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Scion tC vs Honda Civic Coupe LX

sciontc101sciontc101 Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Honda
Which one is better in quality, reliability, and safety? I'm gonna get one in a few months.


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    eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    It depends on what you need. Scion is a value brand and will probably offer more bang for your buck when compared to an lx. Compare it to an ex and it will seem less so, and to an si there would be NO comparison.

    The scion has a better sound system, a leather wrapped steering wheel and a sportier interior.

    Its hatchback design insinuates its more 'versatile' but i've heard it to be VERY problematic.

    The advantages the civic has are as follows:

    5 speed auto tranny(the tc has a 4 and it has insanely high revs for cruising.)

    Cheaper tires since they are not low profile 17's.

    Better resale. Potential better reliability. More luxurious interior if not as sporty. (but cooler guages.) I think the quality of the interior itself is nicer as a whole, the backseat of the tc has hard cushions.

    I really think you should get an ex tho. The lx wont even have alloys.
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    kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    all imho, of course, but you asked:

    having owned 4 Toyotas, the Scion is butt ugly in comparison.

    the mileage on the Scion is awful in comparison.

    the Scion is very front end heavy.

    the Scion looks like a kiddie car.

    we bought an 07 Civic EX 2 dr.
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    eldainoeldaino Member Posts: 1,618
    good choice! There is a certian refinement to the civic that the tc just does not have, regardless of feature content or price.
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    perroskiperroski Member Posts: 1
    hey, iam in the same situation of yu, i trying to decide wether to get a civic lx or a tc, i prefer the civic, but i can get more extras with the tc....still honda civic have been ma favorite!! hopen yu make the right decicon,,,luck :)
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