroejmonroe Pittsburgh areaPosts: 8,370
    I have always told yourself a favor and take one for a test spin.

    For someone that has an open mind that might work. However, there are plenty of people who have their minds made up about Hyundai and would never think to lower themselves by owning one. That doesn't bother me at all. I like mine and I'm the only one that has to impress me.


    '15 Genesis V8 with Ultimate Package and '12 Legacy Limited 6 cyl

  • frankluppinofrankluppino Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    For all those that think the Genesis Sedan is not fun , you have not had the pleasure of driving it. Just bought one the other day and it is the best fit and finish car with power and luxury that I have ever driven. I never thought I would own a Hyundai and within 1 week I bought 2. So forget the snob effect.... This car ROCKS
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 2,388
    edited June 2010
    I posted this in the Lacrosse forum and it produced zero responses. Perhaps owners there are fuming over its low rating in the C&D comparo. Although the Genesis was on my short list I purchased the Lacrosse instead because Genesis's rear wheel drive would be too much of a challenge during winter as my driveway and garage are on a fairly steep incline.

    Nonetheless, here are the results of four-car comparison test.

    1st. place: Hyundai Genesis 3.8L -- price as tested, $41,835
    2nd. place: Lexus ES350 -- price as tested, $42,187
    3rd. place: Lacrosse CXS -- price as tested, $36,805
    4th. place: Ford Taurus Ltd -- $37,180

    Although the Lacrosse scored best in steering feel and interior and exterior styling I was surprised it didn't score best in NHV. The highs and lows for the Lacrosse were were summarized by C&D as follows:
    The Highs:
    --luxurious cabin, quiet at speed, styling that's genuinely alluring

    The Lows:
    --small trunk, limited sightlines, needlessly complicated center stack
  • toyetoye Posts: 351
    Its not a surprise that the Genesis was #1 as it was the only RWD of the bunch. They did note that the they were pleasantly surprised of the V6 performance and had no problem recomending the V6 besides the V8. Buick and Ford has finally stepped up the plate and is making some nice looking and performing vehicles. I personally don't like the huge thick Ford insigma on the back of the Taurus. It seems to stick out a 1/2 inch on the trunk.
  • The Taurus came in 4th for good reason. Before buying a Genesis I drove the Taurus, hoping to love an an American car. But the steering on the Taurus was right out of 1976. Loose, no feel. Drove a SHO and it was only moderately better. AND A LOT MORE EXPENSIVE than the Taurus.

    It's a matter of taste, I know, but American cars still are not matching the european car driving experience. I know they will. I did drive a Continental, FWD, from around 2002 and that car did drive beautifully. Belonged to the in-laws. They replaced their continental with an Aviator, a very comfortable vehicle though certainly a gas hog.

    Ford holds out the Mustang as their sports car, but a larger car set up for sport driving will be what gets me into a Ford. (Just as a reminder, I am just getting over a 1986 Merkur XR4Ti that rivaled the Edsel for good intentions gone bad.) It's been 24 years and only now will I consider buying American again. (And that car was really built in Cologne, Germany.)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    FWIW, a nicely-equipped Genesis 4.6 could be had for $42k, the test price for the C/D car. It's clear they wanted to test the Genesis with the same number of cylinders as the other cars. But if someone wanted the power of the V8, they could get it for no more than the loaded V6--and about the same price as the ES350.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Jmonroe...actually...if you could get a closed minded person to take one for a spin, it would change their opinion. The problem would be getting them to admit it! LOL

    You are right, there are still plenty of folks who have their minds stuck back in the 80's & 90's when Hyundai stunk the landscape up and that's what they base their opinion on. However, just as Toyota & Honda when through the same thing...Hyundai will prevail.
  • I could have afforded the V8, but the salesman took me on identical trips around some tight radius turns, and the NEAR 50/50 weight distribution of the V6 makes it more fun to drive in the twisties than the V8.

    I recommend everyone try both engines, as I don't think the V8 will be for everyone. Now, on the highway, needing to pass some slow moving car lounging in the left lane, but still about to overtake another persone with their cruise control set 1 mph hour slower, I would like to have the V8 to jump around them.

    Just depends on values.
  • jmonroejmonroe Pittsburgh areaPosts: 8,370
    ... I would like to have the V8 to jump around them.

    And that is why I bought the V8. Nobody NEEDS the power of the V8 but I drive the PA Turnpike everyday for 40 miles round trip and when I want the car to move I just ask it. You don't have to tell the V8 knows. :)

    When I compared the price of the fully loaded V6 to the loaded V8 there wasn't much of a difference at all.


