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2009 or 2010 Mitsubishi Galant

carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
edited March 2014 in Mitsubishi
Does anybody know if a new generation of Galant is going to coming out for the 09 or 2010 model year? I have read on some of my internet findings that the next gen Galant would be released for the 2009 model year but than again I read a next gen Galant would be delayed until the 2010 model year. Can anybody confirm what model year a next generation Galant would come out in 09 or 2010? Lastly, does anybody have some spy photo's of the next gen Galant or any HP figures for the next gen Galant?


  • guy922guy922 Member Posts: 1
    The Galant will be redesgined in for 2009. As much as I love Galants, Im on my second, sales are not where mitsubishi would like them to be, they will redo it all. But they are redesinged every five years. the way they and toyota do it, always lets you know what to expect. Example:

    Mitsubishi came out with the third generation galant in 1994, it started out with softer, flush front fascia and rear fascia. in '97, they bloated the front grille and separated the tailights. Wood grain trim was added. this wrapped up the last two years. in 1999 it started to with the chrome waterfall grille, and woodgrain dash trim with a different odometer face backing. in 2002 the galant lost the waterfall grille and interior woodgrain, with a grille separated by a cut down the middle where the mitsu symbol resided. chrome replaced the woodgrain trim in the interior. The chrome is tacky. this carried for '02 and '03 and again she was designed in '04.

    didnt mean to get so detailed, but i thought it would let you know. so it will be redesinged in '09 and its supposed to be really high tech and great! put it into fierce competition with accord and camry! but its gonna be hot ;);););)
  • psychogunpsychogun Member Posts: 129
    The 2009 Galant is expected to be built on the current (overweight) PS platform, due to lack of funds at MMC Japan (i.e. no transition to the smaller/lighter GS platform yet).
    There are no spyhots at this time. I have read some comments on an Eclipse forum, by a member who says he works at the MMNA plant in Normal, that the '09 Galant will be rounder and and made to look smaller.
    As far as engines go, the 4-banger is expected to be the GEMA based all-aluminum 4B12 2.4l. The V6 will more than likely just be carried over (i.e. 6G75 for LS and 6G75 MIVEC for the RalliArt).
    The 4-banger will likely be mated to a CVT, while the V6 will continue with the 5-speed auto (even though MMC has a 6-speed in the Outlander...). :confuse:
    It's rumored that the '09 Galant may debut either at Detroit or Chicago in January 2008. If this is true, where the heck are the spyshots...???
  • rubyred83rubyred83 Member Posts: 10
    The 2009 Galants are already hitting the ground and, as nice as they are, they are not a major redesign as was promised. Rumor has it that the 2010 Galants will be the same car as the Japanese Diamonte, adapted to the US market.
  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Member Posts: 92
    Is there a Japanese built Diamonte? Or Diamante?

    I thought that the Diamante was only built in Australia and production was canceled there in 2004 to build the 380 ( Galant ).

    I assumed that the 2010 Galant was going to be the Concept ZT - or something close to it - on a stretched GS platform. That was also the rumor with the Concept RA.

    Also, both of these concepts were shown with diesel engines I believe.

    I don't get why Mitsubishi would build a Galant in Japan for export to North America and pay tariffs and transport costs. This would only hurt their North American dealers who need competitive pricing against the Camry, Accord, Malibu etc..

    Besides that, I'm pretty sure that the car we know as the Lancer is sold in Japan as the Galant-Fortis, but if anyone has pics (or more info) on a new Japanese built LH drive Galant/Diamante I would like to see them.
  • lara13219lara13219 Member Posts: 1
    Do not base your Disestion on buying any Mitsubishi car on my reserach. I will not be held liable or responsble for anything.

    Every Five years Mitsubishi Galant Comes out with a differnt desgined and model. Exapmle you have the ES, Sport Edition, Sport V6, and the best one I think is the Ralliart. The Mitisubishi Ralliary is the one i been doing my homework on. From what i can see the 2009 Ralliary comes with more or less the same accessories and Features the 2008 Ralliary comes with. The only Differnts from 2009 Ralliary, 2008 Ralliray is the barke lights and the grill area looks differnt.

    Its a nice car but I think I will wait for the 2010 Ralliary to come out i hope its better than the 2009 Ralliary also i really hope they put fold in mirrors.

    If I had the money I will 2010 Ralliary and the Mitsubishi Concept ZT.
  • bluwailbluwail Member Posts: 1
    I own a 2008 Lancer. Not a great car however not bad. Mine was unfortunately delivered without rear disc's as I own the ES. Mitz claims specs subject to change without notice. I claim except when you are using it to delineate between models. Anyway, I have been given the opportunity to switch to a Galant Sport model. I will be giving up a slightly lower lease price, leather interior, touch entry, a decent radio with satalite, blutooth connectivity, a special maintainence contract. Extra power outlet in passenger compartment.

    What I get is a larger car more capable transmission, rear disc's larger trunk, more room overall,a 2009 vehicle pullouts on visors a necessity in my climate.
    Any takers on an opinion, thanks.
  • elgatolocoelgatoloco Member Posts: 92
    I know several people who own the upper-end sport model Galant.

    They all say it's... phenomenal.

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