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Hyundai Elantra Exterior Problems

yankyoshyankyosh Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
Hi, I have a couple of scratches on my Elantra (pewter color) that I want to try to fix. I went to Autozone and checked out the Duplicolor products...apparently, there is nothing for Hyundai. Are there any colors from other makes/models that would be similar to Hyundai's pewter?



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    If they are small scratches, you might be better off just getting the factory touch-up kit from a Hyundai dealer, and maybe get a very narrow brush i.e. artist's brush, as the brush that comes with factory touch up paint is too wide for scratches I've found. For large scratches, one option is I ordered custom-mixed paint for three cars there, including a '01 Elantra and '04 Elantra. It comes in spray cans. It's a little pricey, as you need to order both the base (color) coat and clear coat, but the color match was good (I got champagne and red for the Elantras, white for a Mazda).
  • wonderwallwonderwall Posts: 126
    my 05 elantra came with touch up paint. my wife's 07 didn't...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Cool! I had to pay extra for touch-up paint for both my '01 and '04 Elantras. :(
  • gblackwegblackwe Posts: 8
    I own a 2007 Silver Elantra SE and just waxed it. I ran my hand over the car in several places and it was rough. I thought the dealer 'forgot' to wax it so I decided I'd just do it myself. Upon looking at the paint a little closer there are actually black specs embedded in the paint or clear coat. It really looks like there is a tiny spot with no paint, just clear coat. Is this a problem with the paint or clear coat or is this just how the paint on a new car is supposed to be?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    You need to take it to the dealer. The black specs could be from airborne contaminants, e.g. "rail dust", or signs of a problem with the paint job. Either way, you want the dealer to see it ASAP so they know it was that way from the start.
  • gblackwegblackwe Posts: 8
    Took it to the dealer and was told it must to be 'rail dust' or sap. They told me to get a 'clay-bar' and rub the affected areas and that should take the contaminants off. I did this and it worked. Just re-waxed the area where the spots were and all is smooth!!
  • The bumper strip that protects the door panel on my 2004 Elantra was torn off recently.
    Is this a DIY job or should I have it done at the dealers.
    The door is not dented. I don't think I can use the old piece.
    Some of the clips are still in their holes while others are broken or missing. Would someone give me step by step instructions on how to replace it?
  • I just bought a 2006 Hyundai Elantra hatchback and it has the black side molding (bumpers) that runs from front to back midway on the doors. This creates an ugly black line down the side of my white car. I suprised they continued to style the car this way through makes the car look dated...more like a 1999 model. Most cars now have fiberglass side molding that is painted the same color as the car.

    Anyway, is it possible to paint these black moldings on the side? Can I make them the same color as my car to make them less noticable?
  • Yeah, you can. I think you also might be able to buy the side moldings for an Elantra Limited and put those on, although your hatchback color may not have been available on the Limited so they might need to be painted as well. I think the Limited trim pieces have a chrome strip in there.

    Not sure why you think that looks dated; lots of cars still have black belt trim. And.... I'm just wondering- if you don't like it that much, why did you buy the car?
  • I love the car...the price was great and it had low miles. It's exactly what I want, except for the side moldings. So, I can live with it like it is, but if I can paint them or replace them with fiberglass, then even better.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Don't know if this will help any, but the black trim is there on purpose to make the car look more "European", e.g. like a Saab. In fact the Saab hatch appears to be the car Elantra was targeting when they styled the '01-'06 hatch, IMO. I like the black trim (my car is red), not only the looks (kind of sporty I think) but I like the fact that if someone hits the trim, it doesn't put a gouge in paint as with painted trim. Think about it... that white-painted trim could quickly get all nicked up, and with black below the paint it will look... well, not too good.
  • my 2002 elantra came with small creases in the tops of the doors and a faint crease in the side of the door,( i bought it new) you only see htem at the right angle but they are all there, i saw it was a problem with most 2002 elantras that were made before the problem was corrected in the welding of the door panels together. i went to dent pros but they couldnt get at them due to the safety re enforcement in the door panels.

    does anybody else have this problem.?? did hyundai do anything about this problem
  • I actually own an 07 Elantra and WANT black side body molding for that sporty look on the XD. Having a hard time finding them. All I can find are the same color style moldings, go figure.
  • I only had my 07 Elantra SE since August. The alloy wheels make the disc brakes very visible. I've noticed an amount of rust on both of the front disc brake calipers. Looks like insufficient galvinization. Should I be concerned over this? Is this under warranty? Thanks guys/gals for any info.
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