    '15 Genesis V8 with Ultimate Package and '12 Legacy Limited 6 cyl

  • colegarcolegar Posts: 80
    2009 V6 with Tech Pack

    I am late with my update that I have been posting at 5,000 mile intervals. My odometer rolled past 60,000 miles early last week. There is not a whole lot to report that has not been mentioned before. Here are a few things of note:

    I wanted to get a couple of random glitches taken care of before the expiration of the 60,000 mile general warranty, or at least to have them on record. The one that I considered to be the most serious is the seldom and intermittent issue with the keyless unlocking system failing to unlock the driver’s door. The dealer was unable to replicate this problem and did not find any related service bulletins from Hyundai.

    Also, as previously mentioned, the interior dome lights sometimes flicker rather than giving constant light. Again, the dealer could not get this to repeat and could not find a service bulletin. I told them that another owner (sooththetruth) had posted on this forum that he had this problem and had seen a TSB (service bulletin) that called for a relay to be changed. My dealer could not find that TSB.

    The 60K service was considerably more expensive (approximately $300) than the previous 7,500 mile service visits because in included flushing the coolant system and changing cabin filters, etc.. It also included changing the bulb in one fog light. I got them to look the car over good for any symptoms of impending issues that needed to be taken care of before the warranty expired. They found nothing.

    One thing that deserves mentioning is that the brakes are out-lasting anything that I have ever seen in a vehicle of this type. The brake pads still have at least 50% remaining and the rotors are free of any vibration, squealing or brake-dust covered wheels. I have spent a fortune replacing brakes on the Mercedes, BMWs and Lexus cars that I have owned in the past. Those brands all claim that it is because they use a soft metal “for performance reasons”, which is a bunch of hooey. I recently had an occasion to have to slam on the brakes and I have never had a vehicle perform a panic stop as well. I have not seen anyone factor this into their cost comparisons with other brands but at three to four hundred dollars every 20,000 miles on those other brands, it is a significant consideration!

    I wound up replacing the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus tires at slightly over 30,000 miles on them. They were still good for another 5,000 to 10,000 miles but I had to replace the tires on my wife’s car and I worked out a really good price to replace the Genesis tires at the same time. I went with an identical set of Michelins again. You have seen my reports that they really make a huge difference in the Genny’s handling, although they are somewhat more firm and are slightly noisier on certain road surfaces.

    I just returned from a trip and I never fail to consider what a great car this is out on the open road. Comfortable! All the gadgets! Great fuel mileage (at least 28 MPG at 75-80 MPH)! Fast! Yes … I realize that it is a V6 but this thing will haul! Remember, I am the one who hounded every dealer in three states trying to get my hands on the first V8 but out of impatience went with the V6. I have since driven the V8 and find very little difference except at over 90 MPH. They have virtually the same zero to 60 times and the V6 has more balanced handling. OK … I will admit that I would probably get the V8 the next time but I can’t figure out why!

    I will report back in about 4,000 miles (at 65K). I am curious to know if anyone else has racked up over 60,000 miles on a Genesis.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Re brakes, R&T is finding similar results with its test car, now at about 40k miles. They estimate the brakes will last beyond 100k miles.
  • gensiscangensiscan Posts: 17
    It's always interesting to read your updates. I am impress by your regularity. :surprise:
    It's sound good to read that it will cost less $ on brakes.
    And for your question to get someone with close to 60K miles, i thing you will have to wait for ... maybe a year.
    Thank you again for your information.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Sorry, I meant C/D, not R&T.
  • bman900bman900 Posts: 55

    How have the leather seats in your 3.8 held up? The latest Car & Driver did a 40,000 long term test on a Genesis 4.6. For the most part the vehicle was very reliable, but they mentioned that the leather seats showed signs of premature wear. I'm curious since the leather in my 06 Sonata is in pretty bad shape even though I treat it regularly.
  • miklomiklo Posts: 67
    colegar :)
    Once again thank you so much for your informative and insightful review,as always you let us know the good,the bad,and the ugly.I am always happy to see your post cuz it lets me see what the probable future of my ride will be,as you were I am surprised about the longevity of the brake system,to say they are good is really an understatement.I wasnt aware of the 60,000 mile general warranty issue so thanks for that info also. I'm getting ready to turn 12,000 miles on my Genesis :D so all things being equal I look forward to many carefree miles ahead of me. Once again thanks so much for a great update and keep em coming please,I really look forward to seeing what you have 2say.

