Outlander Transmission is a 'fake CVT'

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Both my service manager, and a Mitsubishi Representative at the N Y Auto Show have confirmed that the tranny is a CVT with 6 fixed computer shift points so it acts like a standard auto box. Mitsubishi is marketing the 'memory feature' of the driving profile to determine the shifting atrabutes vs. the actual fact that it is a CVT. The unique moving-off from a standstill sensation, and the higher m-p-g than one might expect are a direct result/benefit of employing the CVT. Mitsubishi uses their own 'enhanced CVT' software vs. other car mfg's CVT boxes.


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    This is the Mitsubishi forum, not the Onion.
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    Most likely they were talking about 2008 Lancer GTS tranny. I do not believe that Mitsubishi would make misleading marketing claims. This would be a serious risk which no sane executive would take. Plus, they have no reason to do so.
    FYI: 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander has a 6-speed automatic transmission with manual mode.
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    6 speed is mated with 3.0 v6. Other parts of the world get 2.4 with CVT. OP is perhaps not from around here...

    That being said, there's a rumour that four banger mated to cvt might come to NA later.
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    That CVT that the rest of the world gets is a "6-speed" CVT...that might not have helped either. Someone will take one apart just to prove it one way or the other probably. ;)
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    On other markets (e.g. New Zealand), Mitsu specifically mentions the CVT word when describing the tranny - "INVECS-III Sport Mode 6-speed CVT" .... According with a Mitsu press release, the 2008 Lancer is the FIRST Mitsubishi car with CVT in NA.
    Whomever says the NA 2007 Outlander has a CVT tranny is misinformed.
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    AFAIK, 2.4L 4cyl versions get CVT transmission, while all 3.0L V6 gets the traditional Auto transmission.

    Indeed anybody who speaks of CVT in a 07 US Outlander is misinformed. MMNA never made any official statements regarding 07 Outlanders having CVTs.
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    ... and metuchenscale, if your Service Manager told you that the NA 07 Outlander has a CVT tranny, you may want to take your Outlander, I take you have one, to another dealership for service. I could accept this lack of knowledge from a salesperson, but not from a Service Manager. Just my $0.02 ...
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