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Good Morning guys;

Have a cooling system question for you this morning. Not quite sure what is going on. Have a '99 Sable, 3.0. not the dual overhead. Car runs fine, heats up fine, brand new heater core, thermostat, water pump, freeze plugs, and overflow tank. Monday afternoon, on my way home from work, windshield started fogging up, and was getting a little bit of steam coming from the vents. Get the car home, and found that the radiator cap, on the overflow tank, broke. Roommate thought possible vapor lock. Replaced the radiator cap, and let it sit overnight. Started up yesterday, had ice on thw windshield, did defrost ok. Started the car yesterday afternoon, and fogged up the windshield again. Roommate looked and couldn't find anything. Started this morning, and was getting the smell of antifreeze again, but it did defrost the windshield.

Could I possibly have a leaky hose, or something more critical? If it were the head gaskets, I wouldn't be getting heat, and if it was the heater core would have antifreeze inside the car, if not mistaken. Any suggestions or ideas?

Also, how easy is it to change the ac filter? A buddy at work suggested that this might be causing the problem, as his mom had a similar issue w/ her Taurus, which was doing what my Sable is doing now.

Also, in addition, think may have a short somewhere. Whenever I do start it, the radio will start doing a autoscan searching for a channel, and won't stop. It will also dim the lights a bit. This happens whenever I turn the heater on. Does have a new alternator as well. Had to have that replaced about 6 months ago (died and drained the battery too). Any suggestions on that?


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    The symptoms you describe per the windshield fogging are classic symptoms of a leaking heater core. So perhaps the new core is leaking or one of the hoses to the heater core is leaking or the hoses (at the heater core) are not secured tightly. That would be my first guess. The reason that you are seeing coolant come out of the vents is because the heater core is inside the HVAC system. If it is coolant leaking that you see and smell then it can only be the heater core or hoses. The AC system is not involved.

    Per the voltage surge, use a multi-meter connected to the battery terminals and watch the voltage. With the car off the voltage should be 11-12 volts or so. If the voltage is much less than that then your battery is suspect. With the car running the voltage should be 12-14 volts or so. If it's not in that range then watch for surges as the car starts or revs. If the voltage is out of spec (with the car running) then your alternator has problems. Sometimes those aftermarket alternators that you get at the local auto-repair store aren't very good. You can either take it back to where you bought it and see if they'll give you a new one or get a (quality) alternator from the dealer.
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    I would like to know how to flush the cooling system on a 1998 Sable. I recently had the radiator hose replaced and all the water drained out. Now it has air in it and I need to know how to bleed or flush the air out of the cooling system.
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