Future Suzuki Cars...What Are They?

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Been reading "future vehicles" sites, on like intellichoice.com's, for a few years. It appears that 65-75% of their predictions, comments, on future vehicles happen(we see a production car fitting the description they put on their site).

Well, as little a 3-4 months back, they had said the Reno would have a sporty model added to the line-up, and the Forenza would be re-worked(by Suzuki).
Looked the other day, and all that was up for future vehicles was a possible Verona update, and a "new, sporty sedan"( SX4?) for 08.
They do mention "Aerio redesign"( true, but redesigned into the 07 SX4, so the name is off, and the year is off, just as "Chery" cars coming is off).
Anyhow, the stories about Forenza/Reno being re-worked, or even all new, Gone!
What Gives?
Forenza/Reno is Suzuki's Largest Selling Name . Has been for 3 years.
So, are they replacing the Forenza/Reno with the SX4 sedan( and maybe a hatch version, to replace Reno?).

From what I have heard is the Swift will be here, by not until 2010(next redesign).
Then a truck...Frontier(Nissan) rebadged for Suzuki, by 09.
After this... who knows?
The SX4 sedan coming out in the Fall is the size of the Forenza(or larger, but seems to have less"comfort features").

Anyone out there have ANY ideas?

At the auto show this year, they had the XL7(which had been out already, not a new vehicle),
with a "movie projector screen" on top of the car, and rigged so you could watch movies, like a mini-outdoor theater, from inside the car, IIRC.

Anyone from Edmunds know what Suzuki's future plans are?
Care to guess?
I give up.
Everyone knows that next year, Toyota will have a new Corolla.
Suzuki? Who knows what they will do next!
Kind of hard to form any plan/idea of what will be out when it is time to by a car, when even the dealerships have little clue.


What are they up to? Anyone?
It's frustrating!


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    This sort of answers my own question(s).
    Truck is confirmed( for 08).
    Swift around 2010.
    Aerio wagon will be dropped( I kind of figured...probably got to get rid of current stock first).
    And " 2 unconfirmed vehicles" by 2011(well,the article is vehicles for Suzuki by 2011, but sounds like all should be out before then, new stuff).

    By 2009, the 5 year run will be up for Forenza and Reno.
    The Verona is not selling at all( barely in the hundreds of units -per- month).

    The Forenza/Reno are their Biggest selling line.
    I don't know what they plan to do here, unless they are going to let the SX4 sedan take the place of the similarly sized Forenza,and maybe bump up(in size) the Forenza/Reno(and give them a new name?)... and make them large enough to say replace the Mid-Sized Verona, or what?
    If they did this wisely, they could make the Forenza the size of the Kia Optima( about 186 inches in total length... on the short side of other cars in this class, but still roomy enough to be called a Mid-sized sedan), and make the Reno replacement say 180-182 inches long, and call it the "sporty hatch"version of the Forenza . Like now, the Forenza is slightly larger than the Reno hatch.

    So, the Forenza replacement could fill in for the Verona, and the Reno maybe be the size of the Lancer, etc... and the SX4 be the new compact, the SX4 suv replaces the Aerio, and then bring in the truck, and the Swift...
    and all they are missing is what? CUV? Minivan?

    I'm tired of just thinking about it.

    I like Suzuki for one main reason: More reliable than even my in-laws 1987 Toyota truck was!
    He had a 90 tracker(Suzuki) for nearly 220K, NO Problems.
    Tranny needed fixed in the Toyota at 179,000.
    Their other tracker, 92K miles... 11 years old, minus some faded paint... that's it. No problems.
    They NVH, etc, though, is early 20th century, like a tractor, until this SX4 SUV/CUV they got!
    Now, they caught up... just deliver better MPG, 0-60 times, and Suzuki-Built cars( like the Reno, but better, 3 or 5 door),and I'm there!

    Who knows though?

    They need more advertisements,comparsions on tv vs other makers, or something.
    Most people are unaware of Suzuki.

    Most reliable maker I ever saw, in 30 years of driving!
    That's a fact that I personally know of.

    Our Nissan came a close second, but the past 10 years? Afraid not, to my knowledge, anyway.

