Equinox Taillight Assembly

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Anyone know how to change out the left tail light assembly. Wife backed into a car and broke the clear plastic only, but of course I have to replace the whole thing.


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    To take off the tail light assembly

    1. Open the back of your Equinox
    2. Just to the right of the tail light assembly you will see to plactic circles, these pry off to reveal 2 phillips head screws
    3. Remove these two screws and then pull the assembly to the left out from the side of the car. Do not pull it toward the back.
    4. Remove lights and wires and your assembly is free from the car now.
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    Had a grocery cart hit the tail light area and the clear plastic is cracked (w a spider like crack) but not broken.

    Can only the clear plastic cover be swapped out or does the whole taillight need to be replaced?
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    My Equinox is a 2005. I just looked in my owners manual at page
    5 - 44 (if your manual is the same) that's in the section where they show you how to change the rear light bulb and as I can figure it out they tell you to unscrew the lid by opening the tailgate you can see 2 round plastic caps that hides the screws to remove the plastic lid and replace the bulb but the bulbs seem to be part of the lid. So I think you have to change the whole thing, you'll have to take it apart to make sure. I remember in the 70's you only had to take 4 screws out and that's it. But now, it's so frustrating how they build automobiles.
    You might check with a body shop, they could advise you how those lids are built.
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