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Cross Shopping BMW X3 vs Land Rover LR2

m1964m1964 Member Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in BMW
Anyone test-drove X3/LR2 back-to-back? What were your thoughts?
I just test-drove LR2, but have mixed impression since I was very tired after work. Test drove X3 about 3 weeks ago and liked the ride ( better then RDX), but it's EXPENSIVE..

Thanks to all.


  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    We sell used X3s all the time and in my opinion the ride is rather harsh. Part of that is the run flat tires but a lot of it is just how the suspension is set up. I haven't driven the RDX so I can't comment on it. The LR2 is much softer then the X3 but it doesn't handle quite as well. Just up to you if you want to give up a few percent of handling ability for a lot more driving comfort.

    IMO SUVs shouldn't be driven like sports cars so...
  • bruceomegabruceomega Member Posts: 250

    Our '06 X3 does not have run flat tires. We have the same brand and model tire, Turanza EL-42, that came on our 06 3 series sedan as a run flat, but they are go flat tires on the X3, which comes with a space saver spare.

    AFAIK, no X3s come with RFTs. The new X5, however, comes with RFTs.

  • m1964m1964 Member Posts: 6
    I did find the same regarding suspension, and also it was a lot easier to get into LR2, then it was into X3 -BMW has a "lip" running below the doors that forces you to "climb" into the car. W/ LR2 you simply get in and out. That and comfy seats sold it to me. I did find LR2 noisier then X3 esp. when accelerating,and at higher speeds however not so bad as was RDX.
  • bstoeckerbstoecker Member Posts: 10
    I have owned a 2006 BMW X3 for two years now. I went over the past weekend and test drove the new LR2. I really like how comfortable the LR2 was. The materials were better quality and the leather seats actually felt like leather. My friends swear that my X3 has fax leather that BMW uses. I then took the LR2 for a test drive. This vehicle is so much quieter inside then the X3 and the ride is very smooth. True the X3 has a more stiffer suspension but if you want a better ride, the LR2 wins. I have had no problems with my X3 and have enjoyed it much, but I really have fallin in love with the new look of the LR2. Sure the X3 will kick it's butt to 60mph, but only by a few. Another note: I love the big sunroof in the X3, and even thou the LR2 has two sunroofs, only the front one opens up. Land Rover could of at least engineered it to have both sunroofs vent up. :)
  • intellerinteller Member Posts: 14
    I agree with the comfort of the LR2. The seats are superior and give you a commanding view of the road. The X3 out drives, handles, everything than the LR2, but I'd never worry about hopping over a curb or doing some urban offroading in the LR2, but I would the X3.

    I'd love an LR2, but the wifey hates the look. Prolly be getting an EX35 which seems to be a compromise between the two.
  • yed19yed19 Member Posts: 15
    I test drove both before deciding on the LR2. The X3 has had transmission problems from 2nd to 3rd gear, (I had read in their columns). I also witnessed the same thing when I drove it. I was accelerating in 2nd gear, let off the gas, then its as if it sat and didn't know what gear to be in. Then all the sudden after stepping on the accelerator softly it goes "WHAM" and goes into third.

    Unlucky perhaps, but when I took the LR2 out, no shifting problems and just comfort.

    They are two different cars though and you shouldn't really compare them as they are intended for different purposes. The X3 was meant to have more of a sportscar/sedan feel while the LR2 has a 'rover' feel.

    i have since had the LR2 for ~ 6 months now and it is going in for its first oil change on Friday. The LR2 has been awesome and is everything we wanted out of it. My two grievances with the car thus far were in the design/technology and were:

    No back-up camera
    Gas mileage (even though it is not bad when comparing it around to the other SUV's in its class)
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