    I want a Reno, but built as solid as the New SX4 SUV.
    Hope they deliver by 09-10!
    Also, 32-34MPG would be nicer than their advertised 29-31MPG for a 126-127HP I-4!
    It's a decent design( a 5 door that appears as a sedan or coupe-like, from a distance, vs box-like, or wagon-like)but needs better everything.

    take care/not offense.
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    http://autoweek.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070213/FREE/70212008&Profile=10- - 24

    Now I know why Verona sales were so low... Suzuki quit selling them after 06 model.
    They're getting rid of inventory.
    Now, I am confused.

    The 2nd thing I posted said "2 new vehicles" will be out for Suzuki by 2011... but "unknown/un-named", but this one link mentions the Verona replacement, maybe by 2009.
    So... again... where does that leave the Forenza/Reno, Suzuki's best sellers of the past few years( Unless they are just going to rework a few GM-DAT's, but as this article states, Suzuki will be the bosses when it comes to reworking/building the engine(s),, and then bring out the "Forenza"...which, if you see their sales charts every month, they just lump together the Forenza/Reno as Forena).

    Ah, who knows?
    What do you guys think?

    Should Suzuki be taking another path, or keep on going, with the SX4 sedan this Fall, the truck next year, and 2 other vehicles(cars?) and the Swift in 2010?
    Should they try to speed things up?
    Are they on the right track/pace?
    Should they bring out a Mazda 5 /Kia Rondo fighter?

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    A mid-size (with a V-6?) looks like it would fit in the current line-up:

    Suzuki Vehicles

    I see more excitement about the SUVs, but that's mostly because I read the SUVs boards and not the Sedans one. ;)
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    Yes, a V6/Midsized sedan makes sense. The Verona only had 155HP,and sold few units. It did not look bad, but seems, according to the article, customers complained about lack of power, so Suzuki will build the new V6/5 speed tranny(automatic, IIRC) and more HP, for the next version( most likely a newer Verona/GM-DAT).

    Just hope the rumors I had read on intellichoice.com a few months ago, well, happen( a sporty Reno, updated, etc.. to come out, maybe later this year, or in 08, IIRC).

    I enjoyed the Reno, once it hit 45 MPH(and upwards on MPH), but that slow take off,felt really bad, as if it were struggling to get up to 40.

    All they need is an updated( Suzuki engineered) engine and tranny... tweak the NVH some( and 0-60 and MPG ).... and I would seriously consider buying one.

    I told one guy, maybe they should buy the Corolla's engine/tranny, and drop it in the Reno?
    At least, if ya gotta go slow, ya get 36-38 MPG vs 29-31MPG.

    I have just been impressed with their products( well, as I said before, the Suzuki-Chevy-Trackers were like tractors, in miniature, for the roads, in NVH, handling, etc, IMHO, but, they last forever, and the in-laws SX4 with around 17K miles..., solid as day 1, just the interior is sort of decontented vs other makers).
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    http://thehollywoodextra.blogspot.com/2007/04/sportier-awd-susuki-sx4-sedan.html- #comments

    Don't know if anyone else will see this or not.

    What do you guys think?

    I know the SX4 CUV/SUV is a great, sharp handler.

    Add more HP, add more fun!
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    I think if suzuki got Elpsilon2 (GM Midsize FWD Car: Malibu, 9-3, Aura, G6), They would be set especially simce the elpsilon2 platform can use AWD.

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    do you know what's dumb with all the big car companies now!?!?!?! It's that they are only going for gas mileage and convenience! And I just don't realy like it because can you see lamberghini making some van thing like porshe is now! it's dumb!
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    Not quite sure if ya mean Suzuki(they are small, only sold 101,000+ units last year, about 17K+ units behind even Mitsubishi, so they are not a "big" auto company, at least in the USA... in Japan, they are #3, ahead of Honda, though, due to the popularity of microcars).

    As for MPG, Suzuki's best right now is 29-31MPG, Forenza family of cars, with a 127HP engine(compare this to the Corolla, 126HP, and 38 Hwy, 30 city).

    My in-law's SX4 CUV/SUV gets 27-28 MPG, and rated for 30 MPG.
    So, compared to Toyota, Scion, Honda, Nissan, Mazda,they are not doing great with small I-4's for MPG.
    They cost way less, though.They have a way better warranty, too. More fun to drive than a Corolla, and AWD, at the flick of a switch(PT awd, for "lo gear" up to 35MPH, FT AWD, and FWD for best MPG in good weather).

