Uplander Replacement Vehicle and the BBB Autoline

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Has anyone gone through the BBB autoline and received a replacement vehicle for their 2005 or 2006 Uplander? Wondering just how the replacement process actual works. Any costs to do the exchange?


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    A few months back I contacted the BBB about my Uplander and GM offered me, basically an extended warranty on everything to do with the van. I have just over 20,000 miles on the van and a list of things that have been already been replaced and/or worked on. I recently contacted GM again because I started having different problems and no one has returned my call. I will be contacting the BBB again tomorrow as I am not happy!
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    I am in the process now. So far they have denied everything and it is going to arbitration. What is your concern about? Mine is the air conditioner/computer system.
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    Did you have any luck? What was your concern with the Uplander?
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    I had a lot of electrical issues, including the flickering headlights. On the day of arbitration the overhead lamps failed to perform for the arbitrator, but I didn't think that would get me a new car. GM decided to send their district manager, this guy handed me his business card on the way out and said if I keep the van longer than 3 years call him, he'll extend the warranty another 2 years! That's how confident he was that I would not get a replacement vehicle. I picked up my brand new 2007 Uplander in Mid-May. ;) However, it has a horrible clunking sound with the first start of the day.....nothing else so far.
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    The biggest problem I have had with the van is the steering...at about 4500mi it began to make a growling/creaking noise when turning. That has been fixed four times and is making the noise again for the fifth time. After the third time I sent a last chance letter to GM. I have also had the voltage regulator replaced to fix the flickering lights, the liftgate adjusted to stop the rattling, the seat repaired because the release cable came out, a stabilizer link replaced to stop the clunk when accelerating and stopping, and my rotors turned because they are already warped. I have gotten the green light from the BBB to head to arbitration. A couple weeks ago I contacted the dealership to see if they would give me a service slip stating that they verified that the noise in the steering is back and they went ahead and called the GM rep in the area and I am supposed to meet with him this Tuesday...I can't wait...hopefully this is the end and bye bye van!
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    What model was your van? We just traded our 05 Terraza because of the brakes (and what I feel are problems caused as a consequence of the brakes- worn tie rod ends and tires worn out..). GM changed the CSVs from 5 lug wheels to 6 lugs in 2006 without any mention of it ANYWHERE whatsoever. That makes me think that the change fixed some (non-recall) related problem, very likely the brakes.

    Here's my conspiracy theory-
    1. Pre-2005 GM vans need updated, including crash strength.
    2. GM comes up with the CSVs- longer stronger nose, newer engines, new interior, 800+ pounds heavier than predecessors, many parts shared though (most obvious, rear hatches, less obvious- brakes, tires, etc. shared)
    3. 800 more pounds with the 2005 brakes is too much- brakes get hot / overheat for many vehicles when driven ANYWHERE requiring more than light braking. Brakes warp as a result.
    4. Some customers complain (GM gets notice of an unusually high number of warranty claims on brakes during 05 model year)
    5. GM quietly specs larger / stronger brakes (probably scavenged from some existing 6+ lug vehicle line), implements in 2006 vehicles. Problem solved.
    6. Almost. There's still a lot of people with 05's having brake problems. Easy- GM claims "normal wear and tear" or "customer-caused concern" and dodges responsibility to pay for repairs. After all, it's one model year of a lower-volume vehicle.

    That's my theory. So far it seems to be holding up. :sick:
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    My van is a 2006...the brakes are still wierd. Somedays it feels like I'm not going to stop, other days I almost come to a screeching stop because the brakes are so sensitive and grab...and the van creaks in the steering when I come to a stop...

    I thought about trading it in, but I have had so many problems with it in the first year and I don't want someone else to end up with the hassle...this is GM's responsibility...however, they apparently don't understand their end of the lemon law...I'm bypassing the BBB and have got a lawyer....this is the last GM vehicle I will ever own. It's not even about the vehicle anymore, it's about the "customer service" I never want to receive again...

    About your theory...I think GM has little concern for working out the bugs, they would rather redesign to make the customer think they found a solution...look at some of the issues with the Venture vans...premature warped rotors, flickering headlights...it's all a marketing scam!!!

