Mitsubishi Lancer Real World MPG

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    I had an EVO VIII for about 6 months and I don't think i ever got better that 20mpg. For that matter, anyone that has an EVO shouldn't. If you get better, you aren't driving the car as it was intended. :surprise:
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    Lancer GTS w CVT. Getting 29.5 on mostly highway driving at 65mph and about 24-27 around town. I am very happy with this and think it's very good! Only have 650 miles on the car... I'm sure it'll be even better in the future once the engine breaks in a little more...
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    I just purchased my new 08 lancer with a manual tranny... I get about 32 on the highway and 27 in the city. On my first tank of gas I drove a lil over 440 miles on... didnt pass a half tank until I put on about 280 miles. Most of it was highway, but hey I like filling up every two weeks especially with gas prices now! :):D
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    I am on second or third tank, first tank 300 miles, second tank 360 and hoping for better my civic was great on gas 06 EX coupe but like the weight of this car on the road :)
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    I am working on my second tank, and got over 400 miles on the first. When I am on the highway, the dash display is generally around 31-32 mpg if I stay at 70 or under. Around town, I generally see around 26-28. Combined, I got 29.5 mpg on the first tank.
    Looks like the 2008 gas mileage ratings are pretty accurate so far. Hoping for even better mileage as the car gets broken in...
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    not bad, i hope to see 400 one day but love the heavyness of the car, my civic always floated
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    I get around 26 MPG after having the car for two weeks. Went to the Keys and was forced to drive below 60 mph most of the way when heading north, and got over 30 MPG.

    I drive 70-75 mph on toll roads back and forth to I assume over 65 is not the best speed for gas mileage for this car.
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    Gas mileage over 65 is not the best in ANY car! This is part of the reason why the speed limit is what it is on many of the nation's highways!!!
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    I have about 2200 miles on my Lancer. Driving throught the first 6 weeks in Wisconsin's winter I am averaging 28 mpg in a city/hwy mix. I have taken one road trip (about 300) milese and averages 31.5 MPG with the cruise at 68.
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    I agree with other posts. I have the ES w/ the cvt. I get about 31.5 mpg so far w/ 75% highway driving. Yes, above 65 mph the mileage definitely drops. around 50 mph the mileage goes up to about 33 :) . I am keeping records to see how this continues. The best part w/ the cvt is I don't see any difference in mileage and don't miss the manual it replaced! I had a '94 Sentra that was great on mileage (28/38 - stick), but was rusting apart. It was starting to get tired too, getting about 32 mpg w/ only 136,000 miles. Anyways, so far I like the Lancer.
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    on the highway when driving at 75 mph. When I go on peripheral highways going 60 mph I can get up to 36 mpg, especially if the route is like the one to Safford, AZ, which is slightly downhill and about 30 miles long.

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    I get between 34 and 35 on the highway. Around town it drops to 25-27 depending on the number of stoplights.
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    automatic CVT tranny, and I am getting between 32-36 mpg on the highway and around 29 mpg in the city! No kidding. I've been tracking this for many weeks, watching my mileage in the city as well as on the freeway. And it's sticking in the high 20's in town even! This is a great car, gentlemen.

    Oh, and mine is not having the peeling paint issues that some are having with their 2008+ Lancer's. Nor is mine having the "wandering to the left or right" issues. You need to get rid of the OEM Dunlop's if you haven't already. I have Pirelli P-Zero Nero M&S Pinna's on mine(P215 45R18 tire size). Keep them rotated regularly and get an all-wheel alignment and you won't float on the road. Just get one from a repair shop that knows how to do them. I found a great Sears Automotive tire and repair shop in Tucson, Arizona that I go to.

    I go there and my Mitsubishi dealership(s) for maintenance. I bought my Lancer up my Phoenix but get it's maintenance done at a dealership closer to me(90 miles away), instead of the Phoenix area dealership, that one is 206 miles NW of me!

    Anyhoo, I was going to add that you may consider getting your Lancer waxed and coated with a protectant, too. I do that every 6 months and I am not getting any chipping that some on the '2008 Mitsubishi Lancer' thread here on Edmunds are getting.

    Just some food for thought.

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    I travel mostly highway 60 miles each way to work. There is some mixed driving at each end of the trip. By going 65 mph on cruise, without the air running, I have achieved as high as 41 mpg for the trip average. The car is still very new. I have yet to have any substantial city driving with less than low thirties. Accelerating gently, using the recommended shift points. EPA is 25/34.
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