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Toyota Sequoia Power Antenna

hryssahryssa Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Toyota
I have an 04 Seguoia (40K miles) with which recently the power antenna stopped working in the down position. I found no fuses open and there is no further information available in the manual to troubleshoot this failure. Other then the obvious visit to the dealer, does someone else have some guidance to share on this problem? Tx.


  • lait2000lait2000 Posts: 33
    Try this first to isolate the problem. stand on the passenger side and turn on then off the radio and pay attention at the antenna to hear any gear turning noice from the antenna motor. If you don't hear anything that means either your fuse blown or the connector to the motor is loose. If you still hear antenna's motor turning but antenna doesn't go dowm that mean either the cable inside antenna motor is broke or damage cable's teeths. In this case you can oder new antena ONLY and reuse an existing motor. This required to take out antenna motor to do this task. If you still have dealer warranty then they will do it for free, otherwise some machanic shops can do this service for cheaper at the dealer cost. Hope this help.
  • hryssahryssa Posts: 2
    I will try this...Thank you.
  • schan1wschan1w Posts: 8
    Check these out (it's for Lexus, but should be similar):

    You can buy a new mast from ebay for about $20. Simple install, even if you have to open up the motor. Well worth it to DIY to save big $$.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    Is the motor under the hood or inside the cabin?
  • The antenna is in the up position but will not come down when the radio is turned off. I can hear the motor but no-go on the antenna raise/lower motion.
    How do you get to the motor? What am I looking at in terms of possible repair/replace?

    Many thanks!
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