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    Funny how all the dealers say we are the first to have that problem... I have a 2007 I bought "certified used" (which doesn't mean a hill of beans) with 21k miles and have had ongoing problems. I called GM's certified used 800 # and got nowhere with them. I got some robotic politically correct responses from a lady in a cubicle. There has been 3 electrical problems where it would not start or went to low engine power. Then the steering shaft was replaced for grinding. Tires have gone flat for no reason. Dealer replaced one at cost and one for free - 4 times in shop for that issue. Now warranty is out at 42k miles and the steering wheel shakes and van pulls to the right. Brakes just replaced and still don't feel right. To top it off, just noticed a loud rattle under the vehicle. Tried to hire a lawyer to file a lemon case and found out the dealer snuck in a binding arbitration agreement in the paperwork which takes that right away. Anyone know if I should report to BBB, file arbitration, or go to the media at this point? I don't want an extended warranty or another Uplander, I want GM to buy it back free and clear. If I trade I will be $10k upside down and don't want to sell my problems to some other poor family. This is the worst vehicle I have ever owned and will NEVER buy another GM.

    I found this website to file complaints just to make other consumers aware. Good thing I did because I found out the Honda I was going to buy to replace the Uplander has major transmission problems. Thought for sure I'd be safe with a Honda. Now leary of everything. :lemon:

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    What state are you in? The lemon law in most states protects the consumer from any "surprise" paperwork from the dealership. Lemon law supersedes documents that try to strip a consumer of his/her rights. In fact, there are probably other consumer protection laws that would fall into place. Contact a lemon law/consumer protection lawyer, not just a lemon law lawyer-they will have more knowledge of your rights. Speaking from experience, don't bother with the BBB. They awarded me a nonlemon law repurchase and GM's offer was that I pay THEM $2155 and they would take back my van. I hired a lawyer that handles both lemon law and consumer protection claims and they brought 8 charges against GM and the dealership. The defense attorney is now trying to make a settlement offer before it heads to court. If you're in the Michigan area, I know a great lawyer!! I think they handle claims in Ohio and Wisconsin, possibly a couple other states too.
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    Well, I've spoken to 3 lawyers and have gotten 3 different repsonses so far. The first is a family friend who doesn't specialize in lemon law just to get his take on where to go with this, the second was some idiot who said I have no lemon rights because it was bought used, the third I really thought would take my case because he said I had all the rights new car buyers do because it came with a warranty. I faxed him my paperwork and he called back to say he couldn't do anything for me because my husband signed a binding arbitration agreement. We had no idea what that was at the time we bought it and the finance guy lied about what it was and rushed us in and out. So, now thought I was out of options other than arbitration.

    I can't believe GM wanted you to pay them money to take your lemon back. I live in northern OH, so I would love the name of the lawyer you used. The only thing my last lawyer told me was that I had some questionable paperwork and he found a $200 fine to the dealer right away. Then he said he couldn't help me any further. I was really questioning whether or not I've had enough problems with my van to have a case, but from reading other people's experiences, I've realized we all seem to have the same issues. GM is obviously aware of this, so I have hope they will buy back my van. If they don't, I will go to the media as my last hope.

    I also found a website called www.reviewcars.com that I recommend before anyone's next vehicle purchase. I never knew how many problem vehicles and recalls there were out there. I have never had problems with any other vehicle I've owned four being GM models.

    Thanks for your help. I didn't know there were laws to override those types of agreements. I just hope they do in my case.
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    The fact that the dealer rushed you through signing the papers and lied to you about what the binding arbitration agreement is should fall into a consumer protection law. Also, some binding arbitration contracts will state specifically what you cannot take to court and what can only be argued through arbitration. Even if you decide to go the arbitration route, you can have a lawyer present. And why would the document even be there if they weren't aware of the van having previous problems? It really is amazing that a class action suit has not been filed with all the people that have had the same problems. The website for my lawyer is www.lemonlawlawyers.com I think she practices in Ohio also, but I'm not positive.

    check out this website too
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    Thanks for the info. I have not yet contacted her, but I am interested to see what she says. I just spoke again to the lawyer who said I would have had a case had it not been for the agreement I signed. Apparently he also specializes in consumer protection laws. He said he could fight it for me, but it would be too costly to be worth it. He has done it before, but I guess the consumer is stuck with the expense. I'm not sure why, but I cannot afford that route, so I guess I will just file the arbitration for $250 and hope for the best. I think I will ask my lawyer friend to come with me just to make sure I get a fair hearing. He won't charge a penny.