    So, take a hit on MPG, gain on AWD, price, warranty, and in some cases, fun.

    Suzuki might sell more cars, to be honest, if they had their FWD cars like Forenza getting 34-36MPG.
    This car is supposed to be nearly 177 inches in total length. The Elantra, 177+ inches in total length, is now EPA rated(interior volume total amount for)Midsized sedan, despite the compact car length.
    I would not call it "small", unless you are used to driving a HUMMER, or something of it's ilk. ;)

    My deal is this: we drive 125 miles per day.
    Next car better get 38-40 MPG. This paying out nearly 12 dollars per day for gas, 34MPG(Scion tC automatic) is not fun, despite the car being fun.
    That's nearly 240-250 a month for gas.
    Uggh...don't wanna think about it( still cheaper than moving, and paying 5 times more for propety taxes, new home, etc...than where we live now, just more of a pain in the neck, 2.5 hours of driving per day).

    My neighbor has a truck getting 16MPG(Jeep Cherokee?)...avg.
    He drives 15 miles to work(vs 62.5)one way, so for him, gas prices are no big deal, unless they hit 15 dollars per gallon.
    For us....MPG the higher the MPG, the more $$$ in our pockets at the end of the day.
    Anyhow....still not quite sure what you were getting at 100%. Please clarify.


    take care/not offense.
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    If i wanted a car that got your MPG requests, I would personally get a Jetta TDI! It gets 42MPG Highway and some people have reported as much as 50MPG!! City is pretty good also.

    I think that they get a tax refund but I'm not sure.

    That TDI engine also sees use in the current jetta, last jetta, "New" Beetle "coupe" for 2006 and older, and the previous generation of VW Golf.

    Other Diesel vehicles include the Mercedes-Benz ML320CDI, GL320CDI, E320CDI(04-06) E320 Bluetec, and R320CDI. Also a Jeep Grand Cherokee(2007) and jeep Liberty(2006).

    I know Suzuki should be getting diesels out soon!! Or at least a stronger more fuel efficiency engine in the Grand Vitara. I hope 3 engine choices.

    -A 2.7l 170hp I5 with 27MPG Highway
    -A 3.5l 230hp V6 with 24MPG Highway
    -A 2.5l 130HP diesel with 40MPG highway

    -Cj Gm CAN do it.
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    don't change what I really get on our Scion tC. I know when we got our 05, it said avg 29Hwy, then this year, 30MPG, for 07...so what will happen next, EPA say 28 MPG, while we are getting 32-34 in real life?
    I mention this because I know the Civic gets 37-39 MPG hwy(know an owner of an 06), and 08 EPA said 35-37MPG(in what country, lol).
    I know the Corolla gets 38 hwy/30 city, regular gas .
    Rumors have the next gen(coming out in 08?) as 40/31-32, hwy, city.....
    140HP, like the Civic(vs 126 or is is 127HP now?).
    Seems like they are going to do this, since the 127HP engine is in the upcoming Scion xD, which replaces the xA.

    Anyhow, even the Elantra, a so called Midsized(epa volume) car is rated 36/28, 140HP.
    I have driven an 01 for rental, and got 37 one trip, and 31 was the worst, and avg on 5 tanks of gas, 10 days, 33+ MPG(6 years ago, before the tweaking of the engine).

    Even my 87 Chevy Spectrum(Isuzu I-Mark) got 31 avg miles( 60% hwy, 40% city) back in the day.

    So, to be honest,dunno what the deal is with low MPG by Suzuki on these smaller cars.
    I do hope they get something going though.

    They do build very reliable products.
    That is w/o question.

    take care/not offense.
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    Mentioned they sold GM stuff in Japan, btu won't anymore. Also briefly mentioned the Nissan/Suzuki hook-up deal(somewhat).
    Suzuki is #3 in Japan due to their microcars, and Nissan probably did not want to become #3, so they struck the deal: Suzuki makes microcars for Nissan, Nissan gives them a rebadged(?) Frontier.
    Everyone saves money on R&D, and can(hopefully) pass this along via lower MSRP's.

    I am just waiting for the rumored 08 vehicles( well, 09, by introudced in about a year or so from now.... the Truck is rumored for next year, and the Verona replacement, and hopefully the Forenza/Reno replacements, too).
    Suzuki does seem to take forever to update stuff( Hyundai/Kia, they change designs almost constantly... like the 2006.5 Optima, and 07? Been out only 1 year, to be honest, but they already have a refresh out as an 08 real soon, for Optima!That's how ya do it, keep upgrading every few years , not every 5).
    take care/not offense.
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    Hyundai and Kia are very aggressive car designers and engineers both. They are very, very good cars and they understand that the car buying public is looking for new designs all the time.

    This Japanese car maker named Mitsubishi designed a little fireplug called the 2008 Lancer GTS and my attention went straight to it like Ronald Reagan to a jar of jellybeans.

    Now I can't take my eyes off my new Rally Red Lancer GTS. I was looking for Kia to come up with a sporty 4-door in the Lancer's size class. It didn't come although the new Kia Soul design looks good. It's just that I was ready to buy and the new Kia designs were a ways off still. Plus, I absolutely love this new Lancer's body design.

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    Lancer looks good. Might get to test drive one in 1-2 more weeks, out of curiosity(just the regular ES CVT model). Still reading 29 MPG hwy( give or take 1 or 2 either side).
    The tC is still good, though. 78K miles, and we could sell the car/trade it, and Make Money, in 32 months! :surprise:
    And the 32-34MPG is nice(as is the hatch).

    Who knows what we will buy in 09-10(or if I'll be alive).

    If the Reno comes out all sporty as I read(at one time, the info disappeared on intellichoice's site, though), we'll consider it.
    If the Lancer get a hatch out, maybe(MPG is a big part of it, and this 29-30MPG for Suzuki and Lancer is not cool for us, as spouse drives 125 miles per day. even @ 34, the tC seems not enough, with 3 per gallon gas prices about here already).

    Might try the next gen Corolla( it may be boring, but if it gets 31-32 city, and 41-42 hwy, for 18K...I could probably deal with that, lol).

    Lot of rumored hybrid cars(20K or less), too... from Hyundai(Elantra) to Kia Rio, to Corolla, in the next few years.

    Diesels, too.

    Anyhow, the Lancer is one sharp looking car, I will grant you that!

    Suzuki should get on the ball, though. They want 150-200K sales in a few years, they had better diversify faster.

    I really like their reliability record, but giving people want they want(or "crave") is another thing, in general.


    PS: How's the Lancer mileage? Still under 30MPG(I know ya said 30.3 MPG once).
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    it's hard to tell you the '08 Lancer's exact mpg because I haven't figured it up doing the old-fashioned math yet. I plan on noting the gallons added next gassing time, so I'll figure it up and post the results when I get them.

    We have averaged 37.2 mpg and 30.2 mpg on two 80-mile roundtrips to a neighboring town and, yesterday here in town the Lancer was averaging 25.2mpg! That is plenty good enough for my wife and I's needs.

    For you guys a car that gets better mpg would be something to consider. The mpg of the Lancer was not an issue for us but I have a 1/2 mile drive to work is all! We go the 80 miles to Tucson and the 200 miles NW to Phoenix every so often for fun and shopping but not that often to affect our buying decision for a new rig.

    We've been pleasantly surprised at the Lancer's great build material quality and great handling and ride. It's a delight to drive this sedan. A sedan with a spoiler out back and sunroof and 650-watt Rockford Fosgate stereo, that is. I am glad I spent the extra cash on these extras, I love them. ;)

    Suzuki has a great challenge winning new customers over to their lineup in America. We have so many choices.

    I still really like the SX4's design and am eager to see the SX4 sedan. I think either of those would be good cars, though neither would really be able to beat my Lancer's mpg and don't look better. Even so, I like their AWD idea of the SX4 and the fact that you have the option to go FWD-only and then put it in AWD-Auto for cruising needs for a little bit better traction in sloppy weather and AWD-Lock for added traction needs times. It's a cool thing to have and from early owner reports the AWD system seems to be holding up well.

    What do you think of the new Kia Soul and C'eed? Still a ways off for production on them.

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    Mitsu sold alittle over 118K units and Suzuki alittle over 101K last year. Fairly close.
    But, Mitsu is getting noticed, pubically, just by designs of their cars, let alone from Editorial praises on test drives.
    Suzuki? Besides the SX4 CUV( in-laws at 17K now. Drove through 8-10 inches of snow, and got some over his bumper, throw drifts, in Feb, during a snow storm, but he got hom just fine) that looks decent, gets 28-29MPG, and 14-17K msrp( and a decent 7/100K warranty).... they sell cars, but who buys them?
    I have seen maybe 1 Reno, and maybe 2 Forenza's, and the SX4 the in-laws have,in a year, in my area. I have seen a few used Mitsu's( mainly Eclipses and 1-2 Galants)..about 1 dozen all together.
    Like I said before, if they repalce the Reno with something along the same lines, but updated like the SX4's, I'd seriously consider one.
    Soul: out within a year. I-4 and maybe small V6. About the size of the outgoing xB.
    C'eed? Heard it is being produced now, in Europe, iirc.
    USA? No. On the 2 chats with kia officials , one in Dec 06, one in jan 07, on edmunds, they said No C'eed's of any kind in USA, for Europe only( Pro-Ceed is decent, but they are Rabbit sized).
    Accent SE (in design, at least) covers this.

    Who knows?
    2009 is 2 years away, and there's all kinds of stuff that should be new, or replaced.
    Have the tC(either replaced, or all new) next year,
    some weird sporty car(supposedly) from Suzuki, and the 3 door Astra is coming out, too, late this year.
    Soul next year, is coming out.
    Supposedly, a 5 door Lancer might be coming out.
    New Verona for Suzuki.
    Coupe(possibly) for Hyundai Sonata.
    isn't one of the Italian companies(affordable)coming back to USA by 09?
    Yes, tons of choices.
    Suzuki had better get the ball rolling,or they'll be stuck with low 100,000's sales.
    I would seriously consider a decent 3 door tC competitor from them,if it were similar in anemities and options, and price(and mpg_.
    A 3 version tC, with push button AWD/PT lo-gear AWD, or FWD to save on fuel, and sporty, with say 155-160HP?
    Yeah! That would interest more than just me, I suspect.

    See ya later.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    and totally forgot about noting how many gallons went in, so my mathematically-correct gas computation is going to have to wait a bit. We averaged 29.6 mpg for the trip today to Safford and back.

    Filled up the car with Home Depot treats for the house and WalMart food goodies and other assorted items and cruised on back home.

    Enjoyed the RF stereo playing the great Deep Purple tune 'Highway Star' quite a bit, listening to Ritchie Blackmore move all over the fretboard in manic style. We opened up the sunroof to look at the twilight Arizona sky. Gorgeous.

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    Opel has unveiled the next generation Agila (photo), the compact urban car developed and produced in partnership with Suzuki.

    It will make its world premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt, September 13, 2007 and will go on sale starting from spring 2008.

    Let's hope Saturn gets a version for the USA!
  • harrycheztharrychezt Member Posts: 405

    We'll see this in Sept.
    This article says a there will be a wagon, hatch, and sedan(Europe only?).

    I dunno. I hope we see all 3. Here is why. Heard rumors of Suzuki keeping the Reno/Forenza, but intellichoice.com took these 2 cars down on their future car deal.
    They have the SX4 sedan on there, and the Verona(in 08, as an 09?).
    So, the SX4 sedan has more HP than the current Forenza/Reno(about 16 HP more), same size sedan as Forenza, so where does that leave the Reno/Forenza?

    I could see the SX4 sedan replacing the Forenza, no problems(except for the lack of a few anemites, vs Forenza), that could leave the Sedan(Verona) then a hatch, to fill the void, so-to-speak( look at it this way, many sedans are larger than their smaller, hatch counterparts these days. The Versa: Sedan is around 176 inches total length, the vers 5 door hatch is a tinybit over 169 inches in total length..so Suzuki could have the verona at say 190 inches total length, then the hatch at say 182 inches...to make it seem like it takes on other cars of 180 inches total length. Ford is thinking of Mondeo for USA... why not Suzuki 5 door Verona?).
    All guesses, of course. Here's hoping they do the right thing, and bring 2 or all 3 versions over in 2008.

    take care/not offense.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    like the Toyota Yaris hatch but with 4-doors. Is Saturn in the rumour mill to get a version of the Agila? From the GM/Saturn/Opel connection, eh? Interesting stuff.

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