  • genesis57genesis57 Posts: 21
    To add another review of a 2009 Genesis 3.8 with 23K miles. I have just returned from a round trip from CT to Orlando FL (2800 miles in all) and I have to say, the Genesis was a joy to drive. I put in 4 days of 10 to 12 hours of driving and it was incredibley comfortable. Having the GPS, the rear window shade, the rain sensing wipers, the V6 power and the smooth ride all made a nice difference. I was pleasently surprised to get 30 mpg...even with driving through the hills of PA, VA and NC. It was also fun to get several compliments on the car from folks we met along the way. One complimented me on the nice "Bentley" (I have the Genesis logos on the trunk and wheel caps). The only glitch was when traveling near Roanoke VA, with just shy of an 1/8th of a tank of gas (mileage guage read 120 miles to empty)...the car sputtered a couple times and then stalled while climbing up an incline and wouldn't restart. I had it towed (the Hyundai roadside assistance program worked wonderfully as they where there promptly...and delivered the car to a nearby dealership and us to a hotel). At the dealership, when on level ground, the car then read 47 miles to empty and started up fine. They checked it out and there were no mechanical issues. So...word to the wise...when traveling in very hilly areas...keep more than a 1/4 tank of gas in the car. I still feel like there was something else going on, because the area where I coasted the car to....was only on a very slight incline...and the car would not even fire after numerous attempts. I live in CT, drive in hilly areas all the time and have run the gauge down to 'E' a couple times with no issues. To be safe and to avoid spending time in a dealership...I'll keep more gas in the tank from now on.

    My 24 month lease ends in a couple months and now I'm faced with the decision to keep the 2009 or get a new one.....hmmmm. Any thoughts on good reasons to upgrade to the 2010?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Might want to wait and see what kind of deal they would give you on the Equus. Maybe there will be a good introductory lease rate, and perhaps some sort of loyalty bonus for Genesis owners/lessees. Or maybe not--I have heard the first year's allocation of the Equus is already spoken for. As for the 2010 Genesis, it has tweaked suspension tuning so that might be one reason to get the 2010.
  • colegarcolegar Posts: 80
    I read that same comment in C&D about the leather seats wearing prematurely. However, I have not seen any indication of it.

    In my opinion, Hyundai hit the sweet spot between "firm" and "comfortable" with the seats. The texture of the leather holds you in place well too.

    I weigh in at about 220 pounds and the driver's seat cushion shows absolutely no change in the firmness or support and there are no noticeable indentations caused by my fat butt!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Maybe I'm not reading the same C/D review you are. The comment I see about the seats is, "The leather looks as if it had been subjected to 40,000 miles of hard use,..." Which it WAS. I take their comment to mean that the leather looks as expected after 40k miles of test drives by the C/D staff, not that it is wearing prematurely. I doubt you or most other owners subject their cars to the same wear/tear as automotive mag test fleet drivers.
  • colegarcolegar Posts: 80
    Your take on what they meant is probably correct. I had thought that they were less than impressed with the durability of the leather seats.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    The leather seats on my 2006.5 Optima look like new after 38,000 miles.Surely the leather on the Genesis is at least as good!
  • colegarcolegar Posts: 80
    Hey ... is anybody out there? I have not seen a single post on this forum for the past six weeks!

    I am now at 65,000 miles but this 5,000 mile update will be short and sweet because I have not had anything new to report. There have been no new problems or service issues.

    I haven't even had a repeat of the drivers door failing to unlock when I activate the keyless unlock switch.

    There is one thing that I should have had corrected long ago. About a year ago, they had to replace the toggle switch that tilts and telescopes the steering wheel. Since then, the driver's memory setting does not "remember" the steering wheel position. I think that will be an easy and quick fix if I can ever remember to mention it to the technician. I hope they don't lean on the fact that my 60K bumper-to bumper warranty expired 5,000 miles ago.

    See ... I did not bore you as much this time!
  • tjc78tjc78 South JerseyPosts: 9,309
    Not many Genesis owners here at Edmunds I guess. Mine goes in tomorrow to have the power tilt wheel fixed. It never resets to the proper position. This is a well known problem and the part was backordered for a few weeks.

    Glad your Genesis is treating you well. Mine just had two little annoyances creep up. One is the light for the passenger side visor won't stay on and the power passenger seat is having issues (not smooth operation) and a plastic piece came out from under the seat. Having dealer look at these problems tomorrow when they do the wheel. I am sure they will have to order parts and it will be another return trip.

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  • colegar,

    Some of us have been here for the duration...siting on the side listening to all the feedback and comments. I myself was on this forum before the Genesis launched. I went to the initial test drives and fell in love with the car. I recently and finally purchased a used 09 genesis and it's perfect for me. I waited, I listened, I save a ton of money! (o:

    Thanks for your timely and informative updates. I for one really appreciate all of those who positively contributed to this forum.

    A happy new Genesis owner.
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    Good luck on your 09 Genny. It sounds like you have studied the car from the outset and I am sure that you waited to find one that is in good shape. Mine is also an '09 and I still think it is about the smartest buy out there as far as bang for the buck.
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    I did not know that the problem with the steering wheel memory was one that several owners have experienced. I assumed that it would be as simple as plugging it in to their computer to have a program reset. If you get a chance, post a message letting us know if they get yours reset correctly.
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