    I'm still going to contact your lawyer just to get one last opinion. I've been suprised at how much lawyers vary in their advice about the same case. I guess it all depends on which laws they know and their experience. It would make sense that all lemon lawyers specialize in consumer protection since it goes hand in hand, but I guess not. I can't believe the one I talked to said all used cars are sold as is and that's that. I'd like to call him back and enlighten him on the facts I found. Don't know how he's even in business.
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    I filed a claim with the BBB just to see if GM would resolve the issue that way before going the arbitration route. GM called to offer $2000 off a new car. That's it. I would have to eat the other $8000 in negative equity for their lemon! The BBB still hasn't officially opened the case yet, so going to pursue that further for now. Also, I went to the media and they don't want to help me because I think the dealer is a sponsor. I might try another station. I'm getting very aggrivated that GM will not take responsibility and I may be stuck with this for another 2-3 years before I can trade evenly.

    I did find a website where I can order a big lemon decal for my back window. I will be doing that soon.

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    So basically they offered you the same incentives they offer anyone else.

    There was a guy in the Flint area that drove around with a sign on his Cadillac saying don't buy this kind of car with a list of all the things that went wrong with it plastered all over his car...I thought that was great...I didn't realize they actually made lemon decals...I'm still waiting to hear back from my lawyer about GMs settlement offer. If you have any questions about the BBB or how to prepare for arbitration, give me a holler
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    Well, it's an extra $2000 on top of all other rebates plus we get a GM supplier discount which is another $1500, but all that gets added back into the price for negative, so that really doesn't help. The only thing that has enough rebates right now is a Trailblazer, but I would still be paying the $30k sticker price instead of the $20k I would pay if they would even trade. Doesn't seem like a fair deal to me. GM would be making more money off me and I would have a higher payment.

    You're lucky you could go through a lawyer. Hope you get a good settlement. Thanks for your help. I will be in touch.
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    We purchased a new Uplander in 1/08. I've had it in the shop for the sliding passenger door 6 times! They have replaced everything each time saying it'll fix it. They acted like i was the 1st person ever to have this problem, but reading this i see I'm not! I contacted the BBB & filed a complaint. They told me this is a route i can take without getting a lawyer. Has anyone gone thru this yet? Supposedly, according to Civil Code section 1790: if the manufacturer is unable to service or repair new vehicle to meet the terms of an expressed written warrantly after a REASONABLE NUMBER of attempts, the manufacturer is required promptly to replace the vehicle or return the purchase price to the buyer. Minus actual milage of course. I don't see any more Uplanders being built, so then what? Anyone familiar with this process in California and what i may expect from GMC? The service department really is great where i go so I'm hoping that will be a reflection of the outcome. My husband is in the military & i have enough to worry about without stressing about this van!
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    I went through the process in MI-a little different since it's the home of the big 3...the BBB was not helpful in my situation and I ended up having to get a lawyer. When you go through the BBB, if you have to go to arbitration, you represent yourself which means you have to do a lot of research on your part in order to prove GM is in wrong. If you have to go to arbitration, make sure you are clear on why they are not abiding by the lemon law and Magnuson Moss. Also check California lemon law, you might have to submit a 'last chance letter' to GM stating that they have one more attempt in fixing your vehicle before you pursue any action.
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    I did file a lemon law claim almost a year ago. GM has been very unhelpful and only wanted to offer me an extended warranty. The problem is that they are not able to fix the problems now, what makes an extended warranty a solution. I had to get a lawyer and we decided to settle out of court. I just wanted to get it over with. Once we paid lawyer fees and everything else I ended up with getting nothing. I still have the vehicle, it still has problems of all sorts. Now we also found out that when we purchased it, the wrong date was entered in the computer so they say our warranty was over in September 2009, even though we did not purchase it until November 2007 and we now only have 28k miles on it. Just this week the wheel hub assembly went bad and they will not fix it. I can pay to have it fixed ($500) or just not drive me van. I am still fighting with the dealership that sold us the vehicle and GM in regards to the factory warranty.We should still be covered until November 2010 or until we hit 36k miles. :sick:
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