Chrysler 300c-winter driving

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I am from Moscow, Russia. And I plan to buy a 3 year old 300c from the USA.
Could you please inform me about the way it is driven in winter, because in Russia the winter lasts for abour 6 months.
Is it necessary to obtain only a AWD 300c, or RWD will be enought, if special winter tires are set.


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    Regardless of what you buy put a good set of winter tires on it. I have a 06 300C AWD with 20K on the original Conti 4X4 tires and they are completely worthless in the snow.
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    I recently purchased my 2006 300C on June 1, We just found out we will be relocating to Colorado from California next month. My husband said we have to sell the 300c and get a AWD. I called the dealership and they said I am already $6k upside down! Besides that, I love the car and would like to keep it. Can anyone please tell me how it drives in winter conditions? Should I keep the car or trade in?
    It is a RWD w/ ESP. Any info will be appreciated...Thanks
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    Actually the answer is fairly simple, go to and buy a winter wheel and tire package. I just took a peek and they have a 17" wheel package with four 17x8.5" wheels and four 235/65 R17 Michelin Latitude X-Ice tires for $1,120. Those should get you through up to about 8" of show and handle all but the steepest driveways and local streets.

    Best Regards,
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    I have a lot of experience driving in snow and icy conditions. Will you be living in an area where road crews will not have cleared the roads frequently? If you have to be somewhere no matter what the road conditions, then AWD (and to a certain extent FWD) is better. However, with good snow tires and the ESP, the C will be fine for most snowy conditions. Sometimes, no matter what the best thing to do is stay home until the roads are cleared. :)

    Remember too, that AWD allows you to go better through snow, but doesn't make the vehicle stop any better. So careful driving is a must either way.

    I would stay with the C, invest in the best snow tires. I would get a set of snow tires and have them mounted on steel wheels and put the good wheels and tires away until the winter is over. Saves the wheels from the salty deicers they put on the roads in winter time.

    Enjoy the mountains! :shades:
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    I agree with the other comments. A good set of snow tires will make all the difference. The 300C RWD actually does very well in low-traction situations assisted by ESP/traction control and brake-assist. Here in NC, we're famous for ice storms which make driving in hilly terrain very dangerous. The 300 is pretty well balanced and has almost 50% of its weight on the rear wheels, so the motive traction is actually very good. During the last big ice storm, I was able to make it up hills that several FWD vehicles around me couldn't.
  • goofytimlgoofytiml Member Posts: 41
    Definitely stay with the 300C!

    For goodness sake, what did we ever do before AWD and FWD? We had a blast learning to drive RWD vehicles in the snow! That's what. As the others have said... get snow tires, and once some white stuff is laying around an empty parking lot, go get some practice and learn how the car behaves.

    It's actually a LOT more fun than FWD, or AWD for that matter. Yes, AWD will get you around better, but as low as these cars are slung RWD will do just about as well.
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    I have recently purchased a 2007 300C and am also relocating to Colorado from California. My wife didn't understand why we didn't get an AWD; they were not easily found - especially in desired colors. Besides I'm told it doesn't really snow that much just south of Denver. And if it does snow, the GMC 4x4 is used. I am curious to see what the RWD does in the snow. As for the car itself, I think it's the best value sedan out there - especially if you are of any height....and the HEMI is amazing!!!
  • gary154gary154 Member Posts: 5
    I don't care how advanced the stability and traction control is in this car. The bottom line is that it is still a rear wheel drive car that handles miserably in the snow. After suffering through two Chicago winters in this car I couldn't wait to trade it in for my Lexus SUV. Snow tires helped the 300C a little, but not enough. It was almost embarrassing to get stuck in the snow at intersections as 4WD SUV's and front wheel drive cars would drive past without a problem. I felt inclined to write today because I drove effortlessly through a Chicago snowstorm to work today in my Lexus; on the way, I saw a 300C stuck on a snowy median, it's rear tires spinning out of control.....brought back bad memories. Don't get me wrong -- the 300C is a great car, just get the AWD model if you live in a snowy climate.
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    I live i Minnesota and i both a 300c in July of last year. Like everyone is saying get a goo set of tires. I 'm still running my 18's with Kumo all seasons and it is geat for driving in snow. Also add three 60 lbs sandbags also and that help it even more. Don't get rid of the car.
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    Took mine to Yellowknife, Nt out by the Arctic circle where the roads are ice covered 8 months out of the problems whatsoever on the original factory all seasons.
  • giuvagiuva Member Posts: 2
    As anyone experience clunking noises from the undercarriage of this car?.
    The shocks are fine and cannot find anything missing. Could the sway bar or any bushings in these components cause these noises?

    giuva :confuse: :confuse:
  • samchinchsamchinch Member Posts: 47
    If you are getting clunking noises it is because the sway bar end links have gone bad. Replace the end links and you will be fine.
  • denmandenman Member Posts: 19
    I live in Michigan and we have had a terrible winter. I have a 2006 300C and I put a set of Cooper Weather Master snow tires on the rear along with 3-70# bags of sand in the trunk. I can go anywhere a front drive car goes. I have not gotten stuck even once. I grew up in Pennsylvania many years ago when all there was was rear drive cars, and learned how to drive in the winter.I prefer the predictable handling of a rear drive car.
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    I beg to differ with gary154. I've had my 2005 300C for 3 yrs now & I live in a very snowy area -- Eastern Ontario. With good winter tires the car is considerably better than a front wheel drive car on all-seasons -- the fwd is not even close in fact (I had a 2001 300M & still have a 99 Concord LXi -- they need winter tires as much as the 300C does). The 300 is far more fun to drive in snow than the front drivers & I have never come close to getting stuck. The ESP & traction control work very well indeed on this car -- but winter tires are the real trick.
  • coolrunningcoolrunning Member Posts: 117
    The experience level and maturity of a driver is readily apparent in adverse conditions. Typically, if you live in an area of the world where you must contend with deep snow, you probably would not choose to purchase a nice road car with only about five inches of ground clearance to drive in the winter. The front air dam can become a snow plow and (at least) damages the paint. I have never been stuck or slid off the road in my 2006 300C, and I believe it is because I use due prudence and caution especially when conditions are not good. The ESP and antilock braking systems are excellent additions to an already very stable handling car, but I don't expect them to keep me out of trouble. I have seen plenty of high profile, expensive SUV's sliding off the road into ditches by overly confident drivers who think the laws of physics do not apply to them or their "super" cars. They are usually the ones who impatiently pass on the right side, exceed the posted speed limits even on snow packed roads, steer abruptly and brake late. Rather than take advantage of the ability of their vehicle design to keep them safe, they drive as if they are invulnerable. Nothing is more ironic than to see a $50,000+ SUV on its side because the owner was convinced their driving skills instantly improved when they "signed on the dotted line". ;)
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    Hey bro ! Well i Live in Vermont and we get snow i am buying my first hemi crysler 3005.7l im exited but! Is rwd and i ave to drive long driles to poco up my daughter what do you suggest for the winters ?
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    2012 chrysler 300 hemi back end breaks loose tire spins is this how it